April 10, 2014: Too Many Foster Kids With ADHD Treated With Antipsychotic Drugs: Study
Researchers looked at unapproved 'atypical' use of these meds in one state

March 25, 2014: Spanking Triggers Vicious Cycle, Study Finds
Unruly kids more likely to be spanked, but doing so leads to more misbehavior, researcher says

March 24, 2014: Violent Video Games Tied to Combative Thinking in Study
Kids 'start to see world in a more aggressive way,' researcher says

March 19, 2014: Rigid Parenting Style Linked to Obese Kids
Demanding, inflexible approach might foster negative response, study suggests

March 17, 2014: TV, Computer Time Tied to Heavier, Less Happy Kids: Study
Parents can help reduce screen time, experts say

March 14, 2014: When a Parent Dies, What Helps a Child Cope?
Study suggests grieving can affect school performance; mental health therapy an effective option

March 10, 2014: More Evidence That Bullying Raises Kids' Suicide Risk
But findings don't confirm a cause-and-effect link

March 10, 2014: Kids Who Repeat a Grade Can Become Discipline Problems, Study Says
Schools that had more repeaters had more suspensions, other signs of trouble in student body

March 10, 2014: When Smartphone Is Near, Parenting May Falter
Study found many caregivers focused on devices instead of children

March 07, 2014: Younger Siblings of Kids With Autism May Show Early Signs of Problems
Study found developmental or behavioral red flags in babies as young as 1 year

March 06, 2014: Shared Family Activities May Boost Preschoolers' Emotional Health
Eating dinner, having fun together can help kids learn to form good relationships

March 06, 2014: Kids Lacking At-Home Enrichment Gain Most From Head Start: Study
Researcher says the preschool program is 'vital' for certain children

March 05, 2014: Moving Out of Poor Neighborhood May Disrupt Boys' Mental Health: Study
However, girls tend to do better with upward mobility, researchers say

February 28, 2014: Could Childhood Nightmares Foreshadow Mental Ills as Teen?
Persistent nightmares, frequent night terrors linked to greater risk for psychotic episodes, study suggests

February 26, 2014: Kids' Body Image Shaped by Parents, Expert Says
Doctor offers tips for helping children develop healthy eating habits, self-image

February 24, 2014: Kids' Checkups Should Include Cholesterol, Depression Tests, Doctors Say
HIV screening also recommended under revised American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines

February 23, 2014: Frequent School Moves May Harm Kids' Mental Health
Study of British preteens might have found increased risk of psychiatric symptoms

February 21, 2014: Family Conflicts Can Impair Child's Brain Development: Study
Early exposure to parental tension is a risk factor for later mental woes, researchers say

February 17, 2014: STD Education Must Start Long Before Kids Engage in Sex
Parenting, friends and academics all influence likelihood of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, study says

February 17, 2014: Bullying May Have Lasting Health Effects on Kids
Study of students in grades 5 through 10 found mental, physical fallout even if harassment stopped

February 17, 2014: Mother's Voice on Special Pacifier Helps Preemies Learn to Eat
When properly sucking, baby is rewarded with a song from Mom, researchers say

February 07, 2014: Single-Sex Education's Benefits Challenged in Study
Research review finds no significant difference academically

February 05, 2014: Shy Kids Might Not Have Difficulty With Language
Study suggests these toddlers understand what they hear as well as more outgoing peers

January 27, 2014: Music Therapy May Help Teens With Cancer Cope
Writing lyrics, making videos helped them get through grueling treatment, connect with others, study found

January 14, 2014: Are Teen Brains Hyper-Wired for Rewards?
Study suggests there may be some logic in their choices after all

January 14, 2014: Alternative Therapies Widely Used for Autism
Study finds many parents use them alongside conventional treatments to try to manage symptoms

December 30, 2013: Landmark ADHD Study Backed Drugs Over Therapy at a Cost: Report
Children denied counseling may have lost out, experts say

December 24, 2013: Behavioral Therapy Might Ease Kids' Migraine Symptoms
Those trained to cope with pain report less disability a year later, study finds

December 16, 2013: Youngest Child Often Not as Small as Mother Thinks
Study might explain why 'baby of the family' label persists

December 11, 2013: Will Music Make Your Child Smarter?
Study finds no evidence to support that belief

December 11, 2013: Kids' Social Skills May Suffer When Mothers Drink During Pregnancy
Study suggests effect on children's brains goes beyond intelligence

December 05, 2013: Sensory Therapy Might Work for Kids With Autism
Study found it helped children bothered by ordinary noises, feel of toothbrush or shower water on skin

December 04, 2013: More Than 6 Percent of U.S. Teens Take Psychiatric Meds: Survey
ADHD, depression most common conditions reported by those on medication

November 27, 2013: Mental-Health Disorders Growing Faster Among Kids Than Adults: Study
Doctors' offices increasingly seeing young people with common psychiatric conditions

November 22, 2013: Steroids for Preemies May Raise ADHD Risk, Study Says
Shots are given to boost lung development

November 21, 2013: Teens' Mental Disorders Often Untreated in U.S., Study Finds
Shortage of child psychiatrists partly to blame

November 07, 2013: Parental Stress, Domestic Violence May Affect Kids' Development: Study
Although no direct link was found, researchers suggest screening children for risk factors

October 21, 2013: Kids Still Spanked, to Their Detriment, Study Finds
Poorer language skills and behavior found at age 9 for children physically punished years earlier

October 17, 2013: Parents Who Used Donor Eggs Often Struggle Over Decision to Tell Kids
Study found, however, that anxiety ended once the revelation was made

October 04, 2013: New Test Spots Risk for PTSD in Injured Kids
Experts say early recognition crucial for avoiding later psychological, behavior problems

October 03, 2013: Does Your Preschool Child Have ADHD?
Relying on several sources, including teachers, clinicians and yourself, is best way to find out, study says

September 30, 2013: Preschoolers' Use of Psychiatric Drugs Levels Off, Study Shows
Findings suggest doctors may have safety concerns

September 16, 2013: Bullied Kids Often Develop Physical Symptoms, Study Says
Sometimes a stomach ache or headache can be a cry for help

September 11, 2013: Young People May Respond Better to Upbeat Health Messages
Campaigns focusing on dangers, risks might not work when you feel invincible, study suggests

September 09, 2013: For Obese Kids, Weight Loss Can Sometimes Lead to Eating Disorders
Problems like anorexia may go undiagnosed or be disregarded, case studies show

September 09, 2013: Adopted Teens More Likely to Attempt Suicide, Study Finds
Parents should be aware, but not unduly alarmed, researcher says

September 06, 2013: Making Music May Encourage Teamwork in Kids
Study showed preschoolers in music groups were more cooperative and helpful

August 29, 2013: Kids' Attitudes Toward Disabled People Improve With Contact
More empathy, less anxiety pave way for better relationships, study finds

August 27, 2013: Simple Strategies Aren't Always Enough for Bedwetting
In tougher cases, alarms or medications may be the answer, experts say

August 26, 2013: More Links Seen Between Autism, ADHD
Study found 1 in 5 kids with attention disorder also had autistic-type traits