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FDA Expands Use of Imbruvica for Form of Leukemia July 28, 2014

People with CLL and a specific genetic anomaly can now get the therapy

Beleodaq Approved for Aggressive non-Hodgkin Lymphoma July 03, 2014

When lymph nodes become cancerous

Latest Study Finds No Link Between Testosterone Supplements, Heart Attack July 02, 2014

Finding runs counter to some prior reports; much larger trials are needed, experts say

Inhaled Medication Afrezza Approved to Treat Diabetes June 30, 2014

A rapid-acting inhaled insulin

FDA Approves Inhaled Diabetes Medication June 30, 2014

Afrezza is taken at mealtimes, along with long-acting insulin or standard diabetes pills

Numbing Medications Can Harm Teething Babies, FDA Warns June 26, 2014

Products containing lidocaine or benzocaine have been linked to serious illness and even death, agency says

Some Acne Products Can Trigger Severe Allergic Reactions: FDA June 25, 2014

In rare instances, reactions are potentially life-threatening, agency says

Blood Pressure Kiosks May Not Always Give Accurate Readings June 24, 2014

FDA experts warn that if the cuff is too small or too large for your arm, the results may not be reliable

Sivextro Approved for Severe Skin Infections June 23, 2014

Antibiotic can be injected or taken as a pill

Testosterone Products Must Warn About Risk of Venous Clots: FDA June 20, 2014

Announcement comes as agency continues broader review of the popular supplements' effects on heart

FDA: Bee Pollen Weight Loss Products Pose Health Risks June 20, 2014

Some contain undeclared ingredients that can harm people with high blood pressure, other ailments, agency says

FDA Panel Backs Appetite-Curbing Implant for Severely Obese June 18, 2014

Agency committee says nerve-stimulating device may offer more benefits than risks

Lymphoseek Approved for Diagnosing Cancer Severity June 13, 2014

Imaging agent helps determine if squamous cell has spread to head and neck

Pregnant or Breast-feeding Women Urged to Eat More Fish June 10, 2014

Choose types lower in mercury, such as cod, salmon and tilapia, FDA and EPA say

Exercise May Spur More Varied Gut Microbes, Study Finds June 10, 2014

In turn, that may boost immune system and overall health, researchers note

FDA Sets Safety Standards for Infant Formula June 09, 2014

Rules call for periodic testing for nutritional content, good manufacturing practices

New Hemophilia Remedy Offers Potential for Fewer Injections June 09, 2014

And fewer episodes of bleeding

Sizing Up Your Options for Hay Fever Relief June 08, 2014

Newly approved meds dial down your immune system's reaction to allergens

New Test Helps Doctors ID Kidney Disease Cause June 02, 2014

Including autoimmune or infection

Melanoma Drug Trials Show Significant Promise June 02, 2014

By targeting immune system, new treatments extend average survival

FDA Approves Generic Version of Painkiller Celebrex May 30, 2014

Medicine will carry warning alerting users of potential heart risks

Diabetes Drug May Spur Weight Loss in Obese Nondiabetics May 30, 2014

One-third who took Victoza lost 10 percent of body weight, researchers say

FDA Orders New Warning Labels for Tanning Beds May 29, 2014

All sunlamp devices must warn against use by people under 18, agency says

Remote Monitoring Device Approved for Heart Patients May 29, 2014

Measures pulmonary artery pressure and heart rate

FDA Approves Antibiotic for Skin Infections May 27, 2014

Dalvance (dalbavancin) should help against bacteria resistant to older drugs

Illegal Online Meds Targeted in Worldwide Crackdown, FDA Says May 22, 2014

More than 19,600 packages seized in U.S., including drugs for diabetes, glaucoma and impotence

FDA OKs Test to Improve Blood Donor-Recipient Matching May 22, 2014

New method uses genetics and computer technology to determine most compatible red blood cells

FDA OKs New Drug for Hard-to-Treat Colitis and Crohn's May 21, 2014

Injections of Entyvio may help when standard therapy for the digestive disorders has failed

Entyvio Approved for Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease May 20, 2014

Two chronic gastrointestinal diseases

FDA Approves New Artificial Sweetener May 20, 2014

Advantame can be used to sweeten coffee, tea and as an ingredient in cooking

Start Sleep Drug Lunesta at Lower Dose for Safety, FDA Says May 15, 2014

Agency points to studies showing daytime drowsiness that could interfere with driving

FDA OKs Artificial Arm That Does Complex Tasks May 09, 2014

DEKA Arm System allows user to multi-task, agency says

Bionic Prosthetic Arm Approved May 09, 2014

Helps amputees perform complex tasks by using signals from nearby muscles

FDA Approves New Type of Anti-Clotting Drug May 09, 2014

Zontivity, which belongs to a novel class of drugs, reduced heart, stroke, cardiovascular death in patients

Zontivity Approved For People at High-Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke May 08, 2014

Drug designed to reduce blood clots

Nicotine Poisoning of Infant Highlights 'E-Cig' Dangers, Docs Report May 07, 2014

10-month-old boy was sickened but survived toxic ingestion of liquid used for 'vaping'

Daily Aspirin Regimen Not Safe for Everyone, FDA Warns May 06, 2014

It may cause more harm than good in those who have not experienced heart problems or stroke

FDA Panel Says No to Over-the-Counter Allergy Drug Singulair May 05, 2014

Experts expressed relief at the decision, citing safety concerns

FDA Moves Female Incontinence Device to 'High Risk' Status April 29, 2014

Vaginal mesh devices have been linked to pain, infection, other problems, agency says

FDA Warns Against Bogus Autism Treatments April 25, 2014

Consumers should beware of false, misleading claims, says agency, which has issued warnings to makers

Saturday Is National Drug Take-Back Day April 25, 2014

Rid your home of unused, expired prescription meds by turning them in at a collection site near you

FDA Advisers: Ban Use of Behavior-Modifying 'Shock Devices' April 25, 2014

The controversial tools are used on emotionally disabled kids at a Mass. facility

FDA Approves HPV Test as Initial Screen for Cervical Cancer April 24, 2014

Detects presence of high-risk strains of virus believed to cause disease

FDA Proposes E-Cigarette Regulations April 24, 2014

Opponents of the increasingly popular devices worry about their impact on children

FDA Reconsiders Behavior-Modifying 'Shock Devices' April 24, 2014

Agency meets Thursday to discuss outlawing tools used on emotionally disabled kids

Two Drugs Work Equally Well for Epileptic Seizures in Kids: Study April 22, 2014

Ativan, Valium both good options for emergency treatment, experts say

Cyramza Approved for Stomach Cancer April 21, 2014

Disease kills more than 10,000 people annually

Ragwitek Approved for Adult Ragweed Allergy April 18, 2014

Tablet placed under the tongue

Salmonella Cases Dip in U.S., But Food Poisoning Rates Remain High April 17, 2014

New CDC report finds certain contaminants, such as Vibrio and E. coli, on the rise

FDA Approves Under-the-Tongue Hay Fever Pill April 17, 2014

Ragwitek helps the body immunize itself against the offending plant