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Slowed Growth Could Signal Crohn's Disease in Kids March 18, 2015

Failure to gain weight, or weight loss, can point to a gastrointestinal issue, expert says

More Evidence That Probiotics Won't Ease Baby's Colic April 02, 2014

Parents gave Lactobacillus reuteri to colicky infants in study

Probiotic Drops Might Ease Colic: Study January 13, 2014

But more research is needed to assess any other effects on newborns, experts say

Preemies' 'Excessive' Crying Tied to Risk of Behavior Problems Later January 07, 2014

Study found an association, but experts don't know whether treatments would make a difference

Probiotics Not Shown to Soothe Babies' Colic, Review Finds October 07, 2013

Experts say parents should check with doctors for excessive crying, fussiness

Colic May Be Linked to Childhood Migraine, Study Says April 16, 2013

Expert suspects disrupted sleep cycles might play a role in both disorders

Study Finds No Tie Between Acne Drug Accutane and Crohn's, Colitis February 20, 2013

New data involving 45,000 women may settle the question, experts say

Could Baby's Tummy Bacteria Help Spur Colic? January 14, 2013

Balance of good/bad microbes may determine which infants have common condition, study suggests

Gene Study Yields New Clues to Crohn's Disease, Colitis October 31, 2012

These illnesses may occur when immune system 'balancing act' goes awry, researchers say

Nicotine Patches May Not Help During Pregnancy February 29, 2012

Most women stopped using them early, making it harder to draw conclusions, study says

Study Links Colic in Infants to Migraines in Moms February 20, 2012

Mothers with chronic headache condition more than twice as likely to have babies who cry excessively

Mom's Nicotine Patch May Raise Baby's Risk for Colic February 20, 2012

Behavioral therapy recommended over nicotine replacement during pregnancy, research says