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Health Tip: Are Your Feet Getting Enough Blood?April 14, 2016

Swelling may mean circulation problems

FDA Approves Experimental Zika Test for Blood DonationsMarch 30, 2016

But agency still asks those who've possibly been exposed to the virus to forgo giving blood right now

Review Finds Mixed Success With Hemophilia TreatmentMarch 16, 2016

Researchers surprised by shortcomings in treatment of men with severe forms of the blood-clotting disorder

Idelvion Approved for Hemophilia B March 07, 2016

Replaces deficient clotting factor

CDC Cites 14 Potential New Cases of Zika Transmitted By SexFebruary 23, 2016

Men who've recently traveled to endemic areas should abstain from sex or use a condom, agency says

Obama Asks Congress for $1.9 Billion to Battle Zika VirusFebruary 23, 2016

Money would go toward mosquito-control programs, vaccine development and tests to better spot the virus

Check Newborns of Women Who Visited Zika-Prone Areas for Infection: CDCFebruary 19, 2016

Advisory is for babies of any woman who's been in such a locale within 2 weeks of delivery, CDC says

Finding Suggests Zika Virus Can Move From Mother to Child During PregnancyFebruary 18, 2016

Discovery adds to signs it might have caused thousands of Brazilian babies to be born with birth defect

FDA: Wait a Month to Donate Blood After Travel to Zika-Prone AreasFebruary 16, 2016

Four weeks is long enough for the virus to pass out of the body, agency says

Neanderthal DNA May Play Role in Modern Human HealthFebruary 11, 2016

Genetic legacy can affect risk for nicotine addiction, depression, blood clots and stroke, research suggests

Blood Test Might Predict When Antibiotics Won't HelpJanuary 20, 2016

It's still in development, but doctors' office screening method could curb overprescribing, experts say

New Blood Test Could Detect Melanoma's Spread Earlier: StudyJanuary 13, 2016

Searching for tumor DNA located cancer's spread better than standard test, researchers say

Safe to Use Blood Thinner Before Major Cancer Surgery, Study FindsDecember 29, 2015

Results led Sloan Kettering to change pre-op practices

The Pill, Hormone Therapy Safe for Women Taking Blood Thinners: StudyDecember 22, 2015

Finding may lay to rest the notion that hormonal treatments raise odds for recurrent clots, expert says

FDA Lifts 30-Year Ban on Blood Donations by Gay MenDecember 21, 2015

Studies from other countries show policy won't compromise blood supply, health officials say

Reduced Blood Flow to Back of Brain Raises Recurrent Stroke Risk: StudyDecember 21, 2015

Procedure to open blocked arteries may benefit these patients, research suggests

Vonvendi Approved to Control Bleeding DisorderDecember 08, 2015

Clotting factor sanctioned for von Willebrand disease

After Concussion Symptoms Fade, Slowed Blood Flow in Brain May PersistNovember 30, 2015

But preliminary study doesn't determine whether that is cause for concern, experts say

Alzheimer's-Linked Brain Plaques May Also Slow Blood FlowNovember 24, 2015

Amyloid beta clumps may constrict blood flow, adding to neurological woes, animal studies suggest

Coagadex Approved for Rare Clotting DisorderOctober 21, 2015

First coagulation therapy sanctioned for Factor X deficiency

FDA Approves Drug to Reverse Blood Thinner's EffectOctober 16, 2015

Praxbind cleared for emergency use with Pradaxa when bleeding can't be controlled

Sensitive Blood Test May Help Rule Out Heart AttackOctober 08, 2015

Researchers say goal is to reduce hospital admissions, medical costs

Obesity Won't Affect Joint Surgery Safety, Study FindsOctober 02, 2015

Heavy patients needed fewer blood transfusions, did not have more complications

Later Umbilical Cord Clamping May Help Smallest PreemiesSeptember 24, 2015

Study found babies had better blood pressure, less need for transfusions with delayed clamping

