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Plane Passengers' Near-Death Experience Gives Clues to Trauma's Effect on Brain July 03, 2015

Interviews, brain scans of people who thought they might die in crash show impact lasts for years

Scans Suggest Recurrent Depression May Take Toll on the Brain June 30, 2015

Shrinkage seen in region where new memories are made

School Coaches Often Ill-Equipped to Spot, Manage Concussions June 26, 2015

Better education recommended, especially at youth and middle school levels

Could Brain Scans Help Guide Treatment for OCD? June 26, 2015

Small study suggests neural activity can point to patients who'll benefit most from psychotherapy

Memory, Thinking Tests May Hint at Alzheimer's Risk June 24, 2015

Low score could be early warning sign for the disease up to 18 years before diagnosis, researchers report

Technology May Help Surgeons Tell Brain Cancer From Healthy Tissue June 18, 2015

Research shows promise; could be used in humans as soon as this summer, study author says

Trans Fats From Foods May Worsen Memory, Study Finds June 17, 2015

Men who ate more performed poorly on word recall test

Too Much 'Feel Good' Brain Chemical May Trigger Social Phobia June 17, 2015

Serotonin finding conflicts with conventional wisdom, researchers say

Brain Injury May Hurt Job Prospects of U.S. Veterans June 17, 2015

Employment gap widens over time, study finds

Which Candidate? Study Examines the Voter's Brain June 15, 2015

One neurological area seems key to making complex decisions at the ballot box

Brain Stimulation Device Approved for Parkinson's and Essential Tremor June 15, 2015

For use after medication alone proves inadequate

Adults Can Pick Up Perfect Pitch, Study Shows June 12, 2015

With training, people may be able to identify notes they hear

Could ADHD Drug Find New Role in Menopause? June 12, 2015

Small study suggests Vyvanse might help with concentration, thought organization

Can't Remember Exact Colors? Science Points to Why June 12, 2015

Human memory classifies all shades of a particular color under one broad category, researchers say

Educating Stroke Survivors Helps Them Spot Another Stroke Faster June 11, 2015

Program can be especially helpful for minority patients, researchers noted

Exercise, Games, Puzzles Don't Prevent Signs of Alzheimer's in the Brain: Study June 10, 2015

But mental and physical activity may keep your mind healthy in other ways, expert says

Blood Proteins May Provide Early Clue to Alzheimer's June 10, 2015

Findings could offer possible ways to diagnose, treat the disease sooner, researchers say

Brains of Teens With Bipolar Disorder Develop Differently: Study June 09, 2015

MRI scans suggest changes in areas that regulate emotions, researchers note

Certain Diabetes Drugs May Aid Weight Loss by Curbing Cravings June 09, 2015

Medications called GLP-1 receptors appear to change brain's response to food, researchers say

Stroke Ages Brain by 8 Years, Study Finds June 09, 2015

Memory impaired, thinking speed slowed in those who suffered brain attack

Statins Pose No Greater Harm to Memory, Study Suggests June 08, 2015

Review of more than a million patients finds the drugs are no worse for recall than other cholesterol fighters

More Evidence That General Anesthesia May Affect Young Brains June 08, 2015

Anesthesia and surgery still safest for necessary procedures, experts say

Scientists Explore Morality's Home in the Brain June 03, 2015

People with higher levels of 'moral reasoning' have more gray matter in key brain areas, study finds

Blood Thinners OK for Cancers That Spread to Brain, Study Finds June 02, 2015

Treatment didn't cause significant increase in bleeding in head

Alzheimer's-Linked Brain Proteins Tied to Poor Sleep in Study June 01, 2015

Research hints at 'vicious cycle' connected to dementia

Targeted Radiation to Treat Brain Tumors May Be Best: Study June 01, 2015

Damage to thinking and memory less than with radiation for entire brain, while survival is similar, study finds

White Matter Damage in Brain May Help Spot Early Alzheimer's May 27, 2015

Study finds widespread changes using specialized MRI

Do People Transmit Happiness by Smell? May 26, 2015

Lab experiment with 'scent samples' suggests humans pick up on others' positive emotions via sweat

Fish Oil Tied to Better Brain Function in Older Adults May 22, 2015

But small study doesn't prove omega-3 fatty acids boost mental flexibility

Rugby Player's Head Injuries Linked to Brain Decline May 22, 2015

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy was diagnosed after his death at age 57

Quadriplegic Uses Thoughts to Control Robotic Arms May 21, 2015

Research is still preliminary, but implants have worked for several patients

Alzheimer's-Linked Brain Plaques May Arise Decades Before Symptoms May 19, 2015

Researchers hope for opportunity to head off dementia

Scientists Pinpoint a Speech Center in Brain May 18, 2015

Discovery suggests a specific area dedicated to this task

Brain Differences Seen in Teenage Heavy Drinkers May 18, 2015

Researchers also spot genetic mutation linked to impulsiveness

Men in Red May Seem Aggressive, Angry May 14, 2015

Study might have you think about your 'fashion statement'

Some Smokers May Be 'Hardwired' to Succeed at Quitting May 13, 2015

Finding could provide new target for cessation treatments, researchers say

Autism May Differ in Brains of Boys and Girls May 13, 2015

Finding might lead to improvements in how disorder is diagnosed, treated based on sex, researcher says

Brain Injury Linked to Raised Risk of Road Rage May 12, 2015

Understanding how head trauma affects driving behavior could help improve traffic safety, study says

Parkinson's Protein May Spur Immune Response May 12, 2015

Researchers say more work needs to be done to understand findings

Hormone Therapy for Prostate Cancer May Impair Thinking May 12, 2015

Men with a particular gene mutation suffered most, study finds

Mediterranean Diet Plus Olive Oil or Nuts May Boost Thinking and Memory May 11, 2015

Healthy eating plans helped older people stay sharper mentally, study finds

Concussion May Hurt School Performance for a While May 11, 2015

Several weeks of academic accommodations might be needed, experts say

Expert Tips to Detect Early Warning Signs of Stroke May 10, 2015

Fast identification of brain attacks leads to better outcomes

Mice May Yield Clues to Winter Depression May 08, 2015

Brain research suggests time of year you're born could influence chances of seasonal affective disorder

'Love Hormone' May Help New Moms Heed Crying Babies May 06, 2015

Brain scan study suggests oxytocin might play role in getting new mothers to care for infants

Many Young Football Players Get Concussions at Practice, Study Says May 04, 2015

Limiting player-to-player contact may reduce risk of head trauma, experts say

Mars-Bound Astronauts May Face Danger From Cosmic Rays May 01, 2015

Rodent study suggests long-term exposure diminishes brain function

How to Lower Your Stroke Risk May 01, 2015

Neurologist suggests healthier lifestyle, treatment of heart conditions to help prevent brain attack

Heart Failure Implant Tied to Weakening of Thinking, Memory April 30, 2015

Research suggests left ventricular assist devices aren't a magic bullet

Health Tip: Muscle Up Your Memory April 30, 2015

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