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Smog Exposure During Pregnancy Linked to Autism Risk December 18, 2014

Expert notes, however, that potential threat is small

Brain Inflammation a Hallmark of Autism, Study Shows December 10, 2014

But researchers stress it does not cause developmental disorder

Holidays Can Be Sensory Overload for Kids With Autism November 23, 2014

Expert offers tips for parents on how to help children stay calm during hustle and bustle of the season

Minority Kids May Be Missed in Autism Diagnoses: Study November 10, 2014

White children more likely to be identified by schools, but researchers aren't sure what's behind this trend

Better Detection, Diagnosis Major Factors Behind Rise in Autism Cases: Study November 03, 2014

But, reporting changes don't explain the total increase, experts say

Discovery of 100-Plus Genes Tied to Autism May Improve Treatments October 29, 2014

Disorder has a 'very large number of potential causes,' researcher says

More Clues to Spotting Autism in Siblings of Those With Disorder October 28, 2014

20 percent of younger brothers, sisters also diagnosed by age 3, researchers report

Could Air Pollutants Raise a Child's Autism Risk? October 24, 2014

Chromium, styrene implicated in preliminary study

Broccoli Compound Shows Promise for Autism Symptoms in Small Study October 13, 2014

Researchers caution that not everyone improved, and findings are preliminary

Kids With Autism Tend to Be Less Active, Study Says October 02, 2014

But 'underlying physical abilities are there'

Spacing Between Sibling Births Tied to Autism Risk in Study September 30, 2014

But authors, expert stressed that couples shouldn't base family planning on this finding

Boys With Autism Show Certain Grammar Skills in Study September 25, 2014

They were able to form some past tense verbs faster than boys without the disorder

Brainwaves May Help Gauge Autism Severity: Study September 22, 2014

Seeing how fast a child processes sounds might lead to earlier diagnosis, too, researchers say

Could Low Iron Intake During Pregnancy Raise Autism Risk? September 22, 2014

Study reinforces benefits of taking supplements as recommended

Estrogen Receptor May Play a Role in Autism September 11, 2014

Researchers find lower levels of key sex hormones in small study

Spotting, Treating Autism Symptoms in Infancy May Prevent Delays September 09, 2014

But, study doesn't show that parent-based therapy can change course of autism

Do Antidepressants in Pregnancy Raise Risks for Mental Woes in Kids? August 27, 2014

New study discounts pills' link to autism, but suggests ties to ADHD

Kids With Autism Have Extra Brain Connections, Study Says August 21, 2014

Too many of these 'synapses' could be a problem, but medicines might someday help prune them away

'Love Hormone' Oxytocin May Play Key Role in Kids' Social Skills August 04, 2014

While looking for possible link to autism, researchers found hormone affected all kids

Different Areas of Brain Affected in Autism, Sensory Disorders July 30, 2014

Sophisticated brain scans show the two conditions are somewhat similar, but are also markedly different

Less Flexibility Seen in Brain Wiring of Kids With Autism: Study July 29, 2014

Scans reveal differences that might explain why transitions are difficult

'Love Hormone' Oxytocin May Help Some With Autism July 29, 2014

Study found it boosted ability of certain patients to read facial expressions, nonverbal cues

Researchers Say They've Found New Clues to Autism July 09, 2014

Gene mutation appears linked to subtype of disorder

iPads May Help Boost Speaking Skills in Kids With Autism: Study July 01, 2014

Combining use of device with therapy sessions helped minimally verbal children talk, interact

Childhood Vaccines Vindicated Once More July 01, 2014

No link to autism found in large review of previous research on measles, mumps, rubella vaccine

Adults With Asperger Syndrome May Have Higher Suicide Risk June 25, 2014

British study found people with this form of autism often think of suicide, especially if depressed

Mother's Birthplace May Affect Autism Risk in Kids June 24, 2014

Some foreign-born mothers now in U.S. are more likely to have children with the disorder, study finds

Study Links Pesticide Exposure During Pregnancy to Autism Risk in Kids June 23, 2014

But it doesn't prove pesticides cause autism, and didn't directly measure women's chemical exposure, expert notes

Parents of a Child With Autism Often Forgo Further Childbearing: Study June 18, 2014

Stress of caring for an affected child is probably a big factor, one expert says

Autism's Costs Can Run Into Millions for One Person June 09, 2014

Lost wages, residential care and special education are just some of the driving factors, study finds

Genetic 'Networks' May Play Role in Autism June 06, 2014

Finding might provide new targets for drugs to treat disorder, researchers say

Hormone Levels in Womb Tied to Autism Risk in Boys: Study June 03, 2014

Experts caution that finding is preliminary, with no current implications for treatment or prevention

Scientists See Environmental Changes to Genes in Kids With Autism May 29, 2014

Double whammy of mutated genes and environmental genetic changes may make disorder more severe

Adults With Autism at Risk for Many Health Problems: Study May 14, 2014

Research shows rates of mental, physical problems higher in these patients than among other adults

Early Repetitive Behaviors May Signal Autism Risk May 14, 2014

Research in siblings of children with autism may give parents a way to spot signs of the disorder earlier

Study Probes Why Kids With Autism Are Oversensitive to Touch, Noise May 14, 2014

New brain imaging study shows certain regions are hyperactive to sensory stimuli

Health Tip: Dealing With an Autism Spectrum Disorder May 08, 2014

What parents can do

Skills Like Walking, Talking Don't Come Easily for Minority Kids With Autism May 06, 2014

Phenomenon occurs twice as often in black children, 1.5 times more in Hispanics than in whites: study

Genes, Environment May Play Equal Parts in Autism Risk: Study May 05, 2014

Interaction between the two is probably complex, needs more research, experts say

Older Mothers at Higher Risk of Child With Autism, Study Suggests April 29, 2014

Researchers compared thousands of children born in Sweden over two decades

Autism Affects Motor Skills Too April 28, 2014

As condition's severity rises, so do difficulties in movement, dexterity, study finds

Gastro Woes More Common in Kids With Autism: Review April 28, 2014

Their risk for digestive problems is 4 times higher than in typically developing peers, researchers found

FDA Warns Against Bogus Autism Treatments April 25, 2014

Consumers should beware of false, misleading claims, says agency, which has issued warnings to makers

FDA Advisers: Ban Use of Behavior-Modifying 'Shock Devices' April 25, 2014

The controversial tools are used on emotionally disabled kids at a Mass. facility

FDA Reconsiders Behavior-Modifying 'Shock Devices' April 24, 2014

Agency meets Thursday to discuss outlawing tools used on emotionally disabled kids

No Connection Between Induced Labor, Autism: Obgyns April 21, 2014

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists advises against changes to current practice

Key Brain 'Networks' May Differ in Autism, Study Suggests April 16, 2014

Neural systems tied to gauging social cues appear 'over-connected' in children with the disorder

Apathy Might Signal Brain Shrinkage in Old Age: Study April 16, 2014

But the findings only show an association; they don't prove cause and effect, experts say

Family Dog Can Help Kids With Autism April 15, 2014

The bond between child and pet can also be a 'bridge' to interaction with others, study suggests

Study Ties Antidepressant Use in Pregnancy to Autism Risk in Boys April 14, 2014

But the risk is low, and it's important to treat depression in pregnant women, experts say