Gold Foundation Honors Cardiologist Andrew Beamer, MD

Last updated: Aug 08, 2012, 12:17 PM

By Joy Pierce Mathews for Summit Medical Group


Summit Medical Group is pleased to announce
that cardiologist Andrew D. Beamer, MD, FACC,
has earned the prestigious Arnold P. Gold Foundation
Gold DOCs Humanism in Medicine Recognition


Dr. Beamer is being recognized for his humanistic approach to the practice of medicine, including his respectful, compassionate relationship with his patients.

As a humanistic practitioner, Dr. Beamer demonstrates:

  • Integrity: the congruence between expressed values and behavior
  • Excellence: clinical expertise
  • Compassion: the awareness and acknowledgement of another person's suffering and the desire to relieve it
  • Altruism: the capacity to put the needs and interests of another person before their own needs and interests
  • Respect: regard for the autonomy and values of another person
  • Empathy: the ability to empathize with patients' feelings
  • Service: the sharing of talent, time, and resources with people in need to give more than is expected

Dr. Beamer considers his work as a cardiologist a privilege. He says, "My interest in and talent for science as well as my love of helping people was a natural combination for becoming a cardiologist." 

About the Arnold P. Gold Foundation
Together with their Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons colleagues, Arnold and Sandra Gold founded the Arnold P. Gold Foundation in 1988, to nurture and preserve the tradition of the caring physician. In particular, Dr. and Mrs. Gold wanted to ensure that newly trained physicians focus as much on care and compassion as learning about scientific discoveries and technologic advances. 

More than 2 decades later, the Gold's concept is a reality. Humanistic skills are now among competencies required for medical liscensing in medical school and residency programs. Today, the Gold Foundation supports a wide range of programs and projects to advance the mission of humanistic medical care.

The Gold DOC Humanism in Medicine Recognition highlights practicing physicians who demonstrate humanistic qualities essential to being a good doctor.