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Health Tip: Can't Donate Blood? March 18, 2015

Other ways you can help

Older Blood Just as Good for Transfusions March 17, 2015

Canadian study found no significant difference in outcomes when compared to fresh blood

Newer Blood Thinner May Improve Outcomes for Heart Attack Survivors March 16, 2015

Company-funded trial finds lower rates of heart attack, death with Brilinta versus placebo

Hospitalizations After Severe Blood Infections May Be Preventable March 10, 2015

Study suggests readmissions are often for diseases, conditions that can be treated after first discharge

Do Heart Surgery Patients Get Too Many Blood Tests? March 02, 2015

New research raises concerns about the risk of anemia and blood transfusions

FDA OKs New Varicose Vein Treatment February 20, 2015

It seals affected veins with adhesive agent, agency says

Newer Blood Thinner Beats Heparin for Certain Heart Attacks February 17, 2015

Swedish study finds fondaparinux is effective, and reduces bleeding risk

Iron Supplements May Help Blood Donors Recover More Quickly February 10, 2015

Finding could allow people to donate again sooner to help keep blood supply adequate, expert says

Blood Transfusions During Heart Surgery May Up Pneumonia Risk January 27, 2015

But study found overall rate was under 4 percent

FDA OKs New Anti-Clotting Drug for Heart Rhythm Disorder January 09, 2015

Savaysa works like warfarin but carries less bleeding risk

System Approved to Remove Germs From Blood Platelets December 19, 2014

Lowers chances of infected donation

New System Targets Germs in Donated Blood Plasma December 17, 2014

Reduces risk of infected donation

Patients Given Less Blood During Surgery Do Fine, Study Reports December 12, 2014

Finding could lead to reduced risks for patients

Jakafi Approved for Chronic Bone Marrow Disease December 04, 2014

First drug sanctioned in U.S. for polycythemia vera

FDA Advisors Not Sold on Lifting Ban on Gay Men Giving Blood December 03, 2014

But American Red Cross, other groups urge easing restrictions due to better blood screening

Health Tip: Are You Able to Donate Blood? November 11, 2014

Typical eligibility requirements

Mutations Linked to Blood Cancers Rise With Age, Study Shows October 22, 2014

Still, these diseases occur in less than 0.1 percent of elderly Americans, researchers say

Blood Test Might Predict Speed of Recovery From Surgery: Study September 24, 2014

Activity of some white blood cells may provide clues to healing time

Grief Can Weigh on Immune System in Older Folks, Study Says September 18, 2014

Those who are bereaved may be more likely to develop infections, researchers suggest

'Biospleen' Suggests New Way to Treat Blood Infection September 17, 2014

But more research needed before blood-cleansing device is used on humans to treat sepsis

Most Treatments for Blood Clots Appear Safe, Effective September 16, 2014

Analysis of studies shows almost all strategies have similar outcomes, Canadian researchers report

Blood Test Spots Adult Depression: Study September 16, 2014

It's as accurate as current methods, but can also confirm recovery, researchers contend

Study: Rare Blood Type May Slightly Raise Dementia Risk September 10, 2014

But lifestyle factors play a bigger role, experts say

New Guidelines for Sickle Cell Disease September 10, 2014

Recommendations emphasize use of drug hydroxyurea and transfusion treatments

Short Walks Can Offset Long Stretches of Sitting September 09, 2014

An hour of sitting can impact arteries in the legs, but even a 5-minute stroll helps, research shows

Health Tip: Take it Easy After Blood Donation September 01, 2014

And drink extra fluids

Blood Transfusions May Cut Risk of 'Silent' Stroke in Kids With Sickle Cell August 20, 2014

Study found children who got monthly infusions were less likely to suffer another attack

Could a Blood Test Predict Suicide Risk? July 30, 2014

Certain gene-based chemical changes seem to accompany suicidal behavior, study finds

Health Tip: First Aid for a Bleeding Wound July 11, 2014

Apply pressure to stem the flow of blood

Anemia Treatments Don't Boost Recovery From Brain Injury, Study Finds July 01, 2014

Medication to boost red blood cells, more blood transfusions made no difference in outcomes

Health Tip: Having Poor Circulation in the Feet June 13, 2014

Foot cramps may be a warning sign

New Hemophilia Remedy Offers Potential for Fewer Injections June 09, 2014

And fewer episodes of bleeding

Many Childhood Leukemia Survivors Aren't Taking 'Maintenance' Meds: Study June 06, 2014

These drugs help stop acute lymphocytic leukemia from coming back, experts note

FDA OKs Test to Improve Blood Donor-Recipient Matching May 22, 2014

New method uses genetics and computer technology to determine most compatible red blood cells

Blood Infections Play Role in Up to Half of Hospital Deaths: Study May 19, 2014

Treating these dangerous conditions also uses up a fifth of hospital expenditures, researchers found

Urine Test May Help Spot Dangerous Blood Clots May 19, 2014

More accurate, less invasive than current screening, researchers contend

Could a Blood Test Predict Breast Cancer's Return? May 15, 2014

Study suggests routine sample might provide information critical to treatment

Zontivity Approved For People at High-Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke May 08, 2014

Drug designed to reduce blood clots

Young Blood Boosts Brains of Old Mice May 05, 2014

The discovery might have implications for aging humans, study authors suggest

Taking Blood Thinners With Certain Painkillers May Raise Bleeding Risk April 14, 2014

People using warfarin or Xarelto should avoid aspirin, ibuprofen and other NSAIDs, study finds

More Doctors Than Consumers Favor Legalizing Medical Marijuana: Survey April 02, 2014

Cancer and blood specialists most likely to support drug's use for health problems

Aspirin May Not Protect Heart After Non-Cardiac Surgeries: Study March 31, 2014

Just as many heart attacks, more serious bleeding seen if patients took aspirin around time of operation

Gut Bacteria in Preemies Could Lead to Life-Threatening Infections March 21, 2014

Study looked for alternate sources of sepsis, a bloodstream infection sometimes linked to hospital care

Health Tip: After Donating Blood March 12, 2014

Take it easy

Warfarin Safe for Kidney Patients With Irregular Heartbeat: Study March 04, 2014

Use of the blood thinner may safely ease stroke risk linked to atrial fibrillation, Swedish research finds

Nearly 3 Million Americans Living With Hepatitis C March 03, 2014

Many aren't aware they carry the liver-destroying virus, experts say

Transfusions Risky During Certain Heart Procedures, Study Finds February 25, 2014

Angioplasty patients run the risk of heart attacks, strokes and death, researchers say

Blood Sample Might Predict MS Long Before Symptoms Start February 21, 2014

Preliminary research suggests potential for earlier diagnosis

Newsman Tom Brokaw Battling Blood Cancer February 12, 2014

Veteran TV journalist has multiple myeloma, which attacks white blood cells in bone marrow

Early Promise for a Blood Thinner Without the Bleeding Risk February 05, 2014

Animal study suggests an antibody might provide safer protection against clots