Our Philosophy, Our Approach, and Our Vision

Our Philosophy and Approach

Summit Medical Group
Live well. Stay well.

Established, Trusted, and Dependable
A premier multispecialty medical group, Summit Medical Group has treated more than half a million patients since 1929. Our exceptional reputation makes it possible for us to collaborate with prestigious organizations such as the American Medical Group Association and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

Superior Health Care, Exceptional Environment
We are dedicated to delivering the highest standard of health care to each of our patients. Our physicians and staff members are deeply committed to helping patients achieve and maintain their health goals in a safe, respectful, caring, and supportive environment.

To achieve our health care goals, we:

  • Employ only skilled, experienced board-certified physicians and responsive, well-trained staff
  • Use a multidisciplinary team approach to patient care
  • Provide state-of-the-art diagnostic and clinical technologies
  • Ensure the privacy of our patients’ medical information
  • Make patient satisfaction a constant priority
  • Continuously evaluate how well we meet our patients’ safety, medical, and emotional needs
  • Provide convenient, comprehensive, and coordinated care in all specialties and services at our multiple locations
  • Offer a unique and convenient Evening Primary Care program
  • Provide the services of Patient Relations staff who can help answer patients’ questions about the quality of their care
  • Have an electronic medical records system that allows all our physicians access to patients’ lifelong medical records
  • Have an electronic prescription program
  • Focus on operational and financial excellence
  • Are increasingly dedicated to a green approach to all aspects of our facility and processes

Live Well Stay Well
A proactive organization, we are unwilling to wait until health problems arise. We educate our patients, emphasize preventive care, and consistently encourage our patients to take control of their health. When a patient is faced with a disease or condition, we have the expertise and technology to provide personalized leading-edge care that results in optimal patient outcomes.

Keeping a Hand on the Pulse of Our Communities' Health Issues
Summit Medical Group believes in having a positive effect on and being leaders in the communities we serve. For example, we partner with the American Red Cross Colonial Crossroads Chapter to provide first-aid training in the community. In addition, we regularly offer a wide variety of events, including lectures and presentations about state-of-the-art medical treatment, exercise, nutrition, smoking cessation, heart health, arthritis, teenage sexuality, mental health, and stress management as well as other topics.

Ensuring Our Physicians and Staff are Available to Serve You
We believe that a supportive, rewarding work environment better positions our physicians and staff to attend to our patients needs. That is why we recruit bright, enthusiastic, energetic physicians and staff members and work to help them meet their career goals.

Our Vision
Summit Medical Group is never complacent. We are eager to learn. We are eager to improve. If you are not receiving the very best medical care, we have not done our job. We keep an eye on and respond to advances in all aspects of health care so that you receive the most outstanding care available.

Our vision includes:

  • An ever-advancing system of open access for all doctors and ancillary services
  • An evolving state-of-the-art facility with a full range of ancillary services, operational efficiencies, and community outreach that is in step with current and responds to future advances
  • The highest level of safe, quality care that continuously improves clinical outcomes
  • Easy access to pertinent information for physicians, staff, and patients
  • To continue being recognized as one of the nation’s leading medical groups