July 25, 2014: Distractions Seem More Troublesome With Age
Seniors scored worse on tests than young adults, study says

July 25, 2014: Human Brain Has Coping Mechanism for Dehydration
The mind preserves oxygen to protect itself from the effects of too little fluid, research shows

July 22, 2014: Gene Discoveries Could Shed New Light on Schizophrenia
Suspect DNA often tied to neurological 'pathways' centered on brain cell communication, experts say

July 18, 2014: Antipsychotics Linked to Lower Brain Volume in Schizophrenia Patients
But mental function, symptoms of illness were not worsened, researchers say

July 16, 2014: Even Mild Concussion Can Cause Thinking, Memory Problems: Study
Finding suggests damage may be present even after obvious symptoms are gone

July 16, 2014: Researchers Spot Potential New Culprit Behind Alzheimer's
Abnormal levels of certain protein are more common in affected patients, study reports

July 15, 2014: A Healthy Lifestyle May Deflect Dementia
Older folks who began eating right, exercising did better on memory and problem-solving tests in study

July 15, 2014: Alzheimer's Rate Falling in the United States, Studies Show
Improved heart health may be one reason for decline seen in some developed countries

July 15, 2014: Omega-3s in Diet May Help Ward Off Lou Gehrig's Disease
Study found strong association between higher intake and lower odds for ALS

July 14, 2014: Babies' Brains Prep for Speech Long Before First Words Come Out
Scans found motor areas were activated when infants heard others talking, researchers report

July 11, 2014: Brains of Sex Addicts May Be Wired Like Those of Drug Addicts, Study Finds
Porn triggered activity in brain centers also tied to drug addiction responses, researcher says

July 10, 2014: Like Humans, Chimps' Smarts May Rely on Genes
DNA seems more important than upbringing or gender when it comes to intelligence, study found

July 04, 2014: Headbanging to Heavy Metal Music Linked To Man's Brain Bleed
Practice is occasionally implicated in whiplash, blood vessel tears, researchers noted

July 03, 2014: Researchers Discover How 'Magic Mushrooms' Affect the Brain
MRIs showed brain activity that mirrored what's seen in a dream-like state

June 27, 2014: Gluten-Free Diet May Lift the 'Fog' of Celiac Patients, Study Says
Scores on attention, memory tests improved after one year

June 25, 2014: Veterans With Brain Injury May Be at Risk for Dementia: Study
They were 60 percent more likely to develop disease, and to develop it earlier, researchers say

June 23, 2014: Lifetime of Learning Might Thwart Dementia, Study Suggests
Even taking up intellectual pursuits in mid-life appears to aid the brain

June 20, 2014: Hypnosis May Help Improve Deep Sleep
Study finds that those highly suggestible to hypnosis can have deeper sleep after hypnotic suggestion

June 19, 2014: Head Injuries Tied to Higher Migraine Risk for Veterans
Blast wounds and wartime stress are both known to increase headache risk, study authors say

June 19, 2014: Mouse Study Supports Notion of 'Tanning Addiction'
'Feel-good' hormones respond to daily UV light exposure, researchers find

June 17, 2014: Anxiety May Affect Kids' Brains
MRIs show larger 'fear center' in those who are more anxious

June 16, 2014: Mom's Epilepsy Drugs Appear Safe in Breast Milk
Babies' brains and IQs don't seem to be affected by mother's medication, study finds

June 16, 2014: Study: Similar Outcomes From Combat Head Injuries, Regardless of Cause
Researchers looked at blast- and nonblast-related trauma in Iraq-Afghanistan veterans

June 12, 2014: MRI Technique May Help Detect Parkinson's Earlier
Larger research trials needed to confirm study's encouraging findings, experts say

June 11, 2014: Good Heart Health May Keep Your Mind Sharp, Too
Poor heart health linked to mental impairment: study

June 11, 2014: Levodopa May Beat Newer Meds for Long-Term Parkinson's Care: Study
Largest such trial finds the older drug 'edging out' others, but treatment is made on case-by-case basis

June 10, 2014: Scans Show Even 'Late' Preemies Have Brain Differences
Finding underscores fact that not only early preemies show developmental deficits

June 06, 2014: Could Fitter Kids Be Smarter Kids, Too?
Children who are physically fit might do better with reading, language skills, researchers report

June 05, 2014: Study Supports Durability of Parkinson's Treatment
Transplanted brain neurons appear to remain healthy for up to 14 years, research shows

June 04, 2014: Pot Isn't Harmless, Top U.S. Health Official Says
Addiction, brain changes in young users are proven concerns, according to head of National Institute on Drug Abuse

June 04, 2014: Blood Pressure History May Affect Brain Function in Old Age
Age at which you develop hypertension is key to understanding risk for memory problems, study suggests

June 03, 2014: Scents May Sway Your Sense of Beauty
Small study found women seemed prettier when pleasant odors were near

June 03, 2014: Anti-Alzheimer's Drug Shows Promise in Mice Study
Researchers hope to prevent disease onset by starting treatment in middle age

June 02, 2014: Learning Another Language May Help the Aging Brain
Even doing so as an adult seemed to guard against mental decline, study found

June 02, 2014: Scientists Erase, Then Restore Memories in Rats
In the future, the mind tweak might have applications for Alzheimer's patients, researchers say

May 30, 2014: Steroids May Not Be Wise Choice for Intensive-Care Patients
Johns Hopkins research suggests the possibility of delirium

May 27, 2014: Memory Problems After Chemo Linked to Brain Changes
Study finds drop in brain activity during multitasking in women who had chemotherapy for breast cancer

May 27, 2014: Iodine Deficiency Common in Pregnancy, Pediatricians Warn
Processed foods deprive women of iodized salt; supplementation recommended

May 23, 2014: Size of Brain Aneurysm Doesn't Predict Chances of Rupture: Study
Smoking may be a greater risk factor, researchers report

May 15, 2014: Migraines Linked to Increased Risk of 'Silent Strokes'
Treating migraines might reduce stroke risk, researchers suggest

May 15, 2014: Stem Cells Reverse MS-Like Illness in Mice
Crippled rodents walked again, but it's uncertain if same approach will help people

May 13, 2014: Researchers Shed Light on Link Between Stress, Heart Trouble
Study suggests brain may be key to the connection between negative emotions and inflammation

May 13, 2014: Smaller Brain Volume Seen in College Football Players in Study
Area related to memory, emotion was even smaller in players with history of concussions, researchers note

May 13, 2014: Music May Benefit Your Brain
Study finds improved blood flow to left side of the brain after musical training

May 12, 2014: Workplace Solvents Linked to Long-Term Memory, Thinking Problems
Study of French retirees shows those exposed even decades ago scored worse on tests

May 12, 2014: Mild Electrical Zaps to Brain Induce 'Lucid Dreaming' in Study
Research offers insight into line between consciousness, unconsciousness

May 09, 2014: Antipsychotics Help Cut Crime Rate: Study
New research suggests medications curb violence in patients with psychiatric disorders

May 09, 2014: Implanted Device Lowers Blood Pressure in Rat Study
Procedure might one day offer an option for people who are resistant to medication, researchers suggest

May 08, 2014: Brain Activity Changes in Pregnant Women, Study Finds
Boost in activity in brain region that reads faces may prepare mom to bond with baby, researcher suggests

May 08, 2014: Is Your Brain Overheating? Try Yawning
Study offers up new theory on why people yawn