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Football Leads in College Sports Injuries, But Wrestling Most DangerousDecember 10, 2015

Study finds more than 47,000 football injuries per year, with games more hazardous than practices

Concussions Are Biggest Health Risk to CheerleadersDecember 10, 2015

As sport becomes more competitive, stunts become more dangerous, but injury rates still low, study finds

Weight, Exercise May Affect Children's Thinking SkillsNovember 02, 2015

Kids who participate in dance or sports better able to pay attention and solve problems, research suggests

Expert Tips for Preventing Kids' Sports InjuriesSeptember 25, 2015

Children need breaks from playing to avoid overuse injuries, orthopedic surgeon says

Training Programs Protect Young Athletes From ACL Tears: ReportApril 28, 2014

Knee ligament injuries are rising among kids in sports, especially girls, experts say

Concussed Athletes May Not Be Good at Self-Reporting RecoveryAugust 08, 2013

Memory, thinking test spotted problems that injured cheerleaders didn't report or recognize, study finds

As Cheerleading Evolves, Injuries MountJune 28, 2013

Experts say it's a competitive sport whose athletes need better protection

Health Tip: Teach Kids to Prevent Overuse InjuriesMarch 11, 2013

Encourage safety during sports

Olympic Medalists May Also Claim 'Survival Advantage'December 14, 2012

Both low- and high-impact sports add years to life, studies find

Cheerleading Needs Safety Guidelines, Pediatricians SayOctober 22, 2012

American Academy of Pediatrics says more complex stunting, acrobatics call for greater surveillance

Too Much Travel May Be Tough on OlympiansAugust 08, 2012

Study finds traveling across more than five time zones to compete raises chances of illness