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Certain Allergy, Depression Meds Tied to Higher Odds for Dementia January 26, 2015

Class of drugs interferes with a key brain chemical, but study can't prove cause-and-effect

Keep Allergies in Mind When Planning Valentine's Day January 23, 2015

Expert offers allergen-avoiding advice for buying gifts and planning a night out

Health Tip: Spotting the Signs of Eye Allergy January 21, 2015

Symptoms may include itching, watering, redness

Health Tip: Can't Eat Wheat Flour? January 06, 2015

Try one of these alternatives

Holiday Trimmings Can Trigger Allergies December 20, 2014

Some tips to avoid bad reactions to the seasonal good times

Many People Misuse Devices for Asthma, Allergic Reaction December 18, 2014

Memory of correct way to use inhalers, epinephrine pens faded over time, researchers report

Experts Urge Quick Use of Epinephrine for Severe Allergic Reactions December 02, 2014

New guidelines emphasize how effective and safe the injection is

Infants With Eczema May Be More Prone to Peanut Allergy: Study November 25, 2014

If damaged skin exposed to peanut proteins in household dust, chances of allergy higher, researcher says

'Tis the Season of Challenges for Those With Food Allergies November 22, 2014

Expert gives tips on avoiding problems

Think You're Allergic to Penicillin? Maybe Not November 07, 2014

In studies, vast majority of people who said they had the allergy showed no evidence of it in skin tests

Schools With EpiPens Save Lives, Study Says November 07, 2014

First incident may come from a new lunch food

Many Docs Mistaken About Allergies: Study November 07, 2014

Survey results show lots of primary care physicians lack knowledge of causes, treatments

Climate Change Will Boost Grass Pollen Production, Study Contends November 05, 2014

The result: increased 'exposure and suffering in grass pollen-allergic individuals,' researchers say

FDA Cautions Against 'Undeclared' Food Allergens October 29, 2014

Labels omitting certain ingredients are leading cause of FDA recalls

Childhood Peanut Allergy May Be Linked to Skin Gene Mutation October 24, 2014

Study bolsters the dual-allergen-exposure theory, expert says

Health Tip: Listen to Your Child About Food Allergies October 20, 2014

Things kids may say when they're having an allergic reaction

Allergy to Some Metal Implants Linked to Rare Skin Cancer, Study Says October 14, 2014

Researchers say testing patients for adverse reaction may be needed

Medicines Are Biggest Culprit in Fatal Allergic Reactions: Study October 10, 2014

Antibiotics, contrast material for scans lead the list of triggers

Health Tip: What Causes Hives? September 29, 2014

Most commonly, exposure to an allergen

More Schools Stocking Shots That Counter Serious Allergic Reactions September 19, 2014

Having epinephrine auto-injectors on hand can save lives, advocates say

More Evidence Breast-Feeding Lowers Child's Risk of Infections, Allergies September 02, 2014

Human milk contains important immunological protection for children, study authors say

Health Tip: Recognizing Hay Fever August 28, 2014

The most common type of allergy

Stay Out of Stinging Insects' Way This Summer August 03, 2014

Bees, wasps and other pests send about 500,000 Americans to the hospital annually

Kids From Dairy Farms Have Lower Allergy Risk, Study Finds July 15, 2014

Benefits evident from birth, researchers say

iPads Can Trigger Nickel Allergies in Kids July 14, 2014

Report involving 11-year-boy points to a simple solution: an iPad case

Milk, Egg Allergies Seem to Make Parents Most Anxious June 26, 2014

Two-thirds of parents accurately assess severity of their child's food allergy, study reports

Some Acne Products Can Trigger Severe Allergic Reactions: FDA June 25, 2014

In rare instances, reactions are potentially life-threatening, agency says

Sizing Up Your Options for Hay Fever Relief June 08, 2014

Newly approved meds dial down your immune system's reaction to allergens

Too-Clean Homes May Encourage Child Allergies, Asthma: Study June 06, 2014

Exposure to a little dust, dander in infancy might prime tots' immune systems, research finds

Health Tip: Controlling Dust and Dust Mites May 05, 2014

Clean up dust quickly, particularly in the bedroom

FDA Panel Says No to Over-the-Counter Allergy Drug Singulair May 05, 2014

Experts expressed relief at the decision, citing safety concerns

Stress Tied to Worse Allergy Symptoms April 18, 2014

Study found those with hay fever who had high levels of stress suffered more severe symptoms

Ragwitek Approved for Adult Ragweed Allergy April 18, 2014

Tablet placed under the tongue

FDA Approves Under-the-Tongue Hay Fever Pill April 17, 2014

Ragwitek helps the body immunize itself against the offending plant

Health Tip: Minimizing Seasonal Allergy Symptoms April 15, 2014

Close the windows and run the air conditioner

Spring Cleaning Helps Stave Off Allergy Symptoms: Experts April 11, 2014

Tips for keeping pollen, mold and dust mites from your home

Health Tip: Antihistamines Have Side Effects April 09, 2014

Some can make you very drowsy

So Long Snow, Hello Pollen April 06, 2014

Doctor shares tips for handling spring allergies

Under-the-Tongue Tablet Approved for Grass Allergies April 02, 2014

To be started 4 months before allergy season

FDA Approves Under-the-Tongue Hay Fever Pill April 02, 2014

Oralair cuts symptoms linked to pollens of certain grasses

Health Tip: Understanding Eye Allergies March 25, 2014

Here are common triggers

Could 'Nasal Filter' Device Help Ease Allergies? March 21, 2014

It appeared to reduce sneezing, runny nose in small, preliminary study, but more testing needed, doctors say

Health Tip: Using a Humidifier March 13, 2014

Clean it often

Allergy Rates Surprisingly Similar Across the U.S., Study Finds March 07, 2014

However, young children in southern states suffer more than their peers in other regions

Food Allergies Have Nearly Doubled Among Black Children March 03, 2014

Unclear if it's due to better detection or environmental triggers, researchers say

Expectant Mothers' Colds May Affect Baby February 04, 2014

Exposures in womb might raise risk of asthma, allergies in childhood, study suggests

Blood Test Might Help Tell When Peanut Allergy Is Gone: Study January 31, 2014

Findings might one day benefit patients who go through therapy to build up resistance to allergen

Health Tip: Inform Your Allergic Child January 30, 2014

The youngster should know to avoid certain foods

Health Tip: Prevent Dust Allergy Symptoms January 29, 2014

Keep your home as clean as possible

FDA Advisers: Pill for Ragweed Allergy Safe and Effective January 28, 2014

Placed under the tongue, it helps the body immunize itself against the offending plant