April 24, 2014: Internet May Help Seniors Avoid Depression
Social connections lessen loneliness, especially for older adults living alone, researcher says

April 16, 2014: Apathy Might Signal Brain Shrinkage in Old Age: Study
But the findings only show an association; they don't prove cause and effect, experts say

April 14, 2014: Young Dads at Risk of Depressive Symptoms, Study Finds
But experts stress findings don't mean fatherhood at an early age dooms men to clinical depression

April 14, 2014: Study Ties Antidepressant Use in Pregnancy to Autism Risk in Boys
But the risk is low, and it's important to treat depression in pregnant women, experts say

April 10, 2014: Civilians in War Zones Also Suffer Mental Health Problems: Study
The more life-threatening events that workers employed by military faced, the more anxiety, anger they felt

April 08, 2014: ICU-Related Depression Often Overlooked, Study Finds
One-third of patients exhibit physical symptoms, not the usual mood behaviors

April 04, 2014: Depression May Be Linked to Heart Failure
Stress hormones likely play contributing role, but more research needed, study says

April 01, 2014: More Than 1 Million Americans Caring for Injured Veterans: Report
Few public or private programs offer direct support to these caregivers, researchers say

March 27, 2014: Depressed Diabetics May Face Higher Risk of Kidney Disease
Study suggests connection is more about physical changes than patients' self-care

March 26, 2014: Electrical Brain Stimulation Might Help Fibromyalgia Patients
Small French study saw improvement in people's mood, quality of life

March 25, 2014: Scientists Spot Another Group of Genes That May Raise Depression Risk
But it's not clear if there's a direct connection, and other genes also likely play a role, experts say

March 18, 2014: ICU Patients May Face Mental Health Issues After Discharge
Study finds diagnoses for depression, anxiety increase within 3 months of ICU stay

March 18, 2014: Mental Illness to Blame for 10 Percent of Kids' Hospitalizations: Study
Shortage of psychiatrists, psychologists makes it harder to treat children who need help, experts say

March 17, 2014: Does Self-Esteem Affect Seniors' Health?
Small study tied higher levels of stress hormone to less well-being in older adults

March 14, 2014: Energy Drinks Popular With Troubled Teens, Study Says
Kids who are depressed or use alcohol or marijuana often consume the beverages, researchers report

March 14, 2014: Meditation May Help Teens Cope With Cancer
Practicing mindfulness lowers odds of depression, small study suggests

March 10, 2014: More Evidence That Bullying Raises Kids' Suicide Risk
But findings don't confirm a cause-and-effect link

March 07, 2014: For Young Couples, Violence Can Harm Both Sides
Experience raised depression risk as victim and aggressor moved into young adulthood, researchers report

March 06, 2014: Hearing Loss Tied to Depression in Study
Women, non-seniors more likely to be affected this way, researchers say

March 05, 2014: Moving Out of Poor Neighborhood May Disrupt Boys' Mental Health: Study
However, girls tend to do better with upward mobility, researchers say

March 03, 2014: Psychiatric Ills Widespread Among U.S. Soldiers: Studies
Rates exceed those found in general population; may help explain increase in suicides, researchers say

February 27, 2014: Too Often, Doctors Miss Suicide's Warning Signs: Study
Many victims saw a physician just prior to the suicide, but less than half got mental health diagnosis

February 26, 2014: Stigma of Mental Illness Remains Barrier to Treatment
Shame, embarrassment add to 'toxic' effect of stigma, study authors say

February 24, 2014: Kids' Checkups Should Include Cholesterol, Depression Tests, Doctors Say
HIV screening also recommended under revised American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines

February 24, 2014: Health Tip: Depression and Heart Disease
Exercise will help brighten your day

February 20, 2014: Could Thyroid Activity Raise Depression Risk in Seniors?
Mood changes noted even when thyroid levels remained within normal range, researchers say

February 17, 2014: Stroke's Aftermath May Be Tougher on Women
Immobility, pain and depression less likely for male survivors, research suggests

February 17, 2014: Bullying May Have Lasting Health Effects on Kids
Study of students in grades 5 through 10 found mental, physical fallout even if harassment stopped

February 11, 2014: Teens' Stress Levels Rival Those of Adults, Survey Finds
Top worries include post-graduation choices, financial concerns

February 11, 2014: Early Treatment for Depression May Be Good for the Heart
Study found those getting medication/therapy were half as likely to develop cardiovascular trouble

February 10, 2014: Teen Pregnancy Rates Much Higher for Girls With Serious Mental Illness: Study
But it's not clear from Canadian study if there's a direct connection

February 05, 2014: Risk of Depression May Rise With Too Much or Too Little Sleep
Getting appropriate amount of shuteye is an investment in mental health, researchers report

January 27, 2014: Childhood Events Tied to Slow Recovery From Depression Later
People who were abused as kids or had parents with addiction might take longer to regain mental health

January 22, 2014: Children Who Lose Close Relative at Risk of Mental Problems: Study
Youngest kids, those exposed to suicide most likely to develop illnesses such as schizophrenia, researchers found

January 16, 2014: Postpartum Depression Often Linked to Long-Term Woes, Review Suggests
Doctors urged to consider psychological history of mothers-to-be

January 15, 2014: Primary Care Providers May Balk at Giving Teens Antidepressants
Many aren't comfortable writing the prescription and most would refer patient to a psychiatrist, study finds

January 15, 2014: Brain Injuries May Raise Risk of Early Death
Researchers find second head injury, suicide and assault are the main causes

January 15, 2014: Antidepressants in Pregnancy Tied to Slight Risk of Lung Disorder in Babies
But, overall risk of 'persistent pulmonary hypertension' remains low, study finds

January 14, 2014: Teen Boys Who Think They're Skinny May Be at Higher Risk for Depression
Studies found they were more likely to be depressed and bullied, even if their weight was average

January 07, 2014: Kids' Suicide Risk Similar for All Newer Antidepressants: Study
Children had roughly the same risk for suicidal thoughts and behaviors, regardless of drug they were taking

January 06, 2014: Meditation May Reduce Mild Depression, Anxiety
But effect appears small to moderate, researchers add

December 24, 2013: Therapy That Confronts Trauma of Sexual Abuse Helped Teen Girls With PTSD
It worked better than standard supportive counseling and was deemed safe for younger patients

December 19, 2013: Anxiety Tied to Stroke Risk in Study
But direct link not proven

December 18, 2013: Antidepressant Use During Pregnancy Not Linked to Autism
Large study finds little connection between mother's use of drugs like Prozac and children's autism risk

December 18, 2013: Health Tip: Have the Holiday Blues?
Less daylight may play a part

December 13, 2013: Could Longer Maternity Leave Prevent Postpartum Depression?
Study of 800 women found higher symptom rates with shorter leaves

December 12, 2013: Exercise Seems to Ease Parkinson's-Related Depression
Mood problems can be more debilitating than movement issues, researcher says

December 12, 2013: Exercise Might Lift Libido in Women on Antidepressants
Regular workouts seem to counter the sexual dysfunction that is a side effect of these drugs

December 11, 2013: Generic Cymbalta Approved
A frequently prescribed antidepressant drug

December 11, 2013: Kids' Social Skills May Suffer When Mothers Drink During Pregnancy
Study suggests effect on children's brains goes beyond intelligence