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How Your Car Side Window May Be Harming Your Skin, Eyes May 12, 2016

Many don't offer enough protection from the sun's damaging UV rays, study finds

What Women Should Do to Guard Against Vision Loss April 12, 2016

They're more likely than men to lose sight from cataracts, glaucoma and other eye diseases, experts say

Healthy Amount of Vitamin C Might Keep Cataracts at Bay March 24, 2016

Key is to get the nutrient from foods rather than a supplement, researchers say

Scientists Use Stem Cells to Correct Infant Cataracts March 09, 2016

Leaving these cells behind during removal of damaged tissue led to regeneration of new, clear lens

Success in Dogs Points to First Nonsurgical Cataract Treatment July 22, 2015

Eye drops may offer new approach for research, expert says

Low-Income Southerners at Highest Risk for Vision Loss May 22, 2015

Restricted access to eye and health care likely to blame, study authors suggest

Americans Get Too Many Tests Before Cataract Surgery, Study Finds April 15, 2015

Costs for unnecessary blood work, urine tests and EKGs add up

Daily Statin Might Raise Your Risk for Cataracts: Study December 05, 2014

But benefits of cholesterol-lowering drugs outweigh risks, experts say

Vitamin E, Selenium Supplements Don't Seem to Prevent Cataracts September 18, 2014

Nutrients also have little effect on rates of cataract removal, study involving men over 50 finds

Could Time Spent Outdoors Raise Cataract, Glaucoma Risk? September 04, 2014

Sunlight reflected up into the eyes may boost odds for a condition that could harm vision, study finds

Cataract Surgery a Plus for Someone With Dementia, Study Says July 14, 2014

Besides better vision, patients and caregivers report improved quality of life

Blindness Rates Dropping Worldwide, Study Finds March 25, 2014

But more could be done to improve vision loss, researchers say

Color Vision Tends to Fade With Age: Study March 18, 2014

But seniors' lives aren't really affected, and certain treatments can reverse condition, experts say

Sealant Gel Approved for Eye Surgery January 10, 2014

An additional option after cataract operation

Quitting Smoking May Cut Cataract Risk January 02, 2014

Chances of the vision problem declined over 20-year period for those who quit, study found

More Americans Getting Cataract Surgery October 11, 2013

Study finds baby boomers having the procedure at earlier age

Selecting Sunglasses for Healthy Eyes October 05, 2013

Tips for protecting your vision and skin

Statins Linked to Raised Risk of Cataracts in Study September 19, 2013

But heart benefits of these drugs are significant, expert says

Cataract Surgery Tied to Lower Death Risk for Patients With Vision Loss September 06, 2013

Reasons for association aren't clear, study author says

Rare Eye Disease Leaves People Without an Iris August 01, 2013

Aniridia, a genetic disorder, can cause blindness as well as metabolic illnesses, experts say