July 24, 2014: Too Few Teens Receive HPV Shot, CDC Says
Agency urges doctors to recommend it along with other routine immunizations

July 21, 2014: HIV Diagnoses Down in U.S., Except for Young Gay Males: CDC
Messages about safe sex may be falling on deaf ears, researcher notes

July 17, 2014: Study Finds Many Flu Patients Not Treated Appropriately
Antivirals underprescribed for high-risk patients, researchers say

July 16, 2014: Most Kids Eat Fruit, Veggies Daily: CDC
Survey finds 3 out of 4 are getting these healthy foods each day

July 11, 2014: CDC Issues Tough Report on Anthrax Scare
Agency places moratorium on transfer of dangerous germs from its high-level labs

July 10, 2014: 60 Percent of Diners Use Calorie Labeling When Posted: CDC
More women rely on menu's health info than men

July 02, 2014: Injuries, Violence Are Leading Causes of Death for Young Americans
CDC researcher calls for broader preventive measures

July 01, 2014: No CDC Lab Workers Seem Sickened by Anthrax: Report
Breakdown in safety procedures last month led to concerns about possible exposure

June 20, 2014: CDC Lab Workers May Have Been Exposed to Anthrax
No risk to public; agency says safety procedures weren't followed

June 09, 2014: Measles Journey Highlights Risk to Unvaccinated Kids
Minnesota outbreak began with a toddler traveling overseas, study says

June 05, 2014: People Under 65 Hard Hit by Flu This Year
H1N1 strain predominated in season that peaked early; CDC recommends inclusion of H1N1 in next year's vaccine

June 05, 2014: No Drop in Smokeless Tobacco Use Among U.S. Workers: CDC
Mining, construction fields hotbeds for products like snuff, survey finds

June 03, 2014: Food Handlers Cause Most Food-Poisoning Cases
Norovirus spread in restaurants accounts for two-thirds of all outbreaks, CDC says

May 29, 2014: U.S. Measles Cases at 20-Year High
Almost all infections involve unvaccinated residents who traveled abroad, CDC says

May 28, 2014: CDC: 3rd Suspected MERS Case Was False Alarm
Thorough blood tests found no sign of infection in Illinois man, agency says

May 19, 2014: Florida MERS Patient Released From Hospital
He's a 44-year-old health care worker from Saudi Arabia, the epicenter of the MERS outbreak

May 19, 2014: Third U.S. Man Tests Positive for MERS Virus, CDC Reports
He was business associate of health care worker diagnosed with the first U.S. case, but shows no signs of illness

May 14, 2014: MERS Not Yet a Public Health Emergency: WHO
U.N. agency says the virus, concentrated in the Middle East, doesn't seem to spread easily among people

May 14, 2014: Prescription Drug Use Continues to Climb in U.S.
CDC report says most common medications are for heart disease and high cholesterol

May 13, 2014: 2 Florida Hospital Workers Who Treated MERS Patient Fall Ill
Testing for the potentially fatal respiratory infection is underway, officials say

May 12, 2014: 2nd MERS Case Identified in U.S.
Like first patient, this patient had been health care worker in Saudi Arabia, epicenter of outbreak

May 09, 2014: Syphilis Cases Climbing Among Gay Men: CDC
Rates have more than doubled since 2000, health officials report

May 08, 2014: CDC Targets 5 Parasitic Infections
Neglected but treatable infections impact millions of Americans unknowingly, agency notes

May 07, 2014: Nicotine Poisoning of Infant Highlights 'E-Cig' Dangers, Docs Report
10-month-old boy was sickened but survived toxic ingestion of liquid used for 'vaping'

May 05, 2014: 1st U.S. MERS Patient May Be Released From Hospital Soon
He had recently been in Saudi Arabia, epicenter of outbreak that has sickened 400 people and killed more than 100

May 05, 2014: Disease Outbreaks May Not Change Minds of Vaccine Opponents
Study of whooping cough epidemic in Washington state found no rise in immunization of babies

May 05, 2014: 1st U.S. MERS Patient Improving, Officials Say
He had recently been in Saudi Arabia, epicenter of outbreak that has sickened 400 people and killed 93

May 02, 2014: 1st MERS Case Reported in U.S.
Patient had recently been in Saudi Arabia, epicenter of outbreak that has sickened 400 people and killed 93, CDC says

April 24, 2014: 1 in 13 U.S. Schoolkids Takes Psych Meds: Report
More than half of parents said the drugs are helpful

April 15, 2014: Younger Adults Hit Hardest This Flu Season
Although H1N1 strain predominates, previous exposure prevented pandemic

April 09, 2014: Restaurants Pose Double the Risk of Food Poisoning Compared to Homes: Study
Many cases may be going unreported, consumer advocacy group adds

April 08, 2014: Too Many Younger Teens Still Getting Pregnant: CDC
Girls aged 15 to 17 account for about one-quarter of teen births, report shows

April 07, 2014: More U.S. Children Severely Obese, Study Says
Report, which conflicts with recent CDC review, finds growing number of kids likely to suffer serious health problems

April 02, 2014: CDC Salt Guidelines Too Low for Good Health, Study Suggests
But agency stands by its recommendations for preventing stroke, heart disease

March 27, 2014: Fewer Americans Would Smoke If Cessation Treatments Were Covered: CDC
Counseling and medication services aren't all included, and barriers to access exist, study shows

March 26, 2014: Hospital-Related Infections Hit Nearly 650,000 Patients in 2011: CDC
Specific source of dangerous germs still unclear in about half of cases

March 18, 2014: Same Meningitis Strain Behind Drexel, Princeton Outbreaks: CDC
Drexel student recently died from the bacterial infection

March 13, 2014: Most Alcohol-Linked Deaths Occur Among Working-Age Adults: CDC
States lose thousands of people in their prime years, report finds

March 07, 2014: Antibiotics May Be Linked to Serious Infections in Children
Nearly three-quarters of C. difficile cases associated with prescriptions written at doctor visits

March 06, 2014: State Flu Shot Rule for Preschoolers Curbs Kids' Hospitalizations: CDC
When vaccination rates rose in Connecticut, serious complications dropped, report finds

March 04, 2014: U.S. Hospitals Overuse, Misuse Antibiotics, CDC Says
To fight drug resistance, agency seeks $30 million more, recommends hospitals improve prescription practices

March 04, 2014: U.S. Home Births Continued Steady Increase in 2012: CDC
Report cites improving safety profile

March 03, 2014: Study Finds 1 in 3 Tennesseans Uses Narcotic Painkillers Each Year
And national research shows majority of prescription drug abusers supplied through family, friends

March 03, 2014: Vaccines Prevent Millions of Infections, Save Billions in Costs: CDC
But messages about immunization benefits often don't achieve intended goal, researchers discover

February 26, 2014: Common Strep Bacteria May Be Morphing Into 'Superbug'
Doctors report on antibiotic resistance in two unrelated cases

February 25, 2014: U.S. Obesity Rate Shows Signs of Leveling Off
CDC study finds very young children seem to be slimming down, but more older women are obese

February 24, 2014: Mysterious Polio-Like Illness Strikes Kids in California
Only a small number of cases identified, experts say, with no clear common cause

February 20, 2014: Flu Hitting Younger Adults Hard, Vaccination Helps: CDC
Hospitalizations, deaths up for people 18 to 64

February 11, 2014: Partial HPV Vaccine Series May Help Prevent Genital Warts in Girls
But Swedish study didn't address more critical issue of cervical cancer prevention

February 10, 2014: West Nile Virus Has Cost U.S. Nearly $800 Million: CDC
Researchers tallied costs in health care, lost productivity over 14 years