July 18, 2014: Can Bike Riding Up Prostate Cancer Risk?
Experts note study findings aren't definitive, and risk is minimal

June 28, 2014: Prepare for Summer Sports to Avoid Injury
Wear appropriate footwear, vary your activities, and stretch and warm-up, advises expert

June 06, 2014: Health Tip: Teach Kids Bike Safety Rules
Including where it's safe to ride

June 03, 2014: Bicyclists Happier Than Drivers, Train Riders, Study Says
Car passengers are generally in a good mood, too

June 03, 2014: Fish, Exercise May Help Thwart Colon Cancer's Return: Study
Healthy habits important even when you're sick, researcher says

May 19, 2014: Sports Injuries Can Damage Kidneys, Study Finds
Researchers urge doctors to consider possibility of renal trauma in these cases

April 15, 2014: Health Tip: Practice Biking Safety
Follow the rules of the road

April 07, 2014: Having Kids Walk to School Comes With Risks, Benefits
Added physical activity is healthy for youngsters, but traffic poses danger, study finds

February 05, 2014: Shivering, Like Exercise, May Help Boost Weight Loss
When you shiver, your body converts white fat to healthier brown fat, study finds

January 08, 2014: Just 1 in 4 U.S. Teens Gets Enough Exercise: Report
Boys slightly more likely than girls to meet hour-a-day recommendation

November 29, 2013: Distracted-Driving Deaths of Pedestrians, Cyclists Up in U.S., Study Finds
Most killed during daylight hours

November 19, 2013: Kids Worldwide Getting Less Heart Fit, Research Shows
Large study of running fitness in recent decades found today's children are much slower

November 12, 2013: Aerobics Might Boost Brain Health for Older Adults
Researchers said staying mentally sharp most important to those over 50

October 28, 2013: Too Few Kids Follow Bike Helmet Laws, Study Finds
In L.A. County over 5-year period, 8 of 9 children who died in bike accidents weren't wearing helmets

October 14, 2013: Exercise Might Boost Men's Sperm Counts, Study Finds
Meanwhile, other research saw no fertility effects from caffeine, alcohol

August 06, 2013: Walking to Work Tied to Lower Diabetes Risk
Car commuters have higher blood pressure, more obesity, U.K. study also found

June 10, 2013: Kids With Past Concussions Take Longer to Recover
Study has implications for how long children should wait to resume activities, experts say

June 04, 2013: Health Tip: Pack a Bike-Friendly Snack
Bananas are a good choice

May 29, 2013: And America's Fittest City Is...
New report highlights healthiest metropolitan areas

March 19, 2013: Fewer Kids Getting Hurt in Most Sports, Study Finds
However, football and soccer injuries have risen over past decade

March 18, 2013: New Guidelines Raise Safety Bar on Concussions
If head trauma is suspected, health care professional should determine it is safe to return to play, recommendations say

March 07, 2013: Short-Term Exercise Might Boost Young People's Self-Control
Study findings, if confirmed, may have relevance for treating ADHD, autism

December 14, 2012: Olympic Medalists May Also Claim 'Survival Advantage'
Both low- and high-impact sports add years to life, studies find

November 30, 2012: To Get More Fit, Find a Stronger Workout Partner
Study shows even a virtual one can spur you to exercise longer

November 26, 2012: Alzheimer's May Progress Differently in Women, Men
Study found variations in brain matter loss, early mental decline

November 14, 2012: Health Tip: Is Your Child Ready for a Tricycle?
Generally not before age 3

November 12, 2012: Genital Injuries Common But Preventable, Researchers Say
Men more often hurt, with younger males tending to get injured on bikes, older males slipping in the tub

October 29, 2012: Exercise and Weight Loss Give Brain a Boost, Study Finds
Getting fit helped overweight, inactive adults sharpen their thinking skills, too

October 15, 2012: Study Shows Bicycle Helmets Save Lives
For cyclists killed in crashes, head injury much more likely among non-helmet wearers

October 11, 2012: As Armstrong Case Unfolds, Experts Describe Doping's Harms
Heart disease, liver disease and behavior problems are among possible health consequences

October 07, 2012: Even a Little Exercise Boosts Self-Esteem in Overweight Teens
Study found mental health benefits from a couple hours of light-to-moderate activity each week

October 02, 2012: Impact Tests Show Bike Helmets Protect Kids in Crashes
Acceleration forces, effects of crush accidents were reduced

September 18, 2012: Exercise May Prevent Stress and Anxiety, Study Suggests
Moderate physical activity can help people manage daily stressors, researchers say

September 09, 2012: Put Traffic Safety on Back-to-School 'To-Do' List: Experts
Kids, whether traveling by bus, bike, car or foot, should be taught how to avoid accidents

August 13, 2012: More Evidence That Exercise in Middle Age Boosts Health
Brisk walking, biking, even house and yard work can cut harmful inflammation, study finds

August 08, 2012: Too Much Travel May Be Tough on Olympians
Study finds traveling across more than five time zones to compete raises chances of illness

August 03, 2012: Race-Day Diet Can Make or Break a Competitive Cyclist
HealthDay reporter describes nutrition regimen for grueling West Coast bike ride

July 16, 2012: Playing Several Sports Keeps Kids Slimmer: Study
Walking or biking to school can help, too

July 10, 2012: Health Tip: Be a Safe Biker
Wear sports glasses to protect your eyes

May 26, 2012: Exercise Helps Older Adults Stay Fit
Expert offers advice on working out in your 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond

May 21, 2012: Vigorous Exercise Might Keep Psoriasis at Bay
But only intense activities seemed to lower risk in large study of women

May 09, 2012: Health Tip: Make Sure Your Child's Bike is the Right Size
Don't purposely buy one that the child will 'grow into'

May 05, 2012: City Bike-Share Riders Seldom Wear Helmets
Experts say public programs are beneficial, but bareheaded biking is dangerous

March 19, 2012: Exercise May Trigger Orgasm in Some Women
Survey results suggest phenomenon is not rare, but causes remain unclear

March 15, 2012: Bike Trail in Poorer Neighborhood Boosts Exercise
Extra-wide, two-mile trail in Tennessee draws joggers, bike riders

February 27, 2012: 'Active' Video Games May Not Boost Kids' Fitness: Study
Wii games were no better than 'inactive' selections, researchers found

December 07, 2011: Marathons May Damage Part of Heart: Study
But this doesn't mean endurance sports are bad for you, researcher says

October 07, 2011: Bicycle May Speed Up Parkinson's Diagnosis
Ability to ride a bike may help doctors distinguish between motor disorders, study says

September 15, 2011: Health Tip: Is Your Child Ready for a Tricycle?
Heed these safety suggestions

September 01, 2011: Greater Exercise Intensity May Add Years to Life
How hard you work out seems to trump how long you work out for boosting longevity, study says