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Antidepressants Not Just for Depression Any More May 24, 2016

Other uses include insomnia, pain and anxiety, researchers say

Tai Chi: Rx for Arthritic Knees May 23, 2016

As effective as physical therapy, study suggests, plus it might also improve depression

Health Tip: Boost Your Mood May 18, 2016

Suggestions for a brighter day

Scientists Test 'Magic Mushroom' Chemical for Tough-to-Treat Depression May 17, 2016

Study of only 12 people suggests it may help some, but more and better research is needed

Could Inducing Brief, Mild 'Fever' Help Ease Depression? May 16, 2016

Small study suggests heating the body might alter brain's serotinin levels, but more research is needed

Depression Strikes, Stays With Many Caregivers of Critically Ill May 11, 2016

One year later, 43 percent were clinically depressed or had depressive symptoms, study found

Can the Anesthetic Ketamine Ease Suicidal Thoughts? May 10, 2016

A small study found that the drug worked quickly in people with major depression

Depressive Episode May Not Always Follow Mania in Bipolar Disorder May 09, 2016

New study finds anxiety could be a third emotional state highly connected to the condition

Seniors' Worsening Depression May Sometimes Predict Dementia April 29, 2016

Study suggests a common underlying cause in some, but not all, cases

'You've Got Cancer' Can Take Devastating Mental Toll April 28, 2016

Study finds higher rates of depression, anxiety, substance abuse just before and after a diagnosis

Mindfulness Therapy May Help Ease Recurrent Depression April 27, 2016

Review of 9 studies suggests it helps patients better cope with troubling thoughts and emotions

Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements Might Boost Antidepressants' Effects April 26, 2016

Data from 8 randomized clinical trials suggests a benefit, but consult with your doctor first, experts say

Talk Therapy May Help Depressed Teens Who Shun Antidepressants April 20, 2016

Cognitive behavioral therapy can help boost mood without drugs, experts say

Depression Common for Heart Attack Survivors, And More May Need Help April 18, 2016

Swedish study found patients were often depressed, but fewer than half got treatment

Depression More Common in Kids Who Join Gangs, Study Finds April 15, 2016

And mental health problems, such as suicidal thoughts, seemed to worsen after they joined

Severe Depression Linked to Dementia in Seniors April 12, 2016

As depression worsens, the risk of thinking and memory problems may double, research suggests

Study: Many Vets Struggle With Suicidal Thoughts, Need More Help From VA April 12, 2016

Survey reveals 65 percent who considered suicide have never received mental health treatment

Hormone Therapy for Prostate Cancer Tied to Depression April 11, 2016

Study found a 23 percent increased risk compared to men who received other treatments, but overall risk relatively low

ER Screenings Could Help Prevent Suicide: Study April 11, 2016

Checking patients for risk factors should be part of routine ER care, researcher says

Treating Depression Might Help Stem Heart Woes: Study April 04, 2016

Effective treatment shown to lower risk of major cardiovascular complications, researchers report

Pediatricians Vary Widely in Diagnosing ADHD, Depression April 01, 2016

5 years of data show 15 percent of kids diagnosed with mental health condition; most prescribed drugs

Even Controlled, Epilepsy May Still Cause Problems for Kids March 31, 2016

Study finds social and educational issues may be a concern as children get older

Genes May Link Risks for Pot Use, Depression March 30, 2016

Researchers say they found gene variants that boost the risk for marijuana dependence

How to Tell If Your Teen Has a Mental Health Problem March 29, 2016

1 in 5 kids develop a serious problem but many go years without treatment, psychiatrist says

Pets Help Homeless Youth, Study Finds March 27, 2016

They're less likely to engage in harmful behaviors, but many shelters won't accept animals

Could Lots of Time Spent on Social Media Be Tied to Depression? March 24, 2016

Study did not prove cause-and-effect, and researchers say more investigation is needed

'Love Hormone' Levels in Pregnancy May Point to Risk for Postpartum Depression March 24, 2016

Goal is to identify and treat this mental health issue early

Depression Tied to Worse Outcomes for Heart Patients March 23, 2016

Heart attack, early death more common in depressed patients, study suggests

Young Transgender Women May Face Mental Health Woes March 21, 2016

But study looked at a specific, high-risk group, so findings may not apply to all, researchers say

Women Who've Battled Postpartum Depression Often Limit Family Size March 18, 2016

They're unlikely to have more than two kids, researchers say

Neighborhood Rats as Depressing as Crime, Study Finds March 17, 2016

Research suggests rodent infestations are 'underappreciated' stressor

Anxiety, Depression May Reduce Women's Success With IVF: Study March 15, 2016

Researchers link these mental health problems to lower rates of pregnancy and live births

Still Tired After Getting Your Zzz's? You Might Have Sleep Apnea March 14, 2016

What you need to know about a breathing problem that can disrupt your sleep

MS Patients May Be Prone to Other Chronic Illnesses, Study Finds March 09, 2016

High blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and depression among common co-existing conditions

Tai Chi Could Be a Healthy Move for Your Heart March 09, 2016

Traditional Chinese exercises might reduce depression, improve quality of life for heart patients

Most Pediatricians Don't Ask About Mom's Depression March 07, 2016

About 4 in 10 moms with young kids affected, which can have harmful effects on families, researchers say

Physically Fit May Bounce Back Better After Heart Attack February 29, 2016

Survivors who had exercised regularly beforehand were less prone to depression afterwards, study finds

Feeling Old? Your Risk for Hospitalization May Rise February 25, 2016

Illness, sedentary lifestyles and depression might help explain this association, study says

Parents' Depression, Anxiety May Contribute to Kids' Fussy Eating February 23, 2016

If mom or dad had mental health issues, children were pickier about what they ate, study finds

Risk of Preemie Birth May Rise for Depressed Parents-to-Be February 19, 2016

Treating expectant mothers -- and fathers -- might help prevent early birth, study suggests

Extremely Small Preemies May Face Bullying, Mental Health Risks February 17, 2016

Long-term Canadian study followed participants until age 36

Pregnancy May Ease PTSD for Some Women, Study Finds February 16, 2016

But symptoms may worsen for 1 in 4 with low levels of the stress disorder, research suggests

How to Keep Your New Year's Exercise Mojo All Year Long February 15, 2016

Set realistic goals, be consistent and understand you're in it for the long haul, expert says

Neanderthal DNA May Play Role in Modern Human Health February 11, 2016

Genetic legacy can affect risk for nicotine addiction, depression, blood clots and stroke, research suggests

Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses Still Poorly Understood: Report February 11, 2016

VA-sponsored study says people should be monitored for ALS, cancer and other diseases that take years to develop

Lasting Damage Seen in LGBT Teens Who Suffer Harassment February 11, 2016

Severe cases were tied to high risk for depression, post-traumatic stress disorder

Doctors Should Screen Teens for Major Depression, U.S. Task Force Says February 08, 2016

Experts add that more research needed to determine whether kids under 12 should also be tested

Depression May Boost Seniors' Risk for Heart Disease, Stroke February 04, 2016

Doctors should monitor older adults for low mood, researchers say

Parent's Depression May Harm Child's Grades, Study Finds February 03, 2016

Treating the adult might help school performance, experts say

When Seniors Stop Driving, Poorer Health May Be a Passenger February 03, 2016

Depression and mental, physical declines stood out in research review