April 17, 2014: Quarter of Prostate Cancer Patients May Abandon 'Watchful Waiting' Approach
European study tracked how many men came back for regular checkups over 13 years

April 07, 2014: DNA Test May Gauge Risk of Prostate Cancer's Return
New method offers 80 percent accuracy, researchers say

April 01, 2014: Cialis May Not Prevent Impotence in Men Treated for Prostate Cancer
Study sees little value in taking the drug during radiation treatment

March 27, 2014: Slight Drop in Rate of Advanced Cancers, CDC Says
Number of cases where tumors have spread beyond origins declined, but experts say more can be done

March 24, 2014: New Therapy May Shrink Enlarged Prostate With Fewer Side Effects: Study
'Embolization' limits prostate's blood supply, but experts say more research is needed

March 12, 2014: Newer Radiation Therapy Treats Prostate Cancer More Quickly: Study
But researchers found less expensive treatment was more likely to lead to urinary complications

March 06, 2014: Surgery May Benefit Younger Prostate Cancer Patients
Study adds fodder to the operate vs. 'watch and wait' debate

February 21, 2014: Vitamin E, Selenium Supplements Might Double Chances of Prostate Cancer
Risk was highest when men had high or low levels of selenium already in their body

January 28, 2014: Drug May Extend Survival for Men With Advanced Prostate Cancer
Study participants hadn't received any treatment with chemotherapy

January 20, 2014: Progress Against Cancer May Be Greater Than Thought
Gains in saving patients' lives are obscured by increase in lifespans, study says

January 20, 2014: 'Sleep Hormone' Tied to Possible Lower Prostate Cancer Risk
Preliminary study measured levels of melatonin in Icelandic men

January 20, 2014: Scientists Explore Effect of Exercise on Prostate Cancer Patients
Brisk walkers found to have more regularly shaped blood vessels in early study

January 07, 2014: Mouse Study Hints at Plastics Chemical's Link to Prostate Cancer Risk
BPA boosts prostate stem cells' hormonal sensitivity, researchers say

January 07, 2014: U.S. Cancer Deaths Decline Again: Report
Better prevention, screening and treatment are keys to continued progress, experts say

December 17, 2013: Type of Surgical Anesthesia Might Influence Prostate Cancer's Return
Study suggests that getting only general anesthesia raised risk of recurrence

December 16, 2013: U.S. Cancer Death Rates Continue to Decline: Report
But researchers added that people with other health problems have lower odds of survival

November 12, 2013: Overweight Men May Face Higher Death Risk From Prostate Cancer: Study
Strongest link seen in patients with more aggressive disease

November 05, 2013: History of Prostate Cancer Tied to Higher Odds for Melanoma
Studies followed thousands of white male health professionals

November 05, 2013: Statin Use Linked to Lower Prostate Cancer Death Risk
Canadian researchers say findings aren't proof, call for more studies

October 28, 2013: Tests May Someday Show Which Breast, Prostate Cancers Will Turn Aggressive
'Markers' in blood, tissue might help determine best treatment for each patient, studies suggest

October 25, 2013: Study Ties Y Chromosome Variations to Prostate Cancer Risk
Researchers used Utah population data spanning generations

October 24, 2013: Do Some Docs Have Vested Interest in Prescribing Radiation for Prostate Cancer?
Study found greater increases in use of expensive treatment in practices that owned the equipment

October 24, 2013: Prostate Biopsies May Cause Unnecessary Worry for Many Men, Study Finds
Report supports notion of adopting 'wait and see' approach after PSA test, experts say

October 16, 2013: Blood Test Shows Promise for Cancer Detection, Study Finds
Check for early stage lung and prostate malignancies isn't 'perfect', but could prove useful, clinicians say

October 15, 2013: Many Doctors Ignore Guidelines, Order PSA Tests for Elderly Men
Study found 40 percent of men aged 75 and older were screened, despite expert consensus against it

