SMG Invites Clinical Trial Participants

Last updated: Aug 17, 2011, 16:11 PM

Do you suffer from grass pollen allergies?
An investigational drug 
might help you and your family handle allergy season better!

Summit Medical Group Allergy and Immunology 
is participating in a clinical trial that is enrolling participants
to investigate a new drug for grass pollen allergies. 

The investigational drug may help prevent the body from reacting to grass pollen
rather than only treating allergy symptoms.

The drug is designed to be taken once a day by mouth.
It is designed to gradually deliver small amounts of grass pollen extract (similar to allergy injections)
into the body — an approach that may help build up the body's immunity to grass pollen. 

Researchers hope the investigational drug will offer an alternative to people considering regular allergy injections
and help manage severe grass pollen allergy symptoms.

Study participation includes:

  • Study-related care and monitoring
  • Study medication or a placebo
    (Everyone who participates in the study has the same (50%) chance of receiving the investigational drug
  • Access to study-approved allergy and asthma medications during grass pollen season if symptoms persist

Find out today if you are or our child is eligible to participate, 
and learn about the risks and benefits associated with participating in the study.

For more information or to enroll in the trial,
please contact Summit Medical Group Clinical Trials
at 908-277-8747.