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Health Tip: Taking an Antidiarrheal Drug?February 03, 2016

Follow label's instructions

Preventable Ills Cause Nearly 8 Million Childhood Deaths GloballyJanuary 25, 2016

Diarrhea, respiratory infections are top killers, research shows

Post-Op Bacterial Infection Raises Odds for Complications, DeathNovember 25, 2015

Clostridium difficile can be devastating to patients recovering from surgery, experts say

Travelers Bringing Drug-Resistant Bacteria to United StatesApril 02, 2015

Strain of Shigella is easily transmitted and causes tough-to-treat diarrhea, CDC says

Health Tip: Reduce the Risk of Traveler's DiarrheaMarch 12, 2015

Stick to these safer foods

Antibiotics for Traveler's Diarrhea May Spur Growth of Superbugs: StudyJanuary 22, 2015

Researchers recommend caution when using antibiotics to treat digestive ills while abroad

Experts Issue Guidelines for Treating Irritable Bowel SyndromeAugust 08, 2014

Certain interventions may ease IBS, while others work against chronic constipation

Vaccine for Infant Tummy Bug Cuts Hospitalizations: CDCJune 09, 2014

Fewer children admitted for severe diarrhea tied to rotavirus, researchers say

Gastro Woes More Common in Kids With Autism: ReviewApril 28, 2014

Their risk for digestive problems is 4 times higher than in typically developing peers, researchers found

Frozen as Good as Fresh for Fecal Transplants for Diarrhea: StudyApril 24, 2014

Researchers looked at recurring infections caused by C. difficile bacteria

Hospital-Related Infections Hit Nearly 650,000 Patients in 2011: CDCMarch 26, 2014

Specific source of dangerous germs still unclear in about half of cases

Cancer Drug Nexavar Tied to Pancreas Damage in 2 PatientsOctober 09, 2013

Pancreas shrank by up to one-third in case studies following long-term use

Poo in a Pill to Treat Gut Infection?October 03, 2013

Researchers create capsules containing fecal bacteria to flush away deadly germs

Bacterial Infection's Spread Occurs Beyond Health Care Settings: StudySeptember 25, 2013

Review of C. difficile suggests most transmission takes place outside of hospitals, nursing homes

Mexico Farm Tied to Stomach Bug Back in OperationAugust 27, 2013

U.S. health officials still haven't identified source of more than 600 infections

Cases Reported in Stomach Bug Outbreak Top 600August 22, 2013

Latest CDC statistics show 601 illnesses across 22 states, 40 people hospitalized

More Cases Reported in Stomach Bug OutbreakAugust 19, 2013

Latest CDC statistics show 586 illnesses across 20 states, 36 people hospitalized

Cases in Stomach Bug Outbreak Continue to ClimbAugust 16, 2013

Latest CDC statistics show 576 illnesses reported in 19 states, 36 people hospitalized

Company Tied to Stomach Bug Outbreak Stops Shipments to U.S.August 13, 2013

Salad mix from Mexico has been implicated in Iowa, Nebraska cases; source of other infections is unclear

Stomach Bug Outbreak Cases Top 500August 08, 2013

Meanwhile, health officials still trying to track down source of infections in 14 of 16 states affected

Probiotics Not Warranted for Seniors Taking Antibiotics: StudyAugust 08, 2013

No difference seen in diarrhea rates among those taking the supplements

Stomach Bug Outbreak Source in Two States Traced to Mexican FarmAugust 05, 2013

Health officials in Iowa, Nebraska point to salad mix as culprit; CDC has not confirmed a source in 14 other states

400 Now Sickened in Stomach Bug OutbreakAugust 02, 2013

Health officials in Iowa, Nebraska point to salad mix as culprit, but CDC has not confirmed a source

Stomach Bug Outbreak Grows, Bagged Salad ImplicatedAugust 01, 2013

Health officials in Iowa, Nebraska point to salad mix as culprit, but CDC has not confirmed a source

