July 28, 2014: Healthy Habits May Help Childhood Cancer Survivors Avoid Chronic Ills
Lifestyle choices influence long-term outcomes, researcher says

July 25, 2014: Distractions Seem More Troublesome With Age
Seniors scored worse on tests than young adults, study says

July 24, 2014: Is Coffee Aggravating Your Hot Flashes?
Researchers suggest women skip caffeine if they're bothered by menopausal symptoms

July 17, 2014: Routine Errands a Risky Time for Falls by Seniors
Study suggests sidewalks, curbs may be key to keeping older pedestrians safe

July 17, 2014: Delayed Retirements May Forestall Predicted Nursing Shortage
Economy, rewarding work have motivated baby boomer nurses to stay on the job, research suggests

July 15, 2014: Stroke Rates Declining Among Seniors, Study Shows
But, rate of brain attacks among those younger than 65 unchanged

July 15, 2014: A Healthy Lifestyle May Deflect Dementia
Older folks who began eating right, exercising did better on memory and problem-solving tests in study

July 15, 2014: Alzheimer's Rate Falling in the United States, Studies Show
Improved heart health may be one reason for decline seen in some developed countries

July 14, 2014: High Blood Pressure May Protect the Very Old From Dementia
But it's too early to recommend any change in treatment, researcher says

July 14, 2014: Widowhood May Delay Dementia in Some Seniors, Study Finds
Social support might be the key, researcher says

July 09, 2014: Older Adults Can Safely Donate a Kidney, Study Finds
No greater risk for heart disease, diabetes or death among donors, researchers say

July 03, 2014: Change Bad Habits Early, Save Your Heart Later
Young adults who adopt healthier lifestyle can cut their heart disease risk, researchers say

July 02, 2014: If You Can't Stand the Heat . . .
Health officials offer tips for coping with summer's soaring temps

July 01, 2014: Mammography Costs Soar for Seniors, But Detection Rates the Same: Study
Research hasn't shown expensive technologies benefit women over 65, researcher says

June 30, 2014: Nursing Home Care May Be Out of Reach for Many Aging 'Boomers': Study
Price tag for 1 year of institutionalized care is now about $84,000, federal report says

June 28, 2014: Prepare for Summer Sports to Avoid Injury
Wear appropriate footwear, vary your activities, and stretch and warm-up, advises expert

June 27, 2014: Dance Those Cares Away!
Study of seniors shows decreased knee-hip pain and increased ability to walk among those who dance

June 25, 2014: Over Half of Seniors Plagued by Incontinence: CDC
Older men and women prone to urinary and bladder problems, report finds

June 23, 2014: Lifetime of Learning Might Thwart Dementia, Study Suggests
Even taking up intellectual pursuits in mid-life appears to aid the brain

June 20, 2014: Soccer Scores a Goal for Senior Fitness
Ex-couch potatoes over 63 gained muscle strength, stronger bones, healthier hearts, study finds

June 19, 2014: U.S. Health Snapshots: Insurance Coverage Expands, but Gaps Remain
Federal reports capture nation's pre-Obamacare health status and health-care coverage

June 12, 2014: Can 6,000 Steps a Day Keep Knee Arthritis at Bay?
Study links one hour of walking daily with improved mobility

June 06, 2014: Yoga, Meditation May Help Dementia Patients and Caregivers Alike
'Holistic' program involving these and other activities brought relaxation, exercise, small study found

June 04, 2014: Blood Pressure History May Affect Brain Function in Old Age
Age at which you develop hypertension is key to understanding risk for memory problems, study suggests

June 04, 2014: Cancer, Heart Disease Not Likely Killers of Those Over 100
Instead, 'acute' illnesses like pneumonia or sheer frailty bring about the end for the very old, study finds

June 03, 2014: Antibiotic Lowers Death Risk for Elderly Patients With Pneumonia: Study
But azithromycin boosted chances of heart attack slightly in this vulnerable population

June 03, 2014: Anti-Alzheimer's Drug Shows Promise in Mice Study
Researchers hope to prevent disease onset by starting treatment in middle age

June 02, 2014: Learning Another Language May Help the Aging Brain
Even doing so as an adult seemed to guard against mental decline, study found

May 30, 2014: Why Youngest, Oldest Marathoners Post Similar Times
Performance peaks in late 20s, slowing down 2 percent every year after: study

May 29, 2014: Sagging Eyelids More Common in Men, Fair-Skinned and Overweight: Study
A family history of condition also increases your risk

May 28, 2014: Facing Death, Most U.S. Doctors Would Decline Extraordinary Measures
Discrepancy seen between their personal views, what they order for patients, researchers report

May 28, 2014: Health Tip: Seniors Need Preventive Care
Here's what's recommended

May 28, 2014: 1 in 5 Elderly U.S. Patients Injured by Medical Care
Sickest patients at greatest risk, researchers say

May 27, 2014: Doctor Shares Tips for Preventing Falls Among Seniors
Watch for dizziness linked to blood pressure meds, diabetes

May 27, 2014: A Walk a Day Keeps Disability at Bay
Study links greater mobility in old age to daily strolls

May 27, 2014: Obesity Gene May Explain Why Some Gain Weight as They Age
But experts say a healthy lifestyle can combat tendency to overeat

May 21, 2014: Losing Weight at Any Age May Help the Heart
Dropping excess pounds -- even in middle-age or later -- linked to better heart health, study finds

May 19, 2014: Heat Waves Could Worsen COPD Symptoms, Study Suggests
Finding is troubling given predictions of rising temperatures due to climate change

May 19, 2014: Sleeping Pill Use Tied to Poorer Survival for Heart Failure Patients
Study also found heightened odds for heart trouble in patients taking benzodiazepine sleep aids

May 15, 2014: Purposeful Life Might Be a Longer Life
Those who had activities, people they cared about were more likely to be alive at end of 14-year study

May 14, 2014: Prescription Drug Use Continues to Climb in U.S.
CDC report says most common medications are for heart disease and high cholesterol

May 12, 2014: Adult Health Better for Bullies Than Their Victims: Study
Surprising findings come from long-term tracking of kids' blood tests

May 12, 2014: Timing Influences Risk of Complications From Circumcision: Study
Infant boys fare well, researchers say, but older ones have up to 20-fold increase in complications

May 12, 2014: Workplace Solvents Linked to Long-Term Memory, Thinking Problems
Study of French retirees shows those exposed even decades ago scored worse on tests

May 09, 2014: 40 Isn't Too Old To Start Intensive Exercise, Study Finds
Similar heart benefits seen in those who began endurance workouts before 30 or after 40

May 06, 2014: Number of U.S. Elderly Will Double By 2050: Report
Aging Baby Boomers will strain country's health care system, Census Bureau says

May 06, 2014: Older Infertile Couples Should Try In Vitro Fertilization First: Study
Other fertility treatments less likely to result in pregnancy, birth for women over 38, researchers say

May 05, 2014: Sustained Workouts May Help Aging Hearts
Researchers found improvements in seniors' 'heart rate variability' that might reduce heart attack risk

May 05, 2014: Young Blood Boosts Brains of Old Mice
The discovery might have implications for aging humans, study authors suggest

May 02, 2014: One in 12 Older Americans Struggles to Afford Food: Study
Not eating enough raises risk of host of health problems, researcher says