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Methamphetamine May be More Harmful to Teen Brains February 17, 2015

MRI-based study finds illicit drug causes more damage in adolescents

Big Increase Seen in Babies Born Addicted to Narcotics February 11, 2015

Canadian study points to jump in prescription painkiller abuse in explaining trend

Cocaine, Amphetamines May Up Injection Drug Users' Suicide Risk December 19, 2014

These substances doubled the likelihood of an attempt, study says

ER Visits Linked to Synthetic Pot More Than Double, Report Finds October 16, 2014

Misperception that it is safe makes it especially dangerous, experts say

Heroin Overdose Deaths Doubled in Much of U.S.: CDC Study October 02, 2014

Heroin addiction linked to initial use of prescription painkillers, experts say

Most Who Abuse Painkillers Are Unprepared If Overdose Strikes: Study October 02, 2014

Although anti-OD meds are available, many addicts hold misguided views on what to do

Ecstasy Use Tied to Rare Spinal Blood Vessel Problem in Teen July 04, 2014

Drug can spike blood pressure, making existing blood vessel conditions worse, study authors say

Kids With ADHD More Likely to Abuse Drugs: Analysis June 30, 2014

But researchers also found that medications used to treat disorder not part of increased risk

Mental Illness Linked to Shortened Life Spans May 23, 2014

Poor mental health can affect longevity as much or more than heavy smoking, study finds

Kids With ADHD May Also Suffer Family Troubles May 06, 2014

Study found they were more likely to come from homes affected by poverty, divorce, substance abuse

Parents' Addiction May Be Linked to Arthritis in Offspring April 01, 2014

More studies needed to explore the apparent association, researchers say

Overdoses, Cellphone-Linked Car Crashes Among Top Causes of Fatal Injury in U.S. March 13, 2014

National Safety Council report also cites increasing numbers of falls among elderly

Repeat Drug Overdoses Raise Risk for Hospitalization, Ventilator Care March 11, 2014

Risk rises with multiple ER visits, researchers say

Synthetic Pot Tied to Surge of Emergency Cases January 22, 2014

Colorado patients were delirious, combative, had seizures and breathing problems

OxyContin Tops List of Abused Prescription Drugs: Survey December 09, 2013

Painkillers like Vicodin also popular, researchers found

Heart Disease No. 1 Cause of Pregnancy-Related Deaths in California: Study November 18, 2013

Researchers say one-third of these deaths could be prevented

Study Probes Heroin Addiction's Effect on the Brain November 11, 2013

DNA changes appear to rise with more years of drug abuse, researchers say

Drugged Driving Plays Major Role in Traffic Deaths September 27, 2013

Alone or combined with alcohol, study finds it multiplies the risk for road fatalities

'Bath Salts' Drugs Led to 23,000 ER Visits in One Year: U.S. Report September 17, 2013

These stimulants are especially dangerous when combined with other drugs, expert says

Reality TV Star Discusses Addiction Recovery September 10, 2013

'Jersey Shore' cast member Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino shares his struggle with prescription-painkiller abuse

Abuse of Painkillers Raises Risk of Heroin Use: Study August 22, 2013

People who used prescription drugs illegally were 19 times more likely to move to heroin

Diet Soda Habit as Bad for Teeth as Meth Addiction, Study Claims May 23, 2013

Acid in both can erode teeth over time

Vaccine to Fight Heroin Addiction Shows Promise in Rats May 10, 2013

Also doesn't interfere with opioid treatments for addicts, researchers say

Synthetic Pot Use Can Mimic Symptoms of Prenatal Disorder May 07, 2013

Effects of this unregulated drug are unpredictable, researchers caution

Roadside Breath Test for Drugs Could Be on Horizon April 26, 2013

Swedish researchers detected signs of recent cocaine, marijuana, narcotic and other substance use

Prescription Drug Abuse Up Among U.S. Teens: Survey April 23, 2013

More than 5 million, nearly 25 percent, said they had abused these medications

Even a Little Pot Use Ups College Dropout Risk March 22, 2013

Second study found similar connection with other drugs

Smoking Pot May Raise Stroke Risk in Young Adults February 06, 2013

But, experts say small study is not conclusive, tobacco smoking may have clouded results

Drug Users Are 'Super-Spreaders' of Hepatitis C, Study Finds January 31, 2013

Diagnosing, treating them early might slow rate of infection

Many Cocaine Deaths Determined by Genes, Study Says January 30, 2013

Common mutations in white people greatly increase risk of dying from the drug, researchers contend

Blood Disorder Cases Tied to Prescription Painkiller Abuse January 10, 2013

Addicts crushed, dissolved and injected Opana ER pills, CDC says

Prescription Painkillers Trail Only Marijuana in Abuse Rates, Report Shows January 10, 2013

Rising numbers of people seeking treatment for abuse of these pain drugs, federal officials say

Solo Rock Stars Die Sooner Than Those in Bands December 20, 2012

Study found rough childhood among risk factors

'Synthetic Pot' Sending Thousands of Young People to ER: Report December 04, 2012

Users don't know what chemical mix they're getting or which complications can arise, experts warn

U.S. Task Force: Baby Boomers Should Be Tested for Hepatitis C November 26, 2012

Generation has highest rate of infection, likely contracted decades ago

Marijuana, Real or Fake, Can Lead to Unusual Gastro Problem October 22, 2012

Case studies of cannabinoid hyperemesis describe bouts of nausea, vomiting, pain

High-Potency Pot in Pregnancy May Cause Brain Damage August 16, 2012

Study finds babies at higher risk for devastating birth defect, later learning disabilities

Illegal 'Bath Salts' Mimic Cocaine in the Brain: Study July 26, 2012

Bath salt is street name for a group of powerful, synthetic stimulants

'Abuse-Resistant' Oxycontin May Be Driving Addicts to Heroin July 11, 2012

Since its release, more users have turned to heroin and other opioids, study finds

Many Homeless May Harbor Hepatitis C June 18, 2012

Los Angeles study finds nearly half don't know it

U.S. Sees Tripling of Babies Born Addicted to Painkillers April 30, 2012

They suffer from irritability, breathing problems, perhaps long-term brain damage, study finds

Many Who First Misuse Prescription Pills Get Them From Friends, Family: Report April 25, 2012

More than 70 percent start that way, government analysis finds

White House Drug Policy Shifts Strategy April 17, 2012

New plan calls for treatment, not incarceration, for non-violent offenders

Ecstasy Use During Pregnancy May Harm Fetus: Study February 28, 2012

Babies exposed to ecstasy in utero had poorer motor skills, coordination at 4 months

Illicit Drug Use May Be Driving Rise in Ectopic Pregnancies in Florida February 16, 2012

CDC says cases indicate need for earlier access to prenatal care, drug awareness

Pot Use Could Double Risk of Car Crash, Research Shows February 10, 2012

No reliable roadside test available to identify drugged drivers, experts say

Illicit Drugs Bought Off Internet May Be Poisons, Experts Warn February 09, 2012

Case report says victims thought they'd ordered amphetamine, but got drug that turned their skin blue

More Newborns Suffering Drug Withdrawal at Birth January 30, 2012

Doctors seeing more women taking illicit drugs, prescription painkillers during pregnancy

U.S. Soldiers Face Host of Mental Health Issues January 25, 2012

Studies found they were prone to depression, substance abuse and suicide

Many U.S. Adults Not Vaccinated for Hepatitis B January 20, 2012

Missed opportunities lead to many new infections each year, study found