April 30, 2014: High-Fiber Diet May Aid Heart Attack Survivors
Study suggests whole grains might be particularly important

December 20, 2013: Fiber-Rich Foods May Cut Your Risk of Heart Disease
International study looked at fiber from wide range of sources

October 25, 2013: Study Links Americans' Low Fiber Intake to Higher Heart Risk
Research looked at a decade of data from thousands of U.S. adults

June 20, 2013: Timing Is Everything When Eating Fruits, Vegetables
Study found that when they're eaten and how they're stored can determine their nutritional value

March 28, 2013: More Dietary Fiber Might Help Thwart Stroke: Study
Simple measures include adding fruits, veggies to your diet, experts say

January 17, 2013: Not All Whole Grain Products Are Created Equal, Study Claims
Harvard researchers report that some are healthier than others

June 05, 2012: Low-Fiber Diet May Raise Teens' Risk for Heart Disease, Diabetes
And most teens don't consume enough 'roughage,' study found

January 27, 2012: Common Gastro Disease Occurs Even With High-Fiber Diet
Eating less fiber was linked to lower diverticulosis risk in study, but no proof of cause and effect

November 14, 2011: Study Suggests Exercise May Help Memory of Fibromyalgia Patients
The trial was small, however, and the researchers were hoping for better results

November 11, 2011: High-Fiber Diet May Help Thwart Colon Cancer
Review of studies suggests cereals, whole grains deliver health benefits

July 01, 2011: Soluble Fiber Appears Key to Trimming 'Bad Fat'
For every 10-gram daily increase, belly fat cut by nearly 4 percent over five years, researchers say

March 22, 2011: Fiber May Lessen Lifetime Risk for Heart Problems
Study finds that odds of disease were lowest for those who consumed the most fiber

November 26, 2010: Health Tip: Feel Better Despite Fibromyalgia
Suggestions for what you can do

September 17, 2009: More Whole Grains May Mean Less Fat
In older eaters, fiber content of cereals has biggest effect, study finds

June 01, 2009: Health Tip: Eat Enough Fiber
It's a needed part of a healthy diet

May 01, 2009: More Educated Choose Healthier Foods, But Pay More
Higher quality diets also associated with higher income levels, study finds