October 08, 2013: Radiation Therapy Overused in Advanced Prostate Cancer, Study Says
Just one session is needed for effective pain relief, but many men get 10, according to researcher

October 04, 2013: Older Men Gain Little From PSA Test: Study
Researchers followed Medicare recipients for 3 years

October 03, 2013: Usual 'Hot Flash' Therapies Don't Help Prostate Cancer Patients: Study
Methods that ease the problem in women found ineffective for men receiving hormone treatment

September 23, 2013: Extended Hormone Therapy Doesn't Help Some Prostate Cancer Patients: Study
Shorter-course treatment as effective for those with intermediate-risk disease, oncologist says

September 11, 2013: Gene Test May Help Predict Prostate Cancer Aggressiveness
Finding might one day improve rates of overtreatment, undertreatment in men, study says

August 27, 2013: Could Heavy Coffee Drinking Help Men Battle Prostate Cancer?
Study linked lower rates of recurrence, progression to those who consumed 4 or more cups a day

August 16, 2013: High-Tech Prostate Scan May Boost Cancer Detection
Combo of ultrasound and MRI zeroes in on tumors, helping some men avoid biopsy, experts say

August 14, 2013: 18-Year Study Finds Drug Cut Prostate Cancer Risk
Follow-up focused on finasteride, the active ingredient in Proscar and hair-loss drug Propecia

August 14, 2013: 'Watch & Wait' OK for Many Low-Grade Prostate Tumors: Study
Aggressiveness doesn't seem to change over time, researchers say

August 05, 2013: Metformin May Lower Risk of Prostate Cancer Death, Researchers Say
Diabetic men using the drug had higher survival rates in cancer study

July 31, 2013: Helping Men Resolve Conflicts About Prostate Cancer Screening
Printed or web-based materials are useful for informed decision-making, study finds

July 30, 2013: Experts Call for Redefinition of 'Cancer'
Many growths are slow to progress and nonlethal, only leading to unnecessary treatment, panel says

July 17, 2013: New Drug May Extend Survival for Some Prostate Cancer Patients
Study found Xofigo also improved quality of life for those whose cancer had spread to the bones

July 16, 2013: Kidney Failure a Possible Risk of Prostate Cancer Hormone Treatment: Study
Review looked at side effect from androgen deprivation therapy

July 11, 2013: Number of Nerve Fibers Near Prostate Tumor Tied to Aggressiveness
Study raises the possibility of a new way to predict prognosis, tailor treatments

July 10, 2013: Too Much Fish Oil Might Boost Prostate Cancer Risk, Study Says
Often-fatal aggressive disease of particular concern

July 09, 2013: Soy Won't Prevent Prostate Cancer's Return: Study
But an expert says findings are inconclusive

July 09, 2013: Many Men Plan to Ignore PSA Test Guideline: Survey
Most say they'll still have the prostate cancer screen, despite expert panel's recommendation

July 08, 2013: Many Men Not Told Pros, Cons of PSA Testing, Survey Finds
Doctors frequently make call on their own on whether to test for prostate cancer

July 02, 2013: 'Low-Risk' Prostate Cancer Diagnosis May Not Work for Black Men
Current recommendations to monitor disease, delay treatment in these men called into question

June 25, 2013: New, Pricey Prostate Cancer Treatments May Be Overused: Study
More men who have low-risk disease are choosing procedures that may not benefit them, researcher says

June 10, 2013: Tweaking Dietary Fat Mix Might Boost Prostate Cancer Survival
Men who subbed vegetable oils, avocados, nuts for animal fats fared better in study

May 31, 2013: Experimental Drugs Show Promise Against Prostate Cancer
Tumor growth suppressed in lab tests; human trials still needed, study authors say

May 28, 2013: Black Prostate Cancer Patients More Likely to Delay Treatment: Study
They're also less likely to undergo prostate cancer screening, research shows

May 22, 2013: American Cancer Society Celebrates 100 Years of Progress
One million cancer deaths avoided since 1990s, group says