Niecee  Singer Schonberger, MS, CGC

Singer Schonberger, Niecee, MS, CGC


Genetic Counseling Center; Breast Care Center; Cancer Services

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Psychology, Wheaton College, Norton, MA


Human Genetics, Sarah Lawrence College, Bronx, NY

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Genetic Counseling

With her training in psychology and genetics, Nicee Singer Schonberger, MS, CGC, is adept at addressing the personal and emotional issues associated with genetic counseling. A compassionate practitioner, she notes, "Coming to terms with family history and the possibility of passing on unwanted traits can be daunting for many patients. I find it particularly satisfying to help patients understand their risks and make informed decisions." She adds that advances in technology make it possible to offer patients a wide range of risk assessments and genetic analyses to help them decide what is right for them and to know what they can expect.