March 13, 2014: Blood Test Might Help Spot, Monitor Concussions
Study found levels of a protein linked with brain damage spiked right after injury, dropped with recovery

January 20, 2014: Despite New Rules, Injuries Still Costly for NHL, Study Finds
Added safety measures appear necessary to protect hockey players' health

January 01, 2014: When Winter Fun Isn't So Fun
Sledding, skating, skiing and other cold weather activities all carry a potential risk of harm

April 20, 2013: Young Athletes Urged to Use Face-Protecting Gear
Mouth guards, helmets and face shields can save teeth and more, experts say

March 11, 2013: Health Tip: Teach Kids to Prevent Overuse Injuries
Encourage safety during sports

January 18, 2013: Hockey Rule Changes Could Cut Player Aggression, Injuries
Evidence review looked at effects of league safety regulations

January 13, 2013: Snowboarding Tops List of Winter-Sports Injuries
But orthopedic surgeon says deadliest activity is 'skitching'

December 14, 2012: Olympic Medalists May Also Claim 'Survival Advantage'
Both low- and high-impact sports add years to life, studies find

December 04, 2012: Fractures Take High Toll on High School Athletes
Study found most of these injuries from boys' contact sports, girls' lacrosse

November 26, 2012: Cardiac Screening for All Young Athletes Carries Big Price Tag: Study
More than $10 million to save one life in U.S., but critic asks why it needs to cost so much

October 12, 2012: Consistent Criteria for Sports Concussion Might Aid Diagnosis
Relying on athletes' reported symptoms could miss serious head injuries, study suggests

July 24, 2012: Teaching Young Hockey Players to Body Check Doesn't Cut Injury Risk
Learning to take a hit doesn't make children less likely to sustain injuries, study says

July 23, 2012: Pre-Season Fitness Not a Factor in Collegiate Sports Injury Risk
But gender, type of sport played are, Canadian researchers report

May 16, 2012: Head Blows May Hamper Learning in College Athletes
Some football, hockey players show postseason decline, study finds

October 21, 2011: Hockey Fistfights Rarely Cause Injuries, Study Claims
Punches thrown on solid ground pack more power, researchers say

June 20, 2011: Results of Bodychecking in Youth Hockey Examined
Canadian study finds injury rates at age 13-14 don't depend on age when kids began bodychecking

November 03, 2010: Concussion Rate in Young Hockey Players Higher Than Thought
Canadian researchers found rate was three times that reported in earlier studies

September 28, 2010: Team Sports Pep Up Middle-School Kids
Those who participate say they feel better mentally and physically, researchers find

September 26, 2010: ER Visits for Kids' Ice Hockey Injuries Soar
From 1990 to 2006, emergency treatment for players aged 9 to 14 rose 163 percent, study finds

August 05, 2010: 'Body Checking' Not to Blame for Most Ice Hockey Injuries: Study
The majority of youth players are not hurt intentionally, researchers say

June 11, 2010: Even in Non-Contact Sports, Mouth Guards Are Essential
They help keep people of all ages and all sports smiling, experts say

March 14, 2010: Scans May Be Misleading for Hockey Players
MRIs shouldn't take the place of a good clinical exam, study finds

November 16, 2009: Experts Urge School Screening of Athletes' Hearts
Inexpensive EKGs would reduce risk of sudden death, study finds

July 06, 2009: Team Sports Can't Compete With Films to Keep Kids From Smoking
Tobacco use in movies has pervasive influence on kids, researchers say