Stomach Bug Outbreak Spreads to More States: CDCJuly 30, 2013

Cyclospora cases now total 353, and source of the illnesses remains unknown

U.S. Health Officials Still Tracking Source of Stomach Bug OutbreakJuly 25, 2013

285 cases of cyclospora infections, 18 hospitalizations in 11 states since late June

'Cruise Ship Virus' Also Sickens 1 Million U.S. Kids YearlyMarch 20, 2013

Norovirus has overtaken rotavirus in causing gastric illness, CDC study finds

Common Painkillers Tied to Kidney Risks for Children: StudyJanuary 25, 2013

Expert says NSAIDs are overused for treating kids with fever

Vaccinating Kids Against Common Gut Bug Helps Shield Adults Too: StudyJanuary 24, 2013

Rotavirus infection causes severe gastrointestinal symptoms and can be deadly

How to Tell If Your Child Is Too Sick for School: ExpertJanuary 20, 2013

If kids aren't well enough to learn, it's best to keep them home

Fecal 'Transplant' to Cure Gut Infection?January 16, 2013

In small study, new treatment was more effective than antibiotic on hard-to-treat bacteria

Unneeded Antibiotics May Lead to Diarrheal Illness, Study FindsJanuary 15, 2013

Instead of helping hospitalized patients, treatment promotes infection in some

Fulyzaq Approved for Diarrhea in People With HIV/AIDSJanuary 02, 2013

Antiretroviral drugs can lead to diarrhea

Trained Beagle Sniffs Out Troublesome Hospital InfectionDecember 14, 2012

Dogs like Cliff are giving a whole new meaning to 'pet scan'

Dishwashing Won't Kill Tummy-Troubling Norovirus: StudyDecember 12, 2012

Better cleaning agents needed to curb infection, researchers say

'Worm Therapy' Might Help Ease Colitis, Monkey Study ShowsNovember 16, 2012

Unappetizing as it sounds, the treatment relieved symptoms in primates and might help humans

New Diabetes Drugs Have Different Advantages, Study SaysNovember 07, 2012

One is injected daily, the other weekly and both have side effects

Crohn's Disease in Children May Start From BacteriaOctober 31, 2012

Study found highest 'proteobacteria' levels in kids newly diagnosed with condition

More Antibiotic Use Tied to Rise in Diarrheal Infections in Hospitals: StudyOctober 22, 2012

Kids, elderly especially vulnerable to serious consequences from C. difficile bacteria

Many Children With Autism Have Other Health Problems, Study SaysSeptember 25, 2012

Gastrointestinal trouble, heightened sensory responses found in about one-fourth of kids

FDA Warns Against Use of Diarrhea Drug From El SalvadorSeptember 19, 2012

Ingredient in Intestinomicina linked to serious health problems, including bone marrow toxicity

Feces-Linked Bacteria Found at Lake Erie BeachesAugust 31, 2012

High levels of Arcobacter indicate fecal contamination, researcher notes

Effects of High Blood Pressure Drug May Mimic Celiac DiseaseJune 22, 2012

Some patients taking olmesartan developed chronic diarrhea and lost an average of 40 pounds: study

Health Tip: Prevent Traveler's DiarrheaJune 22, 2012

Don't use tap water for drinking, ice or brushing teeth

Health Tip: Understanding Adult DehydrationJune 05, 2012

Diarrhea is a common cause

Health Tip: Warning Signs of Infant DehydrationJune 01, 2012

Including dry mouth and tongue

Children Usually Excluded From Clinical Drug Trials: StudyApril 30, 2012

Kids with chronic illnesses might react differently to new medicines than adults, researchers say

One Antibiotic Appears to Ease Severe E. Coli InfectionMarch 13, 2012

Small study looked at bacteria that caused German outbreak

Dangerous Bacteria Also Spreads Outside Hospitals: CDCMarch 06, 2012

C. difficile infections and death rates at 'historic highs,' experts say

Kids' Diarrhea Vaccine Appears Safe After All: StudyFebruary 07, 2012

Risk of intestinal side effect didn't rise; children should be vaccinated, experts say