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Motorized Stationary Bike May Help With Stroke Rehabilitation February 12, 2015

Aerobic exercise improved outlook and helped patients regain everyday skills

U.S. Bicyclist Deaths on the Rise, Study Finds January 02, 2015

Two-thirds of riders who died weren't wearing helmets, report notes

Health Tip: Does Your Bike Helmet Fit? December 10, 2014

It should be snug, yet comfortable

Walking, Biking to Work Seems to Have Mental Health Benefits September 15, 2014

Active commuters less stressed, better able to concentrate than those who drive, research shows

Want to Stay Slim? Leave the Car at Home August 20, 2014

Driving to work, rather than walking, cycling or public transit, tied to extra pounds in study

Prepare for Summer Sports to Avoid Injury June 28, 2014

Wear appropriate footwear, vary your activities, and stretch and warm-up, advises expert

Health Tip: Teach Kids Bike Safety Rules June 06, 2014

Including where it's safe to ride

Bicyclists Happier Than Drivers, Train Riders, Study Says June 03, 2014

Car passengers are generally in a good mood, too

Fish, Exercise May Help Thwart Colon Cancer's Return: Study June 03, 2014

Healthy habits important even when you're sick, researcher says

Sports Injuries Can Damage Kidneys, Study Finds May 19, 2014

Researchers urge doctors to consider possibility of renal trauma in these cases

Health Tip: Practice Biking Safety April 15, 2014

Follow the rules of the road

Having Kids Walk to School Comes With Risks, Benefits April 07, 2014

Added physical activity is healthy for youngsters, but traffic poses danger, study finds

Shivering, Like Exercise, May Help Boost Weight Loss February 05, 2014

When you shiver, your body converts white fat to healthier brown fat, study finds

Just 1 in 4 U.S. Teens Gets Enough Exercise: Report January 08, 2014

Boys slightly more likely than girls to meet hour-a-day recommendation

Distracted-Driving Deaths of Pedestrians, Cyclists Up in U.S., Study Finds November 29, 2013

Most killed during daylight hours

Kids Worldwide Getting Less Heart Fit, Research Shows November 19, 2013

Large study of running fitness in recent decades found today's children are much slower

Aerobics Might Boost Brain Health for Older Adults November 12, 2013

Researchers said staying mentally sharp most important to those over 50

Too Few Kids Follow Bike Helmet Laws, Study Finds October 28, 2013

In L.A. County over 5-year period, 8 of 9 children who died in bike accidents weren't wearing helmets

Exercise Might Boost Men's Sperm Counts, Study Finds October 14, 2013

Meanwhile, other research saw no fertility effects from caffeine, alcohol

Walking to Work Tied to Lower Diabetes Risk August 06, 2013

Car commuters have higher blood pressure, more obesity, U.K. study also found

Kids With Past Concussions Take Longer to Recover June 10, 2013

Study has implications for how long children should wait to resume activities, experts say

Health Tip: Pack a Bike-Friendly Snack June 04, 2013

Bananas are a good choice

And America's Fittest City Is... May 29, 2013

New report highlights healthiest metropolitan areas

Fewer Kids Getting Hurt in Most Sports, Study Finds March 19, 2013

However, football and soccer injuries have risen over past decade

New Guidelines Raise Safety Bar on Concussions March 18, 2013

If head trauma is suspected, health care professional should determine it is safe to return to play, recommendations say

Short-Term Exercise Might Boost Young People's Self-Control March 07, 2013

Study findings, if confirmed, may have relevance for treating ADHD, autism

Olympic Medalists May Also Claim 'Survival Advantage' December 14, 2012

Both low- and high-impact sports add years to life, studies find

To Get More Fit, Find a Stronger Workout Partner November 30, 2012

Study shows even a virtual one can spur you to exercise longer

Alzheimer's May Progress Differently in Women, Men November 26, 2012

Study found variations in brain matter loss, early mental decline

Health Tip: Is Your Child Ready for a Tricycle? November 14, 2012

Generally not before age 3

Genital Injuries Common But Preventable, Researchers Say November 12, 2012

Men more often hurt, with younger males tending to get injured on bikes, older males slipping in the tub

Exercise and Weight Loss Give Brain a Boost, Study Finds October 29, 2012

Getting fit helped overweight, inactive adults sharpen their thinking skills, too

Study Shows Bicycle Helmets Save Lives October 15, 2012

For cyclists killed in crashes, head injury much more likely among non-helmet wearers

As Armstrong Case Unfolds, Experts Describe Doping's Harms October 11, 2012

Heart disease, liver disease and behavior problems are among possible health consequences

Even a Little Exercise Boosts Self-Esteem in Overweight Teens October 07, 2012

Study found mental health benefits from a couple hours of light-to-moderate activity each week

Impact Tests Show Bike Helmets Protect Kids in Crashes October 02, 2012

Acceleration forces, effects of crush accidents were reduced

Exercise May Prevent Stress and Anxiety, Study Suggests September 18, 2012

Moderate physical activity can help people manage daily stressors, researchers say

Put Traffic Safety on Back-to-School 'To-Do' List: Experts September 09, 2012

Kids, whether traveling by bus, bike, car or foot, should be taught how to avoid accidents

More Evidence That Exercise in Middle Age Boosts Health August 13, 2012

Brisk walking, biking, even house and yard work can cut harmful inflammation, study finds

Too Much Travel May Be Tough on Olympians August 08, 2012

Study finds traveling across more than five time zones to compete raises chances of illness

Race-Day Diet Can Make or Break a Competitive Cyclist August 03, 2012

HealthDay reporter describes nutrition regimen for grueling West Coast bike ride

Playing Several Sports Keeps Kids Slimmer: Study July 16, 2012

Walking or biking to school can help, too

Health Tip: Be a Safe Biker July 10, 2012

Wear sports glasses to protect your eyes

Exercise Helps Older Adults Stay Fit May 26, 2012

Expert offers advice on working out in your 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond

Vigorous Exercise Might Keep Psoriasis at Bay May 21, 2012

But only intense activities seemed to lower risk in large study of women

Health Tip: Make Sure Your Child's Bike is the Right Size May 09, 2012

Don't purposely buy one that the child will 'grow into'

City Bike-Share Riders Seldom Wear Helmets May 05, 2012

Experts say public programs are beneficial, but bareheaded biking is dangerous

Exercise May Trigger Orgasm in Some Women March 19, 2012

Survey results suggest phenomenon is not rare, but causes remain unclear

Bike Trail in Poorer Neighborhood Boosts Exercise March 15, 2012

Extra-wide, two-mile trail in Tennessee draws joggers, bike riders

'Active' Video Games May Not Boost Kids' Fitness: Study February 27, 2012

Wii games were no better than 'inactive' selections, researchers found