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Exercise May Be Good Medicine for Irregular Heartbeat August 24, 2015

Obese patients with atrial fibrillation saw odds of recurrence decline as fitness level improved

Health Tip: Kick Off Your Exercise Program August 18, 2015

Start with doctor's approval and a plan

Clubs, Adult Support Can Help Kids Stay Slim August 14, 2015

Being active and having positive role models is key, new study finds

Health Tip: Use Caution When Exercising in Hot Weather August 14, 2015

Drink lots of water, and dress for it

Health Tip: Vary Your Exercise Routine July 16, 2015

It will be more fun and make for a better workout

Keeping Fit May Halve Seniors' Heart Failure Risk July 06, 2015

Study suggests health choices still make a difference in old age

Extreme Exercising Can Lead to Blood Poisoning, Study Reveals June 19, 2015

Expert says gradual training can help prevent problems

Exercise May Have Benefits Beyond Fitness in Type 2 Diabetes June 18, 2015

Study finds aerobics or strength training can improve blood sugar levels, lower body fat and waist size

COPD Patients Less Active, Which Can Worsen Outcomes June 17, 2015

Study finds a 'vicious circle' where decline in exercise exacerbates the disease

Most Physical Activity Helps You Sleep Better June 12, 2015

But housework and child care linked to poorer slumber

Health Tip: Avoiding Overuse Injury May 27, 2015

Vary your exercise routine

Health Tip: Exercise Boosts Heart Health May 22, 2015

It can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol

Staying Fit May Delay Onset of High Cholesterol, Study Finds May 11, 2015

Regular physical activity seems to put off age-related increases in men by up to 15 years

Health Tip: Looking for an Exercise Product? April 02, 2015

If possible, verify manufacturer claims

Health Tip: Build a Fitness Support System March 11, 2015

Get family and friends to keep you motivated

Health Tip: Benefits From Proper Diet and Exercise March 10, 2015

Positives include better stress management

Fit Body at 40 May Keep Brain Bright at 60 March 04, 2015

Tests show higher midlife fitness levels tied to greater brain volume, function decades later

Health Tip: Conquering Exercise Saboteurs March 04, 2015

Don't use stress as an excuse

Sleep Apnea May Lower Your Aerobic Fitness December 03, 2014

People with the sleep disorder take in less oxygen during exercise, small study finds

Home Exercise Boosts Heart Patients' Frame of Mind November 19, 2014

But in-hospital workouts didn't produce same results, study found

Want to Be a Leader? Cultivate a Healthy Look November 05, 2014

The appearance of fitness trumps a look of intelligence, study says

Dads Face Guilt About Workouts, Just Like Moms Do October 17, 2014

Both parents tend to view exercise as a selfish behavior that takes up family time, researcher says

Health Tip: Exercise With Weights October 03, 2014

Suggestions for safe strength training

Health Tip: Get Fit With a Buddy September 23, 2014

It's easier than going it alone

Blood Pressure Seems to Stay Lower Longer in Fitter Men September 15, 2014

Study suggests heart-healthy exercise may keep blood vessels more flexible

Health Tip: Keep Your Family Moving September 10, 2014

Offer toys that spur exercise

Health Tip: Incorporating Flexibility Training August 22, 2014

Stretching, for example, can help improve range of motion

Fitness May Boost Kids' Brainpower August 19, 2014

Study found fitter kids had different white matter, which helps brain regions communicate with each other

Health Tip: Practice a Well-Balanced Exercise Program August 18, 2014

Don't focus on just one form of activity

Health Tip: Warm Up Before Exercise August 13, 2014

It boosts metabolism before activity

Health Tip: Dressing for Fitness Success August 12, 2014

Clothing should be loose, lightweight

Fitness May Help Ward Off Depression in Girls August 07, 2014

Being in good physical condition likely to help boys avoid the blues too, expert says

Could Fitter Kids Be Smarter Kids, Too? June 06, 2014

Children who are physically fit might do better with reading, language skills, researchers report

U.S. Teens' Cardiorespiratory Fitness Has Dropped in Last Decade: Report May 28, 2014

Overweight kids have worse fitness levels than those of normal weight

Fit Kids Have Better Body-Fat Distribution, Study Finds May 23, 2014

Active children show fewer signs of future heart disease

Health Tip: Exercise for Stress Relief May 16, 2014

Get aerobic activity regularly

Fitness May Help Older Men With High Blood Pressure Live Longer May 12, 2014

Seniors with high fitness levels had half the risk of dying, finds study

Is Healthy Obesity a Myth? April 30, 2014

Study found even with normal blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels, the obese had more artery plaque

Poor Fitness in Middle Age Tied to Early Death Risk in Study April 30, 2014

Grip strength, ability to rise from chair and standing balance measured

More Muscle May Help Kidney Dialysis Patients April 24, 2014

Small study found those with greater muscle mass could walk farther, reported better mental health

Teens' Screen Time May Affect Their Bone Health: Study April 04, 2014

Researchers in Norway found contrasting bone density results in boys, girls

Too Much Running Tied to Shorter Lifespan, Studies Find April 01, 2014

New research rules out heart risk, certain medications as a contributing factor

When Moms Get Active, Kids Follow March 24, 2014

Study of 4-year-olds suggests mothers help by spurring activity, taking part and being role models

Basketball's Fitness Benefits a Sure Bet March 21, 2014

Shooting hoops beats watching 'March Madness' when it comes to your health, expert says

Poor Fitness in Middle Age Tied to Higher Risk of Dementia March 05, 2014

Change factors like exercise while you can, Finnish researchers advise

Vigorous Exertion at Work May Trigger Heart Attacks, Strokes February 25, 2014

Study looked at circumstances of firefighters who died on the job

Students' Health Habits Tied to School Success February 22, 2014

Fitness, nutrition, proper sleep and TV restrictions appeared to make a difference in study of city kids

Too Much Sitting May Be Harmful for Older Women January 17, 2014

12-year study of 93,000 women found higher risk of early death for least active

Health Tip: Don't Think of Exercise as a Chore January 09, 2014

Engage in activities that you enjoy

Fitness in Teen Years May Guard Against Heart Trouble Later January 08, 2014

Swedish study found link between aerobic fitness at 18 and lowered heart attack risk in middle age