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Doctors' Group Urges Greater Use of Generic Drugs November 23, 2015

Lower-cost options are usually just as safe and effective, experts say

Certain Antibiotic Might Combat Children's Wheezing Episodes November 17, 2015

Kids given azithromycin were less likely to develop severe respiratory illness, study says

Leading Doctors' Group Wants to Ban Prescription Drug Ads November 17, 2015

Barrage of consumer-directed advertising drives up health costs, American Medical Association says

Too Much Traffic in OR May Put Patients at Risk, Study Finds November 13, 2015

Doorways are designed to keep air sterile, but repeated openings may let germs in during surgery

Lung Cancer Surgery Rates Differ Widely Between States November 13, 2015

Quality of insurance across U.S. may influence treatment, researcher says

'Cash for Lower Cholesterol' Program Works With Doc-Patient Teams November 09, 2015

Cooperation is key to program's success, but benefits were modest, study finds

Doctors Often Flub Achilles Tendon Diagnosis, Review Finds November 06, 2015

1 in 4 ruptures missed during initial exam, but most patients still do OK, researchers say

Don't Assume Siblings Will Have Food Allergies, Too November 05, 2015

Study found only 1 in 10 was allergic to same things; experts advise against routine testing for them

Poll: Americans Want Bold Action to Keep Health Care Costs Down November 05, 2015

Suggestions include price controls on drugs and hospitals and doctors, importing drugs from other countries

Doctors Who Order More Tests Sued Less Often November 05, 2015

Study explores link between 'defensive medicine' and malpractice claims

Beware Safety Risks Posed by 'Off-Label' Drug Use November 02, 2015

Study raises concerns about using meds to treat conditions for which they weren't approved

One in Five Pediatricians Drops Families Who Refuse Vaccines: Survey November 02, 2015

Experts say deep philosophical differences, concern for other young patients may explain why

Too Many Seniors With Diabetes Are Overtreated, Study Suggests October 29, 2015

Even when blood sugar, blood pressure levels dropped too low, doctors didn't cut back on meds

Doctors Can Fine-Tune Estimates of Delivery Dates, Study Finds October 28, 2015

Simple test of cervix length would help, researchers say

Pediatricians' Group Urges Action on Climate Change October 26, 2015

Natural disasters, diseases and excess heat threaten children's health, says American Academy of Pediatrics

Doctors Key to Stopping Child Hunger October 23, 2015

American Academy of Pediatrics statement says all kids should be screened for signs of malnutrition

Stereotypes Can Hurt a Patient's Care October 20, 2015

People who fear being judged might avoid preventive services, study says

Doctors' Prescribing Practices Key to Curbing Painkiller Abuse: CDC October 15, 2015

Small number write most narcotic prescriptions, study finds

Should the Annual Physical Be Scrapped? October 14, 2015

Harvard doctors argue for and against this medical ritual

Confirm High Blood Pressure Outside Doctor's Office, U.S. Task Force Says October 12, 2015

Expert group advises ambulatory or home monitoring before starting treatment

Doctors, Nurse Practitioners Offer Comparable Outpatient Heart Care: Study October 12, 2015

While few differences were found, compliance with guidelines is poor overall

Slow Progress on Curbing Wasteful, 'Low-Value' Health Care Practices: Study October 12, 2015

Many tests, procedures and drugs routinely ordered by U.S. doctors are of little real benefit, experts contend

Kids With Mental Ills Often Treated Solely by Primary Care Doctors October 12, 2015

Shortage of child psychiatrists helps explain findings, expert says

Many Doctors Admit Difficulty in Treating Unexplained Stroke: Poll October 09, 2015

Lack of knowledge can affect outcomes, chances of second strokes, survey authors say

Surgeon's Experience Tied to Success of Thyroid Removal: Study October 08, 2015

Patients should ask how many of these operations the doctor does each year

Routine Screening for Child Abuse Might Spot More Cases: Study October 05, 2015

Further testing of all children with suspicious injuries could minimize misdiagnoses

Study Says Radiation Often Overused in Late-Stage Lung Cancer October 02, 2015

Authors cite concerns about extra costs, side effects

Surgery Patients Like Online Follow-up, Study Finds September 29, 2015

But sometimes an in-person check still needed, researchers add

Most Americans Will Experience At Least 1 Diagnostic Error: Report September 22, 2015

In some cases the consequences can be severe, expert panel notes

Childhood Vaccines Debate Rekindled at GOP Presidential Debate September 18, 2015

Experts say candidates' remarks about frequency of shots could stoke parents' concerns

Gender Disparities Persist in Academic Medicine September 15, 2015

Women less likely to receive research funding or become full professors, studies say

California Lawmakers Pass Right-to-Die Measure September 14, 2015

If signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown, doctors could prescribe life-ending drugs to terminally ill

New Guidelines Call for Kids, Health Care Workers to Get Flu Shots September 08, 2015

Pediatric group pushes seasonal vaccine as essential for these groups

One-Third of U.S. Kids With ADHD Diagnosed Before Age 6: Report September 03, 2015

But researchers add that few valid tests exist to support diagnosis in children that young

Heart Doctors May Have Hard Time Spotting Valve Problems September 02, 2015

Additional training improved detection of heart murmurs and accompanying conditions, study finds

Doctors Rarely Discuss Religion With Critically Ill, Study Says August 31, 2015

Researchers find a significant need goes unfulfilled

Longer Colonoscopy Time May Cut Cancer Risk August 27, 2015

Viewing time of less than 6 minutes linked to higher cancer rates, study finds

A Tired Surgeon Still a Good Surgeon, Study Finds August 26, 2015

Review reveals that doctors who operate the night before another surgery do well

Too Few Blacks, Hispanics Becoming Doctors: Study August 24, 2015

Shortage of minority physicians may affect U.S. patient care, experts say

Family Doctor Can Safely Assist Many Births August 24, 2015

Ob-gyn isn't necessary for low-risk delivery, study suggests

Brief Drop in Blood Sugar at Birth Tied to Poorer School Performance August 24, 2015

But researchers say it's too soon to recommend routine screening

Doctor's Support Boosts Weight Loss, Study Shows August 21, 2015

Researcher suggests including physicians in commercial programs

Kidney Donors, Recipients Want to Know More About Each Other August 18, 2015

Researcher says findings indicate need to update current transplant policies

Neglecting Teen Health May Lead to Bigger Problems as Adults August 17, 2015

More depression, poorer health reported at age 30, study says

Till Bolt Cutters Do Us Part: Titanium Rings a Challenge in the ER August 14, 2015

British medical team successfully removed durable wedding band from man's swollen finger

Women's Pelvic Pain Often Unreported August 12, 2015

Doctors should address this during routine appointments, study says

Old Electronics Potential Source of Lead Exposure in Kids August 10, 2015

Man who worked at recycling company brought toxins home to his kids via his clothes and hair, expert says

At Dutch Euthanasia Clinic, Requests From People 'Tired of Living' August 10, 2015

Experts worry about 'slippery slope,' where aid in dying is more widely granted

Including Pharmacist on Medical Team May Aid Blood Pressure Control August 07, 2015

Patients had more medication adjustments if a pharmacist was involved in their care, study finds

To Sway Anti-Vaccine Beliefs, Focus on Consequences: Study August 03, 2015

When parents learn about the harms of measles, mumps and rubella, many change their stance