July 21, 2014: Smoking While Pregnant Linked to ADHD in Children
Expectant moms' use of nicotine-replacement therapy could also spell problems for kids, study suggests

July 03, 2014: ADHD Drugs May Up Risk of Heart Problems in Kids, Study Finds
But problems are rare, findings should not cause alarm, experts say

June 30, 2014: Kids With ADHD More Likely to Abuse Drugs: Analysis
But researchers also found that medications used to treat disorder not part of increased risk

June 26, 2014: Health Tip: Communicate With an ADHD Child
Shouting doesn't help

June 20, 2014: No Sign That ADHD Meds Raise Suicide Risk: Study
'Rigorous' Swedish research compared behavior when patients were on or off the stimulant drugs

June 06, 2014: Genetic 'Networks' May Play Role in Autism
Finding might provide new targets for drugs to treat disorder, researchers say

May 28, 2014: Can Fire Retardants Raise Risk of Children Born With Lower IQs?
Study found higher levels of the chemicals in mom also upped chances of hyperactivity in kids by age 5

May 12, 2014: Drug Therapy May Lower Odds That Kids With ADHD Will Smoke
Children with the disorder typically have higher smoking rates, experts note

May 06, 2014: Kids With ADHD May Also Suffer Family Troubles
Study found they were more likely to come from homes affected by poverty, divorce, substance abuse

May 02, 2014: Many Ivy League Students Admit Using ADHD Drugs for Better Grades: Study
18 percent surveyed said they've used meds like Adderall to stay alert when cramming

April 25, 2014: ADHD Drug Ritalin Boosted Self-Control in Tests
Researchers think manipulating brain chemicals might help people stick to a diet or boring tasks

April 24, 2014: 1 in 13 U.S. Schoolkids Takes Psych Meds: Report
More than half of parents said the drugs are helpful

April 21, 2014: Language Problems Common for Kids With ADHD, Study Finds
Anxiety often goes hand in hand with attention disorder, too

April 10, 2014: Too Many Foster Kids With ADHD Treated With Antipsychotic Drugs: Study
Researchers looked at unapproved 'atypical' use of these meds in one state

March 17, 2014: ADHD Drugs Linked to Later Weight Gain in Kids
Study found 'rebound' effect in children who stopped using stimulants, which may increase obesity risk later

March 12, 2014: Autism, ADHD Tied to Gender Concerns in Some Kids: Study
These children may be less inhibited, more likely to say they want to be another gender, researchers suggest

March 03, 2014: Psychiatric Ills Widespread Among U.S. Soldiers: Studies
Rates exceed those found in general population; may help explain increase in suicides, researchers say

February 26, 2014: Are Kids Born to Older Dads at Risk for Mental Health Woes?
Large Swedish study found higher rates of autism, ADHD and other disorders, but expert says the risk is small

February 24, 2014: Use of Tylenol in Pregnancy Tied to Higher ADHD Risk in Child
Risk increases with longer use, researchers say; experts caution the finding needs verification

February 17, 2014: Kids With ADHD May Benefit From 'Brain Wave' Training in School: Study
But experts agree more research is needed to see if that translates into better classroom performance

January 29, 2014: Drivers With ADHD May Be at Higher Risk for Serious Crashes
In large Swedish study, men who took their meds lowered their accident odds

January 02, 2014: Study: Kids With ADHD, Aggression May Benefit From 2nd Med
Modest improvements in violent behavior noted with addition of antipsychotic drug

January 02, 2014: Troubled Launch of 'Obamacare' Tops Health News for 2013
Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy, new heart care guidelines also made headlines

December 30, 2013: Landmark ADHD Study Backed Drugs Over Therapy at a Cost: Report
Children denied counseling may have lost out, experts say

December 17, 2013: Many ADHD Drugs Linked to Painful Erections: FDA
Agency wants drug labels to reflect this rare risk

December 04, 2013: More Than 6 Percent of U.S. Teens Take Psychiatric Meds: Survey
ADHD, depression most common conditions reported by those on medication

December 03, 2013: Mother's Smoking, Early Birth May Raise ADHD Risk in Children
But researchers say more study on the causes of the disorder is needed

December 02, 2013: Low Iron in Brain a Sign of ADHD?
MRI technique might aid diagnosis, treatment, researcher says

November 22, 2013: Steroids for Preemies May Raise ADHD Risk, Study Says
Shots are given to boost lung development

November 22, 2013: 1 in 10 U.S. Children Now Has ADHD, CDC Says
Good news is that the rate of increase is slowing, researchers add

November 18, 2013: Bedroom TV, Video Games Linked to Less Sleep in Boys With Autism
But whether one causes the other isn't clear

October 29, 2013: Sunny Regions Reflect Lower ADHD Rates: Study
Researchers wonder whether sunlight protects children, adults from distracted behavior

October 21, 2013: Kids With ADHD Often Prone to Bowel Problems: Study
Bodily cues often overlooked, experts say

October 03, 2013: Does Your Preschool Child Have ADHD?
Relying on several sources, including teachers, clinicians and yourself, is best way to find out, study says

September 30, 2013: Preschoolers' Use of Psychiatric Drugs Levels Off, Study Shows
Findings suggest doctors may have safety concerns

September 25, 2013: Preemies' Woes Sometimes Due to Heredity, Study Says
Severe mental illness, learning difficulties often blamed on early birth, but may just run in family

September 02, 2013: Parents' Goals Guide ADHD Treatment Choice
Therapy may be more successful when decision-making is shared, researcher suggests

August 26, 2013: More Links Seen Between Autism, ADHD
Study found 1 in 5 kids with attention disorder also had autistic-type traits

August 23, 2013: Some Video Games May Boost Brain's Flexibility, Study Finds
Real-time strategy games hone ability to think on the fly, says researcher

August 23, 2013: Allergies, Asthma Show Links to ADHD: Study
All three conditions on the rise, but it's unclear whether ADHD risk is affected by others

August 23, 2013: Health Tip: Help Manage ADHD
Take a positive approach toward your child's diagnosis

August 12, 2013: ADHD + Texting = Double Trouble for Teen Drivers, Study Finds
One proposed solution: technology that cuts off cellphone when engine is on

August 11, 2013: Genetic Overlap Seen in Five Mental Disorders
Strongest link between schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, researchers say

August 02, 2013: Playing Violent Video Games Linked to Impulsive Behavior
But these same action games were tied to improved visual skills, researchers say

July 29, 2013: Video Game 'Addiction' More Likely With Autism, ADHD
Study cites poor peer relationships as one reason these kids embrace gaming

July 16, 2013: First Medical Device to Help Diagnose ADHD Approved
Brain monitor tracks neurological signals in children and teens

July 16, 2013: FDA Approves Brain Wave Test for ADHD
Device is designed for children 6 to 17 as part of a complete psychological examination

June 25, 2013: ADHD May Be Tied to Longer-Lasting Head Injury, Study Says
Author says contact sports should be avoided; another expert disagrees

June 24, 2013: Minority Kids Less Likely to Be Diagnosed, Treated for ADHD: Study
Finding points to possible disparities in care

June 08, 2013: Summer Camp Health Tips for Parents
How to keep water sports from causing skin infections and other expert advice