Chair Yoga

Day(s) & Time: Mondays - 11:00 AM


Through regular practice of yoga, you will notice improved flexibility, strength, balance, and posture. An added benefit is the ability to calm yourself and decrease stress through breathing and meditation techniques.

Ms. Leyden's chair yoga is a gentle exercise program especially designed for people who have difficulty getting to the floor. Participants will be guided through a series of stretches and yoga postures that can be modified to accommodate those with limited mobility and difficulty balancing.  Each class includes breathing and guided relaxation.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. You will have bare feet during the class to ensure stability. For your comfort, please do not eat 2 hours before class.

Purchase your 10-class yoga attendance card for $100 in the Berkeley Heights Physical Therapy department (cards expire 6 months from purchase date).

To sign up or for more information about our yoga program, please call 908-277-8936.

Unless otherwise indicated, all lectures are free and will be held at Summit Medical Group, 1 Diamond Hill Road, Lawrence Pavilion, Conference Center (near Café), Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922.