July 22, 2014: Parents of Children With Autism Need Help, Too
Study found mothers who were taught stress-reduction skills had less depression, anxiety

July 21, 2014: Common Genes Implicated in Autism Study
Findings suggest genetics play a bigger role than environment in risk of disorder

July 09, 2014: Researchers Say They've Found New Clues to Autism
Gene mutation appears linked to subtype of disorder

July 01, 2014: iPads May Help Boost Speaking Skills in Kids With Autism: Study
Combining use of device with therapy sessions helped minimally verbal children talk, interact

July 01, 2014: Childhood Vaccines Vindicated Once More
No link to autism found in large review of previous research on measles, mumps, rubella vaccine

June 25, 2014: Adults With Asperger Syndrome May Have Higher Suicide Risk
British study found people with this form of autism often think of suicide, especially if depressed

June 24, 2014: Mother's Birthplace May Affect Autism Risk in Kids
Some foreign-born mothers now in U.S. are more likely to have children with the disorder, study finds

June 23, 2014: Study Links Pesticide Exposure During Pregnancy to Autism Risk in Kids
But it doesn't prove pesticides cause autism, and didn't directly measure women's chemical exposure, expert notes

June 18, 2014: Parents of a Child With Autism Often Forgo Further Childbearing: Study
Stress of caring for an affected child is probably a big factor, one expert says

June 09, 2014: Autism's Costs Can Run Into Millions for One Person
Lost wages, residential care and special education are just some of the driving factors, study finds

June 06, 2014: Genetic 'Networks' May Play Role in Autism
Finding might provide new targets for drugs to treat disorder, researchers say

June 03, 2014: Hormone Levels in Womb Tied to Autism Risk in Boys: Study
Experts caution that finding is preliminary, with no current implications for treatment or prevention

May 29, 2014: Scientists See Environmental Changes to Genes in Kids With Autism
Double whammy of mutated genes and environmental genetic changes may make disorder more severe

May 14, 2014: Adults With Autism at Risk for Many Health Problems: Study
Research shows rates of mental, physical problems higher in these patients than among other adults

May 14, 2014: Early Repetitive Behaviors May Signal Autism Risk
Research in siblings of children with autism may give parents a way to spot signs of the disorder earlier

May 14, 2014: Study Probes Why Kids With Autism Are Oversensitive to Touch, Noise
New brain imaging study shows certain regions are hyperactive to sensory stimuli

May 08, 2014: Health Tip: Dealing With an Autism Spectrum Disorder
What parents can do

May 06, 2014: Skills Like Walking, Talking Don't Come Easily for Minority Kids With Autism
Phenomenon occurs twice as often in black children, 1.5 times more in Hispanics than in whites: study

May 05, 2014: Genes, Environment May Play Equal Parts in Autism Risk: Study
Interaction between the two is probably complex, needs more research, experts say

April 29, 2014: Older Mothers at Higher Risk of Child With Autism, Study Suggests
Researchers compared thousands of children born in Sweden over two decades

April 28, 2014: Autism Affects Motor Skills Too
As condition's severity rises, so do difficulties in movement, dexterity, study finds

April 28, 2014: Gastro Woes More Common in Kids With Autism: Review
Their risk for digestive problems is 4 times higher than in typically developing peers, researchers found

April 25, 2014: FDA Warns Against Bogus Autism Treatments
Consumers should beware of false, misleading claims, says agency, which has issued warnings to makers

April 25, 2014: FDA Advisers: Ban Use of Behavior-Modifying 'Shock Devices'
The controversial tools are used on emotionally disabled kids at a Mass. facility

April 24, 2014: FDA Reconsiders Behavior-Modifying 'Shock Devices'
Agency meets Thursday to discuss outlawing tools used on emotionally disabled kids

April 21, 2014: No Connection Between Induced Labor, Autism: Obgyns
American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists advises against changes to current practice

April 16, 2014: Key Brain 'Networks' May Differ in Autism, Study Suggests
Neural systems tied to gauging social cues appear 'over-connected' in children with the disorder

April 16, 2014: Apathy Might Signal Brain Shrinkage in Old Age: Study
But the findings only show an association; they don't prove cause and effect, experts say

April 15, 2014: Family Dog Can Help Kids With Autism
The bond between child and pet can also be a 'bridge' to interaction with others, study suggests

April 14, 2014: Study Ties Antidepressant Use in Pregnancy to Autism Risk in Boys
But the risk is low, and it's important to treat depression in pregnant women, experts say

April 07, 2014: Could Dads' Obesity Raise Autism Risk for Kids?
Study finds slight increase linked to weight of fathers, not mothers

March 27, 2014: U.S. Autism Estimates Rise by 30 Percent for Kids
Researchers say increase could be due to better diagnosis of the developmental disorder

March 26, 2014: More Signs Autism May Originate During Pregnancy
Brain-tissue samples show differences linked to prenatal development

March 14, 2014: Science Probes Secrets of 'Contagious Yawning'
People don't do it because they are empathizing with a yawner, study suggests

March 13, 2014: More Evidence Environmental Exposures Contribute to Autism
Where birth defects increased, so did diagnoses of the developmental disorder, study showed

March 12, 2014: Autism, ADHD Tied to Gender Concerns in Some Kids: Study
These children may be less inhibited, more likely to say they want to be another gender, researchers suggest

March 07, 2014: Younger Siblings of Kids With Autism May Show Early Signs of Problems
Study found developmental or behavioral red flags in babies as young as 1 year

February 27, 2014: Gene Study Offers Clues to Why Autism Strikes More Males
Girls seem to tolerate more genetic mutations than boys do before showing symptoms of disorder

February 26, 2014: Are Kids Born to Older Dads at Risk for Mental Health Woes?
Large Swedish study found higher rates of autism, ADHD and other disorders, but expert says the risk is small

February 10, 2014: Autism Costs Average $17,000 Yearly for Each Child, Study Finds
School systems bear the brunt, not parents, researchers find

February 06, 2014: Brain Study Explores 'Inner World' of Autism
Children with the condition had busier brains at rest, scans showed

February 06, 2014: Infants' Response to Talking Faces May Be Clue to Autism
Researchers found 6-month-olds who shifted their gaze away were more likely to develop disorder

January 31, 2014: A Challenge at Work Might Ease Autism Symptoms in Adults
Finding counters the notion that difficult behaviors are hard to alter in these patients

January 22, 2014: New Diagnosis Rules Could Lead to Drop in Autism Numbers
Study says stricter definition of the condition means fewer children will meet threshold

January 14, 2014: Sight, Sound Out of Sync in Kids With Autism, Study Finds
Researcher compares the processing delay to a poorly dubbed movie

January 14, 2014: Alternative Therapies Widely Used for Autism
Study finds many parents use them alongside conventional treatments to try to manage symptoms

January 02, 2014: Can Bacterial Infections During Pregnancy Raise Autism Risk?
Study found an association, but researchers said such infections are common and most don't lead to problems

December 18, 2013: Antidepressant Use During Pregnancy Not Linked to Autism
Large study finds little connection between mother's use of drugs like Prozac and children's autism risk

December 12, 2013: Could a Tiny Worm Help Treat Autism?
Researchers see promise in two novel therapies

December 05, 2013: Sensory Therapy Might Work for Kids With Autism
Study found it helped children bothered by ordinary noises, feel of toothbrush or shower water on skin