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New Drug Shows Promise Against Severe SinusitisFebruary 03, 2016

In early trial, dupilumab helped treat nasal polyps that contribute to the illness

FDA Warns of Lead Poisoning Risk From Cosmetic ClayJanuary 29, 2016

Agency tells users of Bentonite Me Baby to stop using product, get checked by their doctor

Zepatier Approved for Chronic Hepatitis CJanuary 29, 2016

Liver disease affects some 3 million Americans

Halaven Approved for Advanced Soft Tissue CancerJanuary 28, 2016

FDA says it's first liposarcoma drug to improve survival

New IBS Drug Eases Stomach Pain and Diarrhea for Some: StudyJanuary 20, 2016

But Viberzi is not a 'silver bullet,' digestive-disease doctor says

FDA Approves Redesign of Endoscope Tied to InfectionsJanuary 18, 2016

Olympus TJF-Q180V duodenoscope had been linked to serious infections, but redesign should lower the risk

Newly Designed Endoscope Receives FDA ApprovalJanuary 15, 2016

Manufacturer made changes to reduce risk of 'superbug' infection

Protect Yourself From Colds and Flu This WinterJanuary 08, 2016

FDA offers prevention tips, and backs flu vaccination

Some Steps to Help Protect Yourself From CancerJanuary 08, 2016

Screening and a healthy lifestyle are key, physician says

Device Approved for Diabetic Foot UlcersJanuary 07, 2016

Wounds lead to thousands of amputations annually

It's Not Too Late to Get a Flu ShotDecember 30, 2015

Influenza activity usually peaks in January or February, FDA says

Zurampic Approved for GoutDecember 23, 2015

Drug helps control blood levels of uric acid

Uptravi Approved for Chronic Lung DiseaseDecember 22, 2015

Pulmonary arterial hypertension

Alecensa Approved for Lung Cancer Tied to Gene MutationDecember 11, 2015

Drug to be used for ALK-positive non-small cell lung cancers

Vistogard Approved for Chemotherapy OverdoseDecember 11, 2015

For drugs often prescribed to treat breast, colon cancers

Cooling Cap to Reduce Chemo-Linked Hair Loss OK'dDecember 09, 2015

Designed for women diagnosed with breast cancer

Doctors Rally in Support of Fibroid Device Curbed by FDADecember 08, 2015

Agency overstated odds of power morcellator spreading cancer, review group says

Vonvendi Approved to Control Bleeding DisorderDecember 08, 2015

Clotting factor sanctioned for von Willebrand disease

Kanuma Approved for Rare Missing-Enzyme DiseaseDecember 08, 2015

Wolman disease triggers fat buildup, leading to heart and liver problems

Empliciti Approved for Multiple MyelomaNovember 30, 2015

Drug boosts immune system to destroy cancer cells

Portrazza Approved for Advanced Lung CancerNovember 24, 2015

The top cause of cancer death in the United States

Opdivo Approved for Advanced Kidney CancerNovember 24, 2015

More than 14,000 projected to die from disease this year

Anthrax Vaccine Approval ExpandedNovember 24, 2015

Now sanctioned for adults 18 to 65 with known or suspected exposure

Narcan Nasal Spray Approved to Counter Narcotic Painkiller OverdoseNovember 19, 2015

First-of-its-kind drug sanctioned to reverse effects of heroin or oxycodone use

Genetically Engineered Salmon Gets FDA ApprovalNovember 19, 2015

It's first animal-based food to get OK from the agency, which says it's safe to eat and doesn't need special label

FDA Approves Nasal Spray to Reverse Narcotic Painkiller OverdoseNovember 19, 2015

Drug marketed as Narcan offers new treatment option for family members or first responders

Charges Filed Against Makers of Nutritional SupplementsNovember 18, 2015

One company in nationwide sweep sold products with ingredient that caused liver damage, FDA says

Darzalex Approved for Multiple MyelomaNovember 16, 2015

For people who have received other treatments

FDA Finalizes New Food Safety RulesNovember 13, 2015

Farms, importers will be responsible for preventing outbreaks of foodborne illness

FDA Wants Public Comment on Use of Word 'Natural' on Food LabelsNovember 11, 2015

Request is response to citizen petitions asking that the agency define the term

Cotellic Approved for Advanced MelanomaNovember 10, 2015

Nearly 10,000 projected to die this year from deadly skin cancer

FDA Approves Expanded Use for Melanoma DrugOctober 29, 2015

Yervoy can now be used after surgery to reduce risk of deadly skin cancer returning

Injected Drug Approved for Melanoma Skin CancerOctober 28, 2015

Imlygic designed to rupture and kill cancer cells

New Treatment for Melanoma Gets FDA ApprovalOctober 28, 2015

In early trial, genetically engineered cold sore virus was injected into tumors, caused them to rupture and die

Onivyde Approved for Advanced Pancreatic CancerOctober 23, 2015

Thousands projected to die from hard-to-treat disease

New Drug Approved for Soft-Tissue CancerOctober 23, 2015

Disease most often affects head, neck, extremities and torso

Illnesses, Deaths Spur FDA Warning on Hepatitis C DrugsOctober 23, 2015

Cautionary label will be added to Viekira Pak and Technivie, agency says

FDA Approves New Pancreatic Cancer DrugOctober 22, 2015

Agency says medication can be used in combination with others for advanced cases

Coagadex Approved for Rare Clotting DisorderOctober 21, 2015

First coagulation therapy sanctioned for Factor X deficiency

Pill for Low Libido in Women Goes on Sale on SaturdayOctober 18, 2015

Flibanserin can cause low blood pressure, loss of consciousness; not recommended for use with alcohol

FDA Approves Drug to Reverse Blood Thinner's EffectOctober 16, 2015

Praxbind cleared for emergency use with Pradaxa when bleeding can't be controlled

FDA Warns of Hazards From Imported SupplementsOctober 15, 2015

Danger for people who don't speak English well or have limited access to health services, agency says

Dietary Supplements Land Thousands in the ER Each YearOctober 14, 2015

Weight-loss products, energy boosters are common culprits, study finds

Aristada Approved for SchizophreniaOctober 06, 2015

Long-acting drug injected every four-to-six weeks

Optune Device Approved for Newly Diagnosed Brain CancerOctober 06, 2015

Emits electric pulses designed to thwart tumor growth

FDA Orders Studies on Contaminated Endoscopes Tied to Illness OutbreaksOctober 05, 2015

Duodenoscopes used at 2 Los Angeles hospitals carried drug-resistant 'superbug'

Keytruda Approved for Leading Form of Lung CancerOctober 02, 2015

Helps immune system fight non-small cell lung cancer

FDA Approves New Treatment for Lung CancerOctober 02, 2015

Keytruda shrank tumors in some patients with advanced disease

Lonsurf Approved for Advanced Colon CancerSeptember 22, 2015

Among people who aren't responding to other treatments

Vraylar Approved for Schizophrenia, Bipolar DisorderSeptember 18, 2015

Label warns against use by certain elderly