Placing Large Catheter in Vein Under Collarbone Best, Study FindsSeptember 23, 2015

Compared to neck or groin placement, it reduced chances of blood infections, clots among critically ill

Researchers Pinpoint Genes Linked to Height, Heart DiseaseSeptember 17, 2015

Sequencing technology has enabled scientists to ID genetic source of some conditions

Research Spots Link Between Agent Orange, Blood Cancer in Vietnam VetsSeptember 03, 2015

Exposed veterans have higher rates of precursor condition to multiple myeloma, study shows

Experimental Drug for Blood Cancer Shows PromiseAugust 26, 2015

Researchers want to test daratumumab in a larger group of patients

Blood Test May One Day Predict Breast Cancer RelapseAugust 26, 2015

Circulating tumor DNA analysis spots stray cells months before scans detect recurrence, researchers say

Promacta Approval Expanded to Kids With Rare Blood DisorderAugust 24, 2015

Immune thrombocytopenic purpura involves low blood platelet counts

Drones Might Fly Blood Samples to Clinics, Study FindsJuly 30, 2015

Machines could be used for medical testing in remote areas

How Long Do Patients With Clots in the Lung Need Blood Thinners?July 07, 2015

New French study suggests that anti-clotting drugs may be needed for the very long term

Extreme Exercising Can Lead to Blood Poisoning, Study RevealsJune 19, 2015

Expert says gradual training can help prevent problems

Blood Test Could Reveal Your Viral HistoryJune 04, 2015

Study authors view new technology as a promising research tool

Blood Thinners OK for Cancers That Spread to Brain, Study FindsJune 02, 2015

Treatment didn't cause significant increase in bleeding in head

Delaying Umbilical Cord Clamping Might Boost Child DevelopmentMay 26, 2015

Fine-motor and social skills slightly improved in boys, but no difference in IQ, researchers say

Researchers Report Progress in Making All Blood Types Universally AcceptedMay 21, 2015

Process isn't perfected, but looks promising, experts say

Researchers Hone in on Genes Linked to Serious Blood InfectionMay 13, 2015

Study findings could lead to new test to detect sepsis earlier

FDA Ready to Lift Ban on Blood Donations by Gay MenMay 12, 2015

Studies from other countries show such donations wouldn't compromise blood supply, health officials say

Americans' Blood Triglyceride Levels Dropping: CDCMay 07, 2015

About one-quarter have high levels of this heart-disease related blood fat, but experts say many people still at risk

Raplixa Approved to Control Surgical BleedingMay 01, 2015

Spray-dried product promotes clotting when other methods are 'ineffective or impractical'

Americans Get Too Many Tests Before Cataract Surgery, Study FindsApril 15, 2015

Costs for unnecessary blood work, urine tests and EKGs add up

Pharmacists Key to Whether Patients Take Blood ThinnersApril 14, 2015

In study, almost 30 percent of people with atrial fibrillation didn't use Pradaxa as instructed

Older Donated Blood Safe for Heart Surgery Patients, Study FindsApril 08, 2015

No difference in outcomes between use of fresher or older red cells, researchers report

In Rare Cases, Kids Can Get Food Allergies From Donated BloodApril 07, 2015

But these 'transferred' reactions clear up within a few months, experts say

Are Heart Surgery Patients Losing Too Much Blood to Tests?April 07, 2015

Experts recommend limiting frequency of tests, using conservation measures

Health Tip: Can't Donate Blood?March 18, 2015

Other ways you can help

Older Blood Just as Good for TransfusionsMarch 17, 2015

Canadian study found no significant difference in outcomes when compared to fresh blood

Newer Blood Thinner May Improve Outcomes for Heart Attack SurvivorsMarch 16, 2015

Company-funded trial finds lower rates of heart attack, death with Brilinta versus placebo

Hospitalizations After Severe Blood Infections May Be PreventableMarch 10, 2015

Study suggests readmissions are often for diseases, conditions that can be treated after first discharge