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Many Stroke Patients Prefer Video Follow-Up Versus Phone CallFebruary 18, 2016

People may benefit from face-to-face virtual visit with their doctor, small study suggests

Sleepless Nights May Fuel Daytime Facebook Binges: StudyFebruary 16, 2016

Researchers found less sleep linked to more distracted behavior and computer browsing

Do More 'Selfies' Mean More Relationship Woes?February 05, 2016

Survey of Instagram users suggests sharing these photos online may make romantic partners jealous

More Patients Satisfied With Doctor Visits: SurveyJanuary 22, 2016

Physician's expertise, time spent in exam room and online access to information were key factors in trend

Doctor-Patient Emails Can Help the Chronically IllJanuary 04, 2016

Online communications reduced need for phone calls and office visits for many, study shows

Toddlers Adept at Using Touch-Screen Devices, Study FindsDecember 22, 2015

Children as young as 2 years old can swipe, unlock and search for features and games, research shows

Doctor-Patient Relationship May Suffer When Technology Takes Over: StudyNovember 30, 2015

Care was not rated as high when clinician focused too much on computer screen while in exam room

Computer-Based Psychotherapy Not as Effective as Standard CareNovember 12, 2015

Study found people often didn't complete device-driven programs

Online Psychotherapy May Help Some With Emotional ProblemsNovember 03, 2015

But remote counseling is not suited to people with severe mental illness, researchers add

Face-to-Face Contact May Beat Email, Phone for Staving Off DepressionOctober 06, 2015

Older people who spent more time communicating in person showed fewer symptoms of mood disorder

Parents Differ on Definition of Cyberbullying, Survey ShowsSeptember 24, 2015

And there's no consensus on appropriate punishments, penalties for perpetrators

Experiment Shows 'Mind Reading' a Real PossibilitySeptember 23, 2015

Translating thoughts into electrical signals sent over the Internet allowed two people to communicate

Light From Smartphones, Tablets May Lower Sleep Hormone in KidsSeptember 03, 2015

Finding suggests use of electronic devices before bedtime could delay slumber

Sexting, Internet Safety for Kids Big Concerns in SurveyAugust 11, 2015

Adults more worried about both problems in latest poll

Online Program Boosts Hand Washing, Cuts InfectionsAugust 07, 2015

Study finds risk of flu-like illness dropped 20 percent

Online Anti-Drinking Aids May Not Help Over Long TermAugust 03, 2015

Beefing up electronic programs with human help might make them more effective, expert says

Too Much Facebook, Twitter Tied to Poor Mental Health in TeensJuly 31, 2015

Study found those on social media sites more than 2 hours a day were more likely to have problems

Online 'Symptom Checkers' Often Miss Diagnosis, Study FindsJuly 09, 2015

Computer-generated analysis correctly identified problem about one-third of the time

1 in 5 Teens May Be Bullied on Social MediaJune 22, 2015

Review found wide variations in prevalence, but victims were often females who were depressed

FDA Seizes Counterfeit Drugs, Devices Sold OnlineJune 18, 2015

International effort takes aim at more than 1,050 websites

Online Community Helps People Manage EpilepsyJune 17, 2015

Computer support aided most for tracking seizures, medication side effects, study says

Cyberbullying Less Stressful Than In-Person Bullying, Study ClaimsJune 05, 2015

Face-to-face aggression coupled with online harassment seems most distressing to kids

Most Teens Seek Health Info Online: SurveyJune 02, 2015

Yet parents remain adolescents' No. 1 source of information

Glamour Shots on Dating Sites Draw More Prospects: StudyMay 08, 2015

Even though men found women in flattering photos less trustworthy, they still wanted to date them

Unauthorized Breaches of Medical Records on the RiseApril 14, 2015

Researchers call for enhanced security as more patient information is stored online

All That Googling May Make People Feel Smarter Than They AreApril 01, 2015

In study, Internet searches seemed to boost users' sense of their own knowledge base

Be Wary of Websites Selling Genetic Cancer Tests: StudyMarch 05, 2015

Marketers often overstate benefits, downplay limitations, oncologists say

What's in a Name? Perhaps a Mate, Study of Online Dating SuggestsFebruary 13, 2015

It can be as important as an attractive photo, researchers say

Electronic Devices May Disrupt Teen Sleep, Study ReportsFebruary 03, 2015

Kids using computers and phones take longer to drift off at night

Constant Email Checks Can Leave You StressedDecember 13, 2014

People felt less stressed when they checked only three times a day, study finds

Too Few Seniors Check Their Medical Records OnlineNovember 28, 2014

Study shows older Americans get left behind when it comes to tracking their own health

Many Teens Suffer 'Cyber' Dating Abuse, Study SuggestsNovember 17, 2014

Researcher said the participants were part of 'high-risk' population

Google Glass Might Curb Your VisionNovember 05, 2014

Some peripheral sight may be obstructed while wearing device, researchers find

Ban Electronics in Kids' Bedrooms, Expert SaysSeptember 26, 2014

Electronic lights, action keep kids up at night and can impact school performance

Better-Educated People More Open to Dubious Health Info on Web: StudySeptember 24, 2014

Also more likely to trust non-professional advice from social media, video sharing, researchers say

Many Parents Use Online Ratings to Pick a Pediatrician, Study FindsSeptember 22, 2014

Reliability of the reviews is a concern, experts say

Cyberbullying Seems to Ramp Up in Middle SchoolSeptember 20, 2014

Effective prevention strategies must not be 'one-size-fits-all,' researcher says

Social Networking Sites Can Help Obese Lose Weight: StudySeptember 17, 2014

Internet can offer constant, cost-effective support for dieters, London researchers say

Kids Still Getting Too Much 'Screen Time': CDCJuly 09, 2014

Nearly three-quarters of 12- to 15-year-olds spend 2 or more hours a day watching TV or on computer

iPads May Help Boost Speaking Skills in Kids With Autism: StudyJuly 01, 2014

Combining use of device with therapy sessions helped minimally verbal children talk, interact

Grades Dive With Internet Use During Class Time, Study FindsJune 20, 2014

This type of multitasking challenges even the smartest college students

Illegal Online Meds Targeted in Worldwide Crackdown, FDA SaysMay 22, 2014

More than 19,600 packages seized in U.S., including drugs for diabetes, glaucoma and impotence

Yelp Can Help Spot Food Poisonings at RestaurantsMay 22, 2014

The online review service was used to identify several foodborne outbreaks in New York City

Doctors' Use of E-Records More Than DoublesMay 20, 2014

Government programs to defray costs help physicians install these electronic systems, report says

Using Internet, Apps to Manage Blood Pressure Has Dangers: StudyMay 16, 2014

Researchers find measurement errors, misleading information

Internet May Help Seniors Avoid DepressionApril 24, 2014

Social connections lessen loneliness, especially for older adults living alone, researcher says

Does Facebook Make Women Feel Bad About Their Bodies?April 10, 2014

Study found more time on the social networking site was tied to greater likelihood of negative self-image

Few Good Resources on Self-Harm Exist Online, Study FindsApril 04, 2014

Misleading information could affect treatment decisions, researchers say

Yes, You Can Catch a Bad Mood on FacebookMarch 13, 2014

Researchers report that emotions spread through online world, just like in real life

More Evidence That Bullying Raises Kids' Suicide RiskMarch 10, 2014

But findings don't confirm a cause-and-effect link