April 21, 2014: No Connection Between Induced Labor, Autism: Obgyns
American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists advises against changes to current practice

April 16, 2014: Key Brain 'Networks' May Differ in Autism, Study Suggests
Neural systems tied to gauging social cues appear 'over-connected' in children with the disorder

April 16, 2014: Apathy Might Signal Brain Shrinkage in Old Age: Study
But the findings only show an association; they don't prove cause and effect, experts say

April 15, 2014: Family Dog Can Help Kids With Autism
The bond between child and pet can also be a 'bridge' to interaction with others, study suggests

April 14, 2014: Study Ties Antidepressant Use in Pregnancy to Autism Risk in Boys
But the risk is low, and it's important to treat depression in pregnant women, experts say

April 07, 2014: Could Dads' Obesity Raise Autism Risk for Kids?
Study finds slight increase linked to weight of fathers, not mothers

March 27, 2014: U.S. Autism Estimates Rise by 30 Percent for Kids
Researchers say increase could be due to better diagnosis of the developmental disorder

March 26, 2014: More Signs Autism May Originate During Pregnancy
Brain-tissue samples show differences linked to prenatal development

March 14, 2014: Science Probes Secrets of 'Contagious Yawning'
People don't do it because they are empathizing with a yawner, study suggests

March 13, 2014: More Evidence Environmental Exposures Contribute to Autism
Where birth defects increased, so did diagnoses of the developmental disorder, study showed

March 12, 2014: Autism, ADHD Tied to Gender Concerns in Some Kids: Study
These children may be less inhibited, more likely to say they want to be another gender, researchers suggest

March 07, 2014: Younger Siblings of Kids With Autism May Show Early Signs of Problems
Study found developmental or behavioral red flags in babies as young as 1 year

February 27, 2014: Gene Study Offers Clues to Why Autism Strikes More Males
Girls seem to tolerate more genetic mutations than boys do before showing symptoms of disorder

February 26, 2014: Are Kids Born to Older Dads at Risk for Mental Health Woes?
Large Swedish study found higher rates of autism, ADHD and other disorders, but expert says the risk is small

February 10, 2014: Autism Costs Average $17,000 Yearly for Each Child, Study Finds
School systems bear the brunt, not parents, researchers find

February 06, 2014: Brain Study Explores 'Inner World' of Autism
Children with the condition had busier brains at rest, scans showed

February 06, 2014: Infants' Response to Talking Faces May Be Clue to Autism
Researchers found 6-month-olds who shifted their gaze away were more likely to develop disorder

January 31, 2014: A Challenge at Work Might Ease Autism Symptoms in Adults
Finding counters the notion that difficult behaviors are hard to alter in these patients

January 22, 2014: New Diagnosis Rules Could Lead to Drop in Autism Numbers
Study says stricter definition of the condition means fewer children will meet threshold

January 14, 2014: Sight, Sound Out of Sync in Kids With Autism, Study Finds
Researcher compares the processing delay to a poorly dubbed movie

January 14, 2014: Alternative Therapies Widely Used for Autism
Study finds many parents use them alongside conventional treatments to try to manage symptoms

January 02, 2014: Can Bacterial Infections During Pregnancy Raise Autism Risk?
Study found an association, but researchers said such infections are common and most don't lead to problems

December 18, 2013: Antidepressant Use During Pregnancy Not Linked to Autism
Large study finds little connection between mother's use of drugs like Prozac and children's autism risk

December 12, 2013: Could a Tiny Worm Help Treat Autism?
Researchers see promise in two novel therapies

December 05, 2013: Sensory Therapy Might Work for Kids With Autism
Study found it helped children bothered by ordinary noises, feel of toothbrush or shower water on skin

November 25, 2013: Taking Antidepressants During Pregnancy May Not Raise Autism Risk
Researchers looked at offspring of women who had used SSRI drugs

November 22, 2013: 'Mixing' of Senses More Common in Autism: Study
With synesthesia, sight, taste, smell and sound may blend

November 21, 2013: Research Probes Autism's Origins in the Brain
Two studies identify gene mutations that act together to disrupt the brain's wiring before birth

November 20, 2013: People With Autism May Recognize Faces in Different Way: Study
Findings may help explain focus on mouth, rather than eyes

November 18, 2013: Bedroom TV, Video Games Linked to Less Sleep in Boys With Autism
But whether one causes the other isn't clear

November 13, 2013: U.S. Adults With Autism May Face Housing Crisis
Nationwide poll finds shortage of services

November 08, 2013: What Happens When a Child With Autism Refuses Most Foods?
Case report suggests vitamin deficiencies, serious health problems can follow

November 07, 2013: Inside the Autistic Brain: New Research Challenges Current Beliefs
More neural connections, not fewer, seen in studies

November 06, 2013: Stomach Troubles Common for Kids With Autism, Study Confirms
Digestive distress often accompanied by irritability, social withdrawal

November 06, 2013: Autism Sign May Appear in First Months of Life
Eye contact starts declining at 8 weeks, finds study

November 05, 2013: Autism, Language Problems May Be Linked in Families: Study
Relatives of those with disorder showed deficiencies on grammar, writing and vocabulary tests

October 28, 2013: More Weight Gain in Pregnancy Tied to Higher Autism Risk for Kids: Study
However, this doesn't mean more weight causes neurodevelopmental disorder, authors stress

October 28, 2013: Moms With Lupus More Likely to Have Children With Autism, Study Suggests
But overall risk is low, shouldn't influence parenting decisions, expert says

October 22, 2013: Many Kids With Autism on Multiple Medications, Study Finds
Experts say parents should be cautious about their use

October 03, 2013: Missing Genes May Be Tied to Development of Autism: Study
Gene deletions, having only 1 copy of a gene instead of 2, may alter activity of brain neurons, researchers say

October 01, 2013: Kids With Autism Often Have Trouble Sleeping, Study Shows
From age 2.5 until their teens, children with the disorder tend to wake up frequently during the night

September 27, 2013: Teaching Sleep Tips to Parents Seems to Help Kids With Autism
Boosting exercise, limiting caffeine and reducing video games at bedtime are important

September 25, 2013: Study Finds No Connection Between Autism, Celiac Disease
Research casts doubt on practice of placing children with autism on a gluten-free diet, experts say

September 25, 2013: Preemies' Woes Sometimes Due to Heredity, Study Says
Severe mental illness, learning difficulties often blamed on early birth, but may just run in family

September 18, 2013: Genetic Condition May Be Mistaken for Autism in Some Kids: Report
Rigorous evaluations needed to rule out deletion syndrome in children, experts say

September 18, 2013: Young Adults With Autism Less Likely to Have Jobs, Live Independently
Surveys looked at life after high school for 20-somethings with various disorders

August 29, 2013: New Clues to Causes of Autism Found
A certain group of enzymes may affect many genes linked to the developmental disorder, scientists say

August 27, 2013: What Is 'Play' to a Child With Autism?
Motion preferred to arts and crafts or pretending, study finds

August 26, 2013: More Links Seen Between Autism, ADHD
Study found 1 in 5 kids with attention disorder also had autistic-type traits

August 23, 2013: Who Will Care for Children With Autism When They're Adults?
Limited resources and varying needs present a daunting challenge