March 07, 2014: Could More Time on Facebook Help Spur Eating Disorders?
College students who 'untagged' self-photos, cared a lot about 'likes' had more body-image issues in study

February 26, 2014: Kids' Body Image Shaped by Parents, Expert Says
Doctor offers tips for helping children develop healthy eating habits, self-image

November 13, 2013: Magnetic Brain Stimulation Shows Promise Against Eating Disorders
Small study found almost half of those with anorexia, bulimia had symptom relief

September 27, 2013: Over-Involved Mothers Tied to Women's Poor Eating, Body Attitudes, Study Says
Surveys also suggested connection to weak social skills in daughters

September 09, 2013: For Obese Kids, Weight Loss Can Sometimes Lead to Eating Disorders
Problems like anorexia may go undiagnosed or be disregarded, case studies show

September 05, 2013: When Football Team Loses, Fans Reach for Junk Food
But 'self-affirmation' can curb emotional eating, study suggests

September 02, 2013: Health Tip: Help Kids Feel Better About Themselves
Encourage a positive body image

August 28, 2013: Brain Size May Yield Clues to Anorexia
Areas that control sense of fullness, perception of body size are unusually large, study finds

August 21, 2013: Genetic Risks for Eating Disorders, Alcoholism May Be Connected
Twin study found ties between alcohol dependence and binge eating or purging

August 08, 2013: Urging Your Partner to Diet May Backfire
Response could be unhealthy, such as fasting, taking diet pills or binge eating, study finds

July 29, 2013: Bipolar Disorder May Vary Depending on Weight, Eating Disorders
Binge eating tied to other mental health problems, obesity to physical symptoms in study patients

July 15, 2013: Could a Gene Help Make You Obese?
Certain DNA might keep people hungry, study suggests

May 31, 2013: Childhood Abuse Tied to Food Addiction in Women: Study
Tendency to overeat is nearly doubled for those victimized as kids

April 09, 2013: Google Search Trends Suggest Mental Woes Vary by Seasons
Study in U.S. and Australia found more online inquiries in winter than summer

March 28, 2013: 'Bigorexics' Want to Boost Their Masculinity
But anorexic guys may identify with more feminine stereotypes, study suggests

March 11, 2013: Full Pantry Plus Too Little Sleep Is Recipe for Weight Gain
More nighttime snacking seen in small study of young adults

February 04, 2013: Girls' Peers, Not Media, May Exert Most Pressure to Be Thin
Study looked at unhappiness with body image, feelings of inferiority

January 07, 2013: Strange Food Pairings May Signal Binge Eating: Study
Many with eating disorder prepare mixtures like cookies and mashed potatoes in secret

December 10, 2012: Young Binge Eaters Prone to Illicit Drug Use: Study
Overeating occurred first in large review of 17,000 boys and girls

October 03, 2012: Skinny Genes: Could Heredity Raise Your Vulnerability to 'Be-Thin' Pressure?
Study found female identical twins had similar levels of 'thin idealization'

September 20, 2012: Can't Stop Eating M&Ms?
New study of rats' brains could hold a key to understanding overeating and obesity

July 16, 2012: Large Breasts Can Take Mental, Physical Toll on Teens
Research shows some girls with the condition have physical pain, lower self-esteem

June 21, 2012: Better Health Screening Urged for Female College Athletes
Young women in competitive sports at risk for problems with diet, menstruation, bone loss

June 21, 2012: Eating Disorders Hitting Women Over 50, Study Finds
Researcher says new treatment strategies needed to target this older population

May 31, 2012: Preteen Food Choices May Help Predict Eating Disorders Later
Researchers aim to identify best age to start preventive efforts

May 08, 2012: U.S. Report Outlines Strategies to Prevent Obesity
Promoting daily physical activity, making healthful food readily available are key components

May 03, 2012: Why You Overeat Even When You're Full
Small study explores how body reacts when aroused by tempting treats

April 25, 2012: Life Transitions May Trigger Eating Disorders
People with anorexia, bulimia pinpoint break-ups, the death of loved ones as triggers

February 02, 2012: If Your Dining Partner Overeats, So May You
In study, women mimicked eating behavior of new acquaintances, matching them bite for bite

January 16, 2012: Many Head and Neck Cancer Survivors Face Eating Problems
Poor throat function, depression and pain are common, study finds

December 28, 2011: Eating Disorders Can Last Well Beyond Teen Years
Experts are finding that adult stresses often trigger lingering problems

November 09, 2011: Jaw Shrinks With Age, 40-Year Study Finds
Teeth crowding and changes in bite can result, researchers say

October 26, 2011: Larger Food Portions May Be Seen as Status Symbols
People might eat more to feel like big shots, researchers find

October 12, 2011: Certain After-Stroke Treatments May Boost Outcome
Management of fever, blood sugar and swallowing problems boosts survival, functioning, study finds

September 29, 2011: Does Your Picky Eater Have a 'Feeding Disorder'?
It's normal for kids to resist new foods, but rejecting entire food groups may signal a problem

September 27, 2011: Mixed Results Seen With 'Off-Label' Use of Antipsychotics
Non-FDA-approved use of drugs showed limited benefits and some harm in large review

August 05, 2011: Health Tip: Eating Disorders May Affect Oral Health
How teeth and gums may be affected

August 04, 2011: Eating Disorders Can Harm Women's Fertility
Anorexic and bulimic patients twice as likely as other women to seek help getting pregnant: study

July 05, 2011: Eating Disorders Appear to Raise Risk of Death
Anorexia poses greatest threat, but bulimics are at risk too, study finds

June 24, 2011: Extreme Dieting Often Lasts From Early Teens to Adulthood
Girls and young women are more likely to do it, but boys aren't immune, study finds

June 22, 2011: Eating Disorders May Raise Risk of Depression in Pregnancy
Screening for mental health problems, abuse should be routine part of prenatal care, researchers say

June 13, 2011: Sleep-Deprived People May Crave High-Calorie Foods
Findings add to evidence linking fatigue, weight gain, researchers say

June 01, 2011: How Brain Sees the 'Big Picture' May Affect Self-Image
People with body dysmorphic disorder process visual information abnormally, study finds

May 02, 2011: Family Meals Keep Kids Slimmer, Healthier, Study Finds
Eating together also reduces likelihood of eating disorders, researchers say

April 29, 2011: Bringing Partner Into Anorexia Treatment May Aid Recovery
In novel program, involvement of husband or boyfriend helped women beat the disorder, researchers say

April 08, 2011: Hormone Linked to Absence of Periods in Women With Low Body Fat
Lack of leptin contributes to condition, but a synthetic hormone may help, study suggests

March 25, 2011: Brain Stimulation Might Help Stroke Patients With Swallowing Problems
Small, preliminary study found electrical therapy led to improved function in patients

March 07, 2011: Eating Disorders More Prevalent Than Thought Among American Teens
Related social impairment, suicidal thoughts make this a major public health concern, researchers say

February 16, 2011: Self-Drawings May Reveal Hidden Eating Disorders
Women with anorexia or bulimia tend to sketch their body features differently, researchers say

January 21, 2011: Severe Mental Health Disorders Untreated in Many U.S. Teens
Shortage of mental health specialists for children likely to be a growing problem, experts warn