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Smoke Less, Drink Less? July 22, 2016

Study found those who tried to quit cigarettes drank less alcohol, but reasons unclear

Coming to a Brew Near You: Calorie Counts, Carbs Info July 22, 2016

Best-selling beers will soon disclose nutrition facts, ingredient list, freshness dates

U.S. Car Crash Deaths Down, But Still Surpass Other Nations July 06, 2016

Decline of 31 percent lowest among 20 countries studied

Health Risks Higher for LGBT Community June 27, 2016

Researchers suggest stigma contributes to higher rates of drinking, smoking and 'psychological distress'

Mixed News on Drinking and Heart Health June 15, 2016

Booze may reduce heart attack odds, but up likelihood of another condition, study says

Tough Economy, Alcohol Fuels Suicide Risk in Men: Study May 26, 2016

But similar link not seen for women

Hepatitis C Patients More Likely to Drink, Study Finds May 25, 2016

And researchers say alcohol can worsen the chronic liver condition

Frat Brothers Keep Chugging Despite Anti-Booze Efforts May 20, 2016

What works for other college students doesn't work for those in Greek organizations, study finds

Why Heavy Drinking Seems to Boost Desire to Smoke More May 18, 2016

Study sheds light on how alcohol habit may make it harder to overcome nicotine addiction

Marriage a Buffer Against Drinking Problems? May 17, 2016

Study found protective benefit for both men and women, but didn't prove cause and effect

Middle Schoolers Exposed to Alcohol Ads Every Day: Study May 17, 2016

Researchers say billboards, signs and TV ads may encourage under-age drinking

More Bars, More Ambulance Calls May 16, 2016

Local lawmakers should carefully weigh number of liquor licenses, researcher says

Booze, High Blood Pressure a Dangerous Mix May 13, 2016

Study links moderate drinking to heart damage in people with hypertension

Teens Who Eat Lots of Fruit May Lower Their Breast Cancer Risk: Study May 12, 2016

But second report found women who drink more alcohol over time might increase chances of disease

Does TV Influence Which Alcohol Teens Favor? May 02, 2016

Study finds the more kids see a brand on shows, the more likely they'll drink it

Jello Shots While Underage, Bigger Booze Problems Later? April 29, 2016

Study suggests the alcohol-soaked products are early sign of trouble

Health Tip: Avoid Alcohol While Nursing April 29, 2016

Help keep baby safe

Alcohol, Processed Meats May Raise Stomach Cancer Risk April 21, 2016

Excess weight also seems to boost chances of disease, and risk increases as three factors increase, researchers report

Alcohol Sales Dropped After Maryland Raised Liquor Tax April 13, 2016

Study finding suggests the tactic could help to reduce harmful effect of excess drinking, researcher says

Teenage Girls Now Try Alcohol Before Boys Do: Study April 12, 2016

When it comes to drinking, the gender gap is disappearing, experts say

Underweight or Obese Women Who Drink and Smoke May Have Higher Asthma Risk April 09, 2016

Link was less pronounced in men, research finds

Booze-Branded Merchandise May Spur Teen Drinking April 01, 2016

Studies show link between owning alcohol-related items and youth alcohol use

Moderate Drinking May Not Lengthen Life, Study Suggests March 22, 2016

But other experts note that numerous studies have shown benefits of alcohol consumption

Alcohol Abuse Common Among Med Students, Study Finds March 16, 2016

Research shows their rate of drinking problems is double that of the general population

Pot Smokers May Face 5 Times Greater Risk of Alcohol Abuse March 08, 2016

Marijuana users also less likely to quit drinking, researchers say

One Alcoholic Drink Might Temporarily Bump Up Heart Risk March 02, 2016

But within 24 hours, that same beverage can be generally protective, study suggests

College-Age Binge Drinkers May Face Higher Blood Pressure February 19, 2016

Study found continued boozing was linked to elevated readings at age 24

Study Counters Stereotypes About Native Americans and Alcohol February 11, 2016

They're less likely to drink than whites, and have similar rates of problem drinking, survey finds

Frequent Monitoring May Keep Alcohol Offenders Sober February 10, 2016

South Dakota program is credited with reducing deaths and is now headed to other parts of the U.S.

Alcohol More Harmful for People With HIV, Study Suggests February 09, 2016

Even moderate drinking linked to higher risk for death and alcohol-related health issues

Vacation Weight Gain Can Lead to 'Creeping Obesity,' Study Finds February 07, 2016

Watch alcohol intake and weigh yourself before and after vacation, researcher suggests

Millions of Pregnant Women Put Their Babies at Risk With Alcohol: CDC February 02, 2016

Birth defects caused by drinking are totally preventable, agency officials say

Alcohol Ads Should Be a No-See on TV for Kids January 13, 2016

But 1 in 8 drinking ads don't adhere to industry's own standards, study reports

Heading to a New Year's Party? Here's How to Stay Safe December 31, 2015

Jan. 1 is the most dangerous day on the road, experts say

Chronic Drinking Plus Binge Drinking Spurs Rapid Liver Damage in Mouse Study December 30, 2015

Researchers say impact is more destructive than previously thought

Ways to Beat the Holiday Blues December 12, 2015

Grief and depression can worsen at this time of year, but that doesn't have to stop seasonal celebration

Others' Drug, Alcohol Use May Trigger Bad Behavior in Teens December 11, 2015

Study participants twice as likely to steal, vandalize, hurt others after witnessing substance use

Moderate Drinking May Benefit Early Stage Alzheimer's Patients December 11, 2015

2 to 3 alcoholic drinks daily linked to reduced risk of death over 3-year study period

Women Starting to Match Men's Drinking Habits, Study Finds November 24, 2015

Men still consume more alcohol, but gap is narrowing

1 in 6 Female College Freshmen Raped While Incapacitated: Study November 18, 2015

Risk is higher for those similarly victimized before college, researcher says

Gene Mutation May Be Tied to Drunken Recklessness November 17, 2015

Finnish study suggests some people are genetically at risk of impulsiveness, even when sober

Heavy Drinking May Strain the Heart November 10, 2015

Study found abusers had 70 percent higher risk of heart failure

Substance Abuse, Suicide Killing More White, Middle-Aged Americans: Report November 02, 2015

Experts cite despair, especially among the least educated

Many Teens Knowingly Ride With Drunk Drivers, Survey Finds October 22, 2015

Peer pressure isn't the only reason why, experts say

Teens Swayed by Alcohol Ads October 20, 2015

Underage drinkers' preferences shaped by TV and magazine advertising, study finds

No Amount of Alcohol Safe During Pregnancy, Doctors Say October 19, 2015

American Academy of Pediatrics issues new warning to women of childbearing age

Tough Alcohol Policies Linked to Lower Death Rates From Liver Damage October 15, 2015

Findings dovetail with prior research that has shown tighter rules associated with less binge drinking

Daily Glass of Wine May Boost Type 2 Diabetics' Heart Health October 12, 2015

People who process alcohol slowly also saw improvements in blood sugar levels, study says

Cigarettes May Sabotage Alcoholics' Recovery October 07, 2015

Smokers were twice as likely as nonsmokers to resume drinking, study finds

Lower Drinking Age May Bring More High School Dropouts September 28, 2015

New research says fewer kids finished high school when alcohol was legal at 18