February 12, 2014: Cocaine Use Spurs Steep, Short-Term Rise in Stroke Risk: Study
Within 24 hours of use, risk increases almost sevenfold, researchers report

August 20, 2013: Hispanic Teens More Likely to Abuse Drugs: Survey
Concern is that behavior is increasingly considered 'normal,' expert says

November 06, 2012: Cocaine Raises Heart Risks for Fit, Young Adults: Study
Researchers say even well-educated users don't seem to realize the dangers of the drug

October 15, 2012: Drop in Illicit Drug Use in Cities, Uptick in Prescription Drug Abuse
ER visits from street drugs declined 8 percent in 3-year period, study found

September 24, 2012: Prescription Drug Abuse Drops Among U.S. Young Adults
Marijuana use on the rise, however, survey finds

September 10, 2012: Pot Use May Raise Risk of Testicular Cancer: Study
But review shows only an association, not a cause-and-effect relationship

July 03, 2012: Summer Is Peak Time for Teens to Try Drugs, Alcohol: Report
Experts advise parents to be alert, help kids structure their days

April 24, 2012: Cocaine Habit Might Speed Brain Aging
Scans comparing users with non-users showed premature loss of gray matter in drug abusers

March 07, 2012: Fetal Cocaine Exposure May Not Affect Kids' Academics: Study
Drinking during pregnancy did show impact on learning ability

February 16, 2012: Illicit Drug Use May Be Driving Rise in Ectopic Pregnancies in Florida
CDC says cases indicate need for earlier access to prenatal care, drug awareness

January 06, 2012: Global Study Finds Drug Abuse Highest in Richer Nations
The U.S. can do its part to reduce the damage of addiction, experts say

June 23, 2011: Tainted Cocaine Tied to Severe Skin Reactions
Up to 70% of cocaine in U.S. may be contaminated with drug meant for livestock, experts warn

June 22, 2011: Cocaine-Related Heart Damage May Be 'Silent'
Study of people addicted to drug finds structural harm in 83%