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Midlife Fitness May Be a Real Cancer Fighter for Men March 26, 2015

Study shows lower risk of lung, colon tumors at 65 and older

Vitamin D Supplements Might Slow Prostate Cancer, Study Suggests March 23, 2015

But it's too early to make blanket recommendation, expert says

Smoking May Be Linked to Prostate Cancer's Return March 23, 2015

But quitting more than 10 years ago is associated with reduced risk, study says

Statins May Help Improve Prostate Cancer Survival: Study March 10, 2015

Finds the cholesterol-lowering drugs linked to slower progression of disease

Study Links Family History of Prostate Cancer to Breast Cancer Risk March 09, 2015

Doctors should ask about medical history of first-degree male relatives, researchers say

Did PSA Test's Decline Spur Rise in Prostate Cancers? February 24, 2015

Researchers report 3 percent annual rise in intermediate- and high-risk cases

Testicular Cancer May Raise Prostate Cancer Risk: Study February 23, 2015

But it's too soon to make any recommendations, and overall risk is low, researcher says

Watch-and-Wait Strategy May Be Riskier for Certain Prostate Cancers February 23, 2015

Study found lower survival for intermediate-risk disease, compared to low-risk cases

Are Too Many Prostate Cancer Patients Receiving Treatment? February 19, 2015

Study also raises concerns about possible overuse of radiation therapy

More Americans Surviving Cancer Today Than 20 Years Ago February 19, 2015

Study shows biggest improvements in people diagnosed between ages 50 and 64

U.S. Smoking Deaths May Be Underestimated, Study Suggests February 11, 2015

Each year, 60,000 more smokers die from causes that have association with smoking, researchers say

Diabetes Patients Lax With Meds If Diagnosed With Cancer, Study Finds January 29, 2015

Effect was more pronounced if cancer had a grim prognosis

MRI Improves Prostate Cancer Biopsy Accuracy, Study Finds January 27, 2015

New technology spots more aggressive cancer, but fewer low-risk cases

Prostate Cancer Patients Who Smoke Fare Worse, Study Finds January 27, 2015

They were twice as likely to see disease spread, die from illness

Strategy Might Thwart Resistance to a Common Prostate Cancer Treatment January 07, 2015

Small study suggests that alternating testosterone levels may make hormonal therapy work longer

Study Finds Link Between Cancer Diagnosis, Stroke Risk January 07, 2015

Threat was highest first three months after diagnosis, researchers say

Falling Cancer Death Rate Means 1.5 Million Lives Saved Over 20 Years December 31, 2014

American Cancer Society report finds a 22 percent drop in deaths

Too Few Prostate Cancer Patients Get Bone-Strengthening Meds: Study December 02, 2014

Men receiving hormone therapy may be missing out on protective drugs, researcher says

Hormone Therapy May Up Heart-Related Deaths in Some Prostate Cancer Patients October 29, 2014

But the overall risk is small, researchers say

Can Lots of Sex Protect the Prostate? October 29, 2014

Men who sleep with plenty of women less likely to develop cancer in the gland, study suggests

Playing the Field May Lower Prostate Cancer Risk: Study October 28, 2014

Finding only held true when men's sex partners were female, not male, researchers say

High Cholesterol Tied to Prostate Cancer's Return in Study October 10, 2014

But expert doesn't recommend taking statins to prevent recurrence

Cancer Diagnosis Can Take Toll on Mental Health, Study Finds October 06, 2014

Breast cancer particularly troubling, researchers report

DNA Blood Test Might Identify Status of Prostate Cancer September 17, 2014

May help doctors pinpoint best treatment, researchers say

Male Pattern Baldness Tied to Prostate Cancer, Study Suggests September 15, 2014

Testosterone might be the link between the two, but more research needed to prove a connection

New Gene Variants for Prostate Cancer Identified September 15, 2014

23 new variants associated with increased risk of the disease, study shows

Watchful Waiting May Not Be Best for Black Men With Prostate Cancer September 08, 2014

They were more likely to develop aggressive disease sooner than white patients, study says

New Guidelines for Treating Advanced Prostate Cancer September 08, 2014

Recommendations are for men whose tumors have grown resistant to hormonal therapies

Faced With Prostate Cancer, It Helps to Know the Enemy August 29, 2014

Men with little knowledge of the disease have trouble deciding on treatment, study finds

Study: Many Seniors Get Unnecessary Cancer Tests August 18, 2014

Screening shouldn't be done when patients have less than a 10-year life expectancy, researchers say

New Cancer Classification System Might Boost Patient Outcomes August 07, 2014

Categorizing tumors by cell type and not the organ they grow in may alter treatment, experts say

Is the PSA Test Worth It? Major Study Is Inconclusive August 07, 2014

While the prostate screen does seem to save lives, worries about overdiagnosis remain, experts say

Men With Prostate Cancer May Not Always Get Best Advice July 14, 2014

Doctors suggest widely varying treatments; second opinion vital, experts say

Depression May Make It Harder to Beat Prostate Cancer July 11, 2014

Men with both conditions have worse survival odds, study contends

Study Links Vasectomy to Aggressive Prostate Cancer July 10, 2014

But the finding doesn't prove cause-and-effect; urologists call for more research

Cost of Prostate Cancer Surgery Varies Widely in U.S. June 19, 2014

Fees have no reflection on quality, researchers say

New Drug May Boost Survival for Advanced Prostate Cancer Patients: Study June 02, 2014

Enzalutamide also delays need for chemotherapy, researchers report

New Approach May Boost Survival From Advanced Prostate Cancer June 02, 2014

Adding generic docetaxel to standard hormonal treatment seems to have benefit, study shows

Diet, Lifestyle Affect Prostate Cancer Risk, Studies Find May 20, 2014

Eating high-fiber carbs, drinking less milk, avoiding diabetes and heart risk factors may help cut risk

Dogs May Help Spot Human Prostate Cancers, Study Finds May 19, 2014

With training, 2 dogs smelled urine samples and detected tumors with nearly 100 percent accuracy

Some Prostate Cancer Patients Might Safely Delay Hormonal Therapy: Study May 14, 2014

Even if PSA levels are rising, postponing the treatment may boost quality of life without lowering survival

Low Vitamin D Linked to Aggressive, Advanced Prostate Cancers: Study May 01, 2014

Adequate levels may help keep cell growth in check, but researchers say more study needed

Quarter of Prostate Cancer Patients May Abandon 'Watchful Waiting' Approach April 17, 2014

European study tracked how many men came back for regular checkups over 13 years

DNA Test May Gauge Risk of Prostate Cancer's Return April 07, 2014

New method offers 80 percent accuracy, researchers say

Cialis May Not Prevent Impotence in Men Treated for Prostate Cancer April 01, 2014

Study sees little value in taking the drug during radiation treatment

Slight Drop in Rate of Advanced Cancers, CDC Says March 27, 2014

Number of cases where tumors have spread beyond origins declined, but experts say more can be done

New Therapy May Shrink Enlarged Prostate With Fewer Side Effects: Study March 24, 2014

'Embolization' limits prostate's blood supply, but experts say more research is needed

Newer Radiation Therapy Treats Prostate Cancer More Quickly: Study March 12, 2014

But researchers found less expensive treatment was more likely to lead to urinary complications

Surgery May Benefit Younger Prostate Cancer Patients March 06, 2014

Study adds fodder to the operate vs. 'watch and wait' debate

Vitamin E, Selenium Supplements Might Double Chances of Prostate Cancer February 21, 2014

Risk was highest when men had high or low levels of selenium already in their body