July 04, 2014: Ecstasy Use Tied to Rare Spinal Blood Vessel Problem in Teen
Drug can spike blood pressure, making existing blood vessel conditions worse, study authors say

June 30, 2014: Kids With ADHD More Likely to Abuse Drugs: Analysis
But researchers also found that medications used to treat disorder not part of increased risk

May 23, 2014: Mental Illness Linked to Shortened Life Spans
Poor mental health can affect longevity as much or more than heavy smoking, study finds

May 06, 2014: Kids With ADHD May Also Suffer Family Troubles
Study found they were more likely to come from homes affected by poverty, divorce, substance abuse

April 01, 2014: Parents' Addiction May Be Linked to Arthritis in Offspring
More studies needed to explore the apparent association, researchers say

March 13, 2014: Overdoses, Cellphone-Linked Car Crashes Among Top Causes of Fatal Injury in U.S.
National Safety Council report also cites increasing numbers of falls among elderly

March 11, 2014: Repeat Drug Overdoses Raise Risk for Hospitalization, Ventilator Care
Risk rises with multiple ER visits, researchers say

January 22, 2014: Synthetic Pot Tied to Surge of Emergency Cases
Colorado patients were delirious, combative, had seizures and breathing problems

December 09, 2013: OxyContin Tops List of Abused Prescription Drugs: Survey
Painkillers like Vicodin also popular, researchers found

November 18, 2013: Heart Disease No. 1 Cause of Pregnancy-Related Deaths in California: Study
Researchers say one-third of these deaths could be prevented

November 11, 2013: Study Probes Heroin Addiction's Effect on the Brain
DNA changes appear to rise with more years of drug abuse, researchers say

September 27, 2013: Drugged Driving Plays Major Role in Traffic Deaths
Alone or combined with alcohol, study finds it multiplies the risk for road fatalities

September 17, 2013: 'Bath Salts' Drugs Led to 23,000 ER Visits in One Year: U.S. Report
These stimulants are especially dangerous when combined with other drugs, expert says

September 10, 2013: Reality TV Star Discusses Addiction Recovery
'Jersey Shore' cast member Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino shares his struggle with prescription-painkiller abuse

August 22, 2013: Abuse of Painkillers Raises Risk of Heroin Use: Study
People who used prescription drugs illegally were 19 times more likely to move to heroin

May 23, 2013: Diet Soda Habit as Bad for Teeth as Meth Addiction, Study Claims
Acid in both can erode teeth over time

May 10, 2013: Vaccine to Fight Heroin Addiction Shows Promise in Rats
Also doesn't interfere with opioid treatments for addicts, researchers say

May 07, 2013: Synthetic Pot Use Can Mimic Symptoms of Prenatal Disorder
Effects of this unregulated drug are unpredictable, researchers caution

April 26, 2013: Roadside Breath Test for Drugs Could Be on Horizon
Swedish researchers detected signs of recent cocaine, marijuana, narcotic and other substance use

April 23, 2013: Prescription Drug Abuse Up Among U.S. Teens: Survey
More than 5 million, nearly 25 percent, said they had abused these medications

March 22, 2013: Even a Little Pot Use Ups College Dropout Risk
Second study found similar connection with other drugs

February 06, 2013: Smoking Pot May Raise Stroke Risk in Young Adults
But, experts say small study is not conclusive, tobacco smoking may have clouded results

January 31, 2013: Drug Users Are 'Super-Spreaders' of Hepatitis C, Study Finds
Diagnosing, treating them early might slow rate of infection

January 30, 2013: Many Cocaine Deaths Determined by Genes, Study Says
Common mutations in white people greatly increase risk of dying from the drug, researchers contend

January 10, 2013: Blood Disorder Cases Tied to Prescription Painkiller Abuse
Addicts crushed, dissolved and injected Opana ER pills, CDC says

January 10, 2013: Prescription Painkillers Trail Only Marijuana in Abuse Rates, Report Shows
Rising numbers of people seeking treatment for abuse of these pain drugs, federal officials say

December 20, 2012: Solo Rock Stars Die Sooner Than Those in Bands
Study found rough childhood among risk factors

December 04, 2012: 'Synthetic Pot' Sending Thousands of Young People to ER: Report
Users don't know what chemical mix they're getting or which complications can arise, experts warn

November 26, 2012: U.S. Task Force: Baby Boomers Should Be Tested for Hepatitis C
Generation has highest rate of infection, likely contracted decades ago

October 22, 2012: Marijuana, Real or Fake, Can Lead to Unusual Gastro Problem
Case studies of cannabinoid hyperemesis describe bouts of nausea, vomiting, pain

August 16, 2012: High-Potency Pot in Pregnancy May Cause Brain Damage
Study finds babies at higher risk for devastating birth defect, later learning disabilities

July 26, 2012: Illegal 'Bath Salts' Mimic Cocaine in the Brain: Study
Bath salt is street name for a group of powerful, synthetic stimulants

July 11, 2012: 'Abuse-Resistant' Oxycontin May Be Driving Addicts to Heroin
Since its release, more users have turned to heroin and other opioids, study finds

June 18, 2012: Many Homeless May Harbor Hepatitis C
Los Angeles study finds nearly half don't know it

April 30, 2012: U.S. Sees Tripling of Babies Born Addicted to Painkillers
They suffer from irritability, breathing problems, perhaps long-term brain damage, study finds

April 25, 2012: Many Who First Misuse Prescription Pills Get Them From Friends, Family: Report
More than 70 percent start that way, government analysis finds

April 17, 2012: White House Drug Policy Shifts Strategy
New plan calls for treatment, not incarceration, for non-violent offenders

February 28, 2012: Ecstasy Use During Pregnancy May Harm Fetus: Study
Babies exposed to ecstasy in utero had poorer motor skills, coordination at 4 months

February 16, 2012: Illicit Drug Use May Be Driving Rise in Ectopic Pregnancies in Florida
CDC says cases indicate need for earlier access to prenatal care, drug awareness

February 10, 2012: Pot Use Could Double Risk of Car Crash, Research Shows
No reliable roadside test available to identify drugged drivers, experts say

February 09, 2012: Illicit Drugs Bought Off Internet May Be Poisons, Experts Warn
Case report says victims thought they'd ordered amphetamine, but got drug that turned their skin blue

January 30, 2012: More Newborns Suffering Drug Withdrawal at Birth
Doctors seeing more women taking illicit drugs, prescription painkillers during pregnancy

January 25, 2012: U.S. Soldiers Face Host of Mental Health Issues
Studies found they were prone to depression, substance abuse and suicide

January 20, 2012: Many U.S. Adults Not Vaccinated for Hepatitis B
Missed opportunities lead to many new infections each year, study found

January 16, 2012: 'Bath-Salts' Injection Leads to Flesh-Eating Disease
Patient underwent amputation, mastectomy, skin grafts after use at party

December 30, 2011: Meth Users Much More Likely to Try Suicide
Study found 80 percent higher risk compared to users of other IV drugs

December 20, 2011: Drug Overdoses Kill More Americans Than Car Accidents: CDC
Almost half of drug poisonings are now from abuse of prescription painkillers, researchers note

December 13, 2011: Chewing Khat Raises Heart Disease, Death Risk: Study
Commonly used in the Middle East and spreading abroad, plant leaves give amphetamine-like high

November 10, 2011: Heavy Meth Use Linked to Schizophrenia
Researchers say the drug may trigger the mental disorder in susceptible people

November 10, 2011: Drugs Slipped Into Drinks Sending Many to ER: Report
Majority of victims are women, but nearly 40 percent are male, researchers note.