April 28, 2014: Training Programs Protect Young Athletes From ACL Tears: Report
Knee ligament injuries are rising among kids in sports, especially girls, experts say

August 08, 2013: Concussed Athletes May Not Be Good at Self-Reporting Recovery
Memory, thinking test spotted problems that injured cheerleaders didn't report or recognize, study finds

June 28, 2013: As Cheerleading Evolves, Injuries Mount
Experts say it's a competitive sport whose athletes need better protection

March 11, 2013: Health Tip: Teach Kids to Prevent Overuse Injuries
Encourage safety during sports

December 14, 2012: Olympic Medalists May Also Claim 'Survival Advantage'
Both low- and high-impact sports add years to life, studies find

October 22, 2012: Cheerleading Needs Safety Guidelines, Pediatricians Say
American Academy of Pediatrics says more complex stunting, acrobatics call for greater surveillance

August 08, 2012: Too Much Travel May Be Tough on Olympians
Study finds traveling across more than five time zones to compete raises chances of illness

October 13, 2011: Overzealous Parents, Coaches Take the Fun From Kids' Sports
The result: It might push children away from physical activity

June 21, 2011: Experts Issue Guidelines on Safe Weight Loss for Athletes
Taking drastic measures to shed pounds to perform better harms health, they add

May 02, 2011: Kids Specializing in One Sport More Likely to Get Hurt: Study
Growing bodies more vulnerable to repetitive injuries, intense play, researchers say

April 05, 2011: Girls in Some Sports Face Raised Risk of Stress Fractures: Study
More than 8 hours a week of basketball, gymnastics or cheerleading doubled chances

December 07, 2010: Youth Sports Injuries Reaching Epidemic Levels, Experts Report
8,000 kids are treated in ERs daily, trainers' association says

October 25, 2010: Health Tip: Help Prevent Gymnastics Injuries
Here are some suggestions

June 11, 2010: Even in Non-Contact Sports, Mouth Guards Are Essential
They help keep people of all ages and all sports smiling, experts say

May 11, 2010: Rhythmic Gymnastics May Help Girls Build Strong Bones
Long-term benefits unknown, but could reduce future fracture risk, researchers speculate

November 16, 2009: Experts Urge School Screening of Athletes' Hearts
Inexpensive EKGs would reduce risk of sudden death, study finds

July 06, 2009: Kids of Parents Who Value Exercise Are More Active
Study found parents still show a gender bias, however

December 01, 2008: Young Gymnasts Facing Broad Range of New Injuries
MRI scans show knuckle, wrist and bone damage that could develop into early osteoarthritis