Site Help

Review our frequently asked questions for help with using this site.

  1. How do I access doctor emails, make appointments, and request lab/test results? 
  2. How do I subscribe to receive updates?
  3. How can I email pages?
  4. How do I use the share links?
  5.  What if I have other questions?

1. These communication features are provided in a separate site with additional security features. To use the communication tool, follow the sign-up instructions. Your doctor will tell you whether he or she is participating, or you can review our list of participating doctors. Once you sign up, you can access features using your doctor's page on the site, or using the links on My Summit Medical Group.

2. Subscriptions on this site use RSS technology. You can subscribe to Health in the News headlines or special health topics. You also can subscribe to regular updates from Summit Medical Group specialties such as Cardiology. Most Web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera) allow you to subscribe easily by clicking the subscribe link. If you use Internet Explorer 6, you will only be able to subscribe with a separate RSS reader. You can learn more about RSS technology here.

3. Place your mouse over the share link on any page on this site. Click on the email icon in the menu that appears. You can then provide your recipient's information, your own name and email address, and your message. Click send to email the link. Summit Medical Group does not retain, reuse, or sell the email addresses you enter. Your privacy is important to us.

4. You must already be a registered user on any common social network such as Facebook and Twitter. Place your mouse over the share link on any page you would like to share. You will then be taken to the site you selected, where you will be asked to confirm that you would like to share the information. Consult the help information on any of the social networks you use for further information about sharing pages from other sites.

5. We welcome your questions and feedback about the new Summit Medical Group site. Email us at