June 20, 2014: Shortage of Doctors Who Treat Diabetes Looming
There are already too few specialists treating hormone disorders, expert says

February 25, 2014: Cashiers May Absorb Controversial Chemical When Handling Receipts
But, small report didn't find increased BPA levels in people who wore gloves

November 14, 2013: Testing for Pregnancy-Linked Diabetes Should Be Routine, Experts Say
New guidelines from the Endocrine Society aim to detect cases early, get treatment started

May 03, 2013: Mild Hyperthyroidism Tied to Higher Death Risk
Danish study did not prove a cause-and-effect link, however

April 16, 2013: Some Slightly Obese May Gain From Weight-Loss Surgery, Guidelines Say
Medical groups lower threshold for body-fat levels in new recommendations

October 24, 2012: Millions May Be Taking Vitamin D Unnecessarily, Analysis Suggests
Health experts disagree on safe levels needed to prevent illness

March 07, 2012: Experimental Drug Shows Promise Against Cushing's Disease
In phase 3 trial, symptoms improved in people with rare hormonal disorder, study found

February 21, 2012: Type 1 Diabetes May Develop More Slowly Than Thought
Study finds gradual decline in insulin production, which could extend treatment options

November 10, 2011: Stem-Cell Transplants Restored Pituitary Function in Mice
Expert said findings might someday help people with pituitary gland failure

October 10, 2011: Shift Workers Show Rise in Stress Hormone
Long-term cortisol levels higher among workers under 40, study finds

October 07, 2011: Is Female Hormone Disorder Tied to Familial Heart Risk?
Various forms of heart disease seen in parents of polycystic ovary syndrome patients, study says

June 14, 2011: Hormone Linked to Death Risk in Those With Early Kidney Disease
Strength of the association with mortality surprised researchers

March 24, 2011: High Levels of PFCs Might Bring Early Menopause
Study found exposure to chemicals may disrupt a woman's endocrine system