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Think You're Allergic to Penicillin? Maybe Not May 11, 2016

Only a severe reaction that comes within a hour or two signals true allergy to the antibiotic, allergist says

Too Many People Still Take Unneeded Antibiotics: Study May 03, 2016

1 in 3 prescriptions was unnecessary

Antibiotics in Animal Feed Contribute to Drug-Resistant Germs: Study April 14, 2016

Individual farm practices can have global implications, researcher says

Study: Longer-Term Antibiotics Won't Ease 'Chronic Lyme Disease' March 30, 2016

Dutch trial is latest to show no benefit from extended treatment, but finding unlikely to end the controversy

Infant Ear Infections Becoming Less Common March 28, 2016

Just under half of U.S. babies have them in first year now, compared to 60 percent in '80s and '90s

Mild Appendicitis Complication Rates Similar for Surgery, Antibiotics March 25, 2016

Decision not to operate might be matter of personal preference, researchers say

Antibiotics Don't Boost Baby's Weight: Study March 22, 2016

Contrary to what happens in animals, infection-fighting drugs won't cause excess pounds, researchers say

Antibiotic Resistance Common in Kids' Urinary Tract Infections March 16, 2016

Researchers say threat is worrisome because children are at high risk of kidney complications

CDC Says Hospitals Making Progress Against 'Superbugs' March 03, 2016

But hundreds of thousands are still infected each year, experts report

Lyme Disease 'Biofilm' Eludes Antibiotics: Report February 25, 2016

Germ forms slimy layer that makes it up to 1,000 times more resistant than other bacteria, researchers say

Study Sees Possible Link Between Antibiotics and Delirium in Patients February 17, 2016

Temporary confusion often caused by drugs, including common antimicrobials, research suggests

Gene Discovery Could Point to New Lyme Disease Test: Study February 12, 2016

Researchers say patients have tell-tale genetic signatures, even after taking antibiotics

Health Tip: Protect Against Group B Strep During Pregnancy February 08, 2016

Expectant moms should be tested, CDC says

Blood Test Might Predict When Antibiotics Won't Help January 20, 2016

It's still in development, but doctors' office screening method could curb overprescribing, experts say

Antibiotic-Resistant Gonorrhea: A Growing Threat January 19, 2016

U.S. officials echo concerns of health experts in Great Britain

No Antibiotics for Common Respiratory Infections: Experts January 18, 2016

Physicians' group and CDC jointly advise that the drugs not be prescribed for colds, bronchitis in adults

Patients Can Self-Administer IV Antibiotics at Home: Study December 24, 2015

Practice could save money while helping uninsured patients avoid long hospital stays, researchers say

Health Tip: Understanding Antibiotics December 09, 2015

Here's what to do if you need a course

Health Tip: Use Antibiotics Wisely December 01, 2015

Here are potential risks

Scientists Spot Gene That Could Make Bacteria Resistant to All Antibiotics November 19, 2015

The DNA has emerged in germs infecting people and pigs in China, researchers warn

When Antibiotics Are Needed November 18, 2015

'Get Smart' tips from an expert to prevent their overuse

Certain Antibiotic Might Combat Children's Wheezing Episodes November 17, 2015

Kids given azithromycin were less likely to develop severe respiratory illness, study says

Pediatricians' Group Urges Cuts in Antibiotic Use in Livestock November 16, 2015

Widespread practice is boosting bacterial resistance to drugs, putting kids in danger, AAP says

Doctors Save Life of U.S. Child With Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis November 16, 2015

Case highlights growing threat of strain of the lung disease that doesn't respond to multiple antibiotics

Swiss Report Highlights Danger of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis November 11, 2015

Cases where the infection isn't thwarted by existing antibiotics are surfacing, researcher says

Widely Used Antibiotics May Raise Heart Risks, Review Finds November 09, 2015

Macrolides were linked to small, but significant, chances of sudden cardiac death

Scarlet Fever Resurfacing in Some Parts of the World November 05, 2015

Outbreaks of the childhood disease reported in Britain and Asia, study finds

Think You're Allergic to Penicillin? Maybe Not, Researchers Say November 05, 2015

Small study finds drug might be safe for patients who had previous reaction to the antibiotic

Gonorrhea Becoming More Resistant to One Antibiotic: CDC November 03, 2015

Other effective treatments remain available, but experts say finding is cause for concern

Antibiotics May Not Help After 'Complicated' Appendectomy November 02, 2015

Use of the drugs did not lower infection risk after these higher-risk operations, study found

Many Patients With Acne Take Antibiotics Too Long: Study October 30, 2015

Prescription Accutane can often help and should be tried sooner, experts say

Study Sees No Link Between Antibiotics in Early Pregnancy and Birth Defects October 30, 2015

Researchers looked for risk among women prescribed drugs that include azithromycin

Drugs May Be as Good as Surgery for Chronic Sinusitis October 29, 2015

Study found sufferers who stuck with treatments like nasal sprays saw improvements in quality of life

Antibiotics Might Cause Weight Gain in Kids October 22, 2015

Study finds link between repeated use in children and slightly higher weights in teen years

Kids at Growing Risk of Deadly 'Superbug' Infection: Study October 22, 2015

Researchers aim to halt spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria found in hospitals and long-term care centers

Antibiotic Resistance Could Threaten Surgery, Chemo Patients October 16, 2015

Study warns of thousands more deaths if bacteria grow stronger

Plight of NFL Player Stricken by MRSA Germ 'Extremely Unusual' October 14, 2015

Infections by the 'superbug' down significantly in recent years, CDC says

New Antibiotic-Resistant 'Superbug' an Emerging Threat, CDC Says October 05, 2015

Evidence of CRE found in seven U.S. cities monitored by researchers

Non-Antibiotic Medicine May Fight Drug-Resistant 'Superbug' September 23, 2015

Mouse study found treatment was effective and safe; currently unknown if therapy will help in humans

New Antibiotics May One Day Beat Superbugs September 18, 2015

But research is still in early stages, with testing only done on human cells in the lab

Antibiotics Linked to Type 2 Diabetes Risk August 27, 2015

Researchers don't know if the drugs signal developing disease, or contribute to it

Better Control of Drug-Resistant Germs Could Save Thousands of Lives: CDC August 04, 2015

Hospitals, health departments, long-term care facilities must share information, report says

In Rare Cases, Infection May Be at Root of Back Pain July 30, 2015

New guidelines alert doctors to this possibility

Certain Antibiotics Linked to Hearing Loss, Mouse Study Finds July 29, 2015

Inflammation caused by the infection that's being treated may make ear damage more likely

Antibiotic May Lower Effect of Some Blood Thinners July 21, 2015

Doctors should closely monitor patients who have to take these drugs together, expert says

Could Antibiotics Raise a Child's Risk for Juvenile Arthritis? July 20, 2015

Odds are low, but study points to another downside of overuse

Antibiotics Myths Still Common Among Parents July 20, 2015

Those with Medicaid insurance tend to know less about the drugs, study finds

Appendicitis Can Often Be Treated With Antibiotics June 16, 2015

About 80 percent of patients can try medication first, study says

Doctors Can Cut Back on Antibiotics After Abdominal Surgery: Study June 11, 2015

Researchers found 4 days of the drugs equally effective as 8 days

Germs in Foodborne Illness Gaining Resistance to Antibiotics, CDC Says June 09, 2015

Rate more than doubled in two years for one strain of salmonella