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Health Tip: Help Young Athletes Avoid Malnutrition January 19, 2017

Ways to prevent getting sick

Health Tip: Don't Waste Food January 19, 2017

Suggestions for cutting down

Could Grilled, Smoked Meats Lower Survival After Breast Cancer? January 18, 2017

Study can't prove cause and effect, but raises questions about beef, pork, lamb cooked at high temps

FDA Offers Guidance on Fish Intake for Kids, Pregnant Women January 18, 2017

Agency recommends 2-3 servings of 'best choices' weekly

Incentives May Spur Poor Families to Buy More Fruits, Veggies January 18, 2017

Many may not know about program that doubles value of food stamps spent on produce, study finds

Health Tip: Get Moving Toward a Healthier You January 18, 2017

Here's what you can do

Health Tip: Investing in Your Fitness January 18, 2017

Don't fall for fads and gimmicks

Monkey Study Boosts Theory That Fewer Calories Can Extend Life January 17, 2017

But calorie restriction should start at older ages, researchers say

Health Tip: Stick With Your Healthy-Eating Resolution January 17, 2017

Remain committed to your New Year's pledge

Can Coffee Perk Up Heart Health, Too? January 16, 2017

In lab tests, caffeine blocked inflammatory response, but did not prove cause-and-effect

Kids' Use of Artificial Sweeteners Spiked in Recent Years January 13, 2017

Some studies suggest a link between the sugar substitutes and obesity, researcher says

Most of Canada's Packaged Foods, Drinks Have Added Sugars January 12, 2017

Even so-called 'healthy' options and baby foods were laden with the sweet stuff, study finds

Sushi Lovers, Beware: Tapeworm Now Found in U.S. Salmon January 12, 2017

But risk of infection is low, infectious disease doctor says

Blood Levels of Meat-Linked Chemical Tied to Odds of Heart Trouble January 11, 2017

Produced when meat, eggs and dairy are digested, TMAO may trigger plaque buildup in vessels, researchers explain

Despite Pledges, No Improvement in Chain Restaurant Kids' Menus: Study January 11, 2017

A 2011 initiative to lower calories, sugar and salt hasn't yielded results, researchers say

Want to Leave Dinner Feeling Full? Bring on the Beans January 11, 2017

Vegetable patties make diners feel fuller than meat so they eat less, Danish study finds

Health Tip: Eat a Protein-Rich Breakfast January 11, 2017

Suggestions for what to serve

Government-Backed Salt Reduction Efforts Could Deliver Big Health Pay Day January 11, 2017

Researchers estimate a 10 percent cut in salt could save millions worldwide from heart disease

Lots of Red Meat May Be Tied to Gut Disorder in Men January 10, 2017

Diverticulitis involves tears or blockages in colon and can be very painful

Special Diet May Be Boon for Kids With Crohn's, Colitis January 10, 2017

Eating plan focuses on natural, non-processed foods, such as fruits, veggies and nuts

Health Tip: Improve Your Diet January 10, 2017

Eat healthier foods

Warmer Waters May Mean More Toxic Shellfish January 09, 2017

New scientific tool helps predict harmful algae blooms in Pacific

Health Tip: Enjoying Rare Meat Safely January 06, 2017

Suggestions to avoid food poisoning

Health Tip: Not All Food Myths Are Accurate January 05, 2017

Several myths debunked

More Signs Mediterranean Diet May Boost Your Brain January 04, 2017

Older adults who favored this eating style lost less brain volume, study finds

Plant-Based Diets Score Big for Healthy Weight Loss January 04, 2017

U.S. News & World Report ranks DASH diet No. 1 for 7th year in a row

Health Tip: Order a Healthier Breakfast January 04, 2017

Tips for better eating

Resolve to Reduce Your Cancer Risk This Year January 03, 2017

Healthy habits are key to preventing the disease, cancer experts say

Fish Oil During Pregnancy May Cut Kids' Asthma Risk December 29, 2016

High doses linked to 30 percent drop in children's odds of developing the airway disease, study finds

Healthy Snacks Can Be Smart Part of a Diabetes Diet December 28, 2016

Specialists recommend low-carb energy sources between meals

Why Acne Can Strike Women After the Teen Years December 28, 2016

Study suggests diet, stress and family history may play a role

Kids' Restaurant Meals Need Slimming Down: Nutritionists December 27, 2016

Popular children's fare at U.S. chains exceeds recommended calorie counts

Wiser, But Fatter, by Graduation December 26, 2016

Study finds 10-pound weight gain is about average for college students

Does Santa's Diet, Lifestyle Earn Him a Stocking Full of Coal? December 25, 2016

But, kudos for kicking that pipe smoking habit, a doctor says

Don't Let Food Poisoning Ruin Your Holiday Celebration December 23, 2016

Keep extra cooks out of the kitchen to avoid food safety mistakes, experts advise

Head Off 'Holiday Heart Syndrome' December 23, 2016

Eating and drinking too much can increase your risk for cardiac complications, experts advise

Health Tip: 3 Steps to Eating Healthier December 23, 2016

Avoid fat, sugar and salt

How to Ship Food Gifts Without Risk December 22, 2016

Even foods that are smoked, cured or fully cooked should be kept cold, experts advise

Child Deaths Highlight Choking Dangers Posed by Grapes December 21, 2016

Deaths of 5-year-old and toddler cited in new report

Cured Meats Could Aggravate Asthma, Study Suggests December 21, 2016

Symptoms worsened for those who often ate foods like ham and salami

Some Kids' Genes Might Make Food Ads More Tempting December 19, 2016

Brain scans showed they had more reaction in 'reward center' when viewing fast-food commercials

Health Tip: Add Color to Your Food December 19, 2016

And make meals more interesting

Health Tip: Get the Nutrients You Need December 16, 2016

Even if you're vegetarian or vegan

Health Tip: Using a Food Diary December 15, 2016

Questions you should ask yourself

Sniffing Out the Asparagus-Odor-in-Pee Mystery December 14, 2016

Genetics may explain the digestive puzzle, researchers say

Health Tip: Keep Teeth Healthy During the Holidays December 13, 2016

Suggestions for your pearly whites

Healthy Diet May Mean Longer Life for Kidney Patients December 08, 2016

Study found eating lots of fruit, vegetables, fish, whole grains was linked to lower rate of early death

Low-Carb Diet May Aid Your Metabolism December 02, 2016

Cutting back on sweets helps, while exercising before meals may not, small study finds

Americans Divided Over Organic, GM Foods: Poll December 01, 2016

Their opinions aren't driven by politics or income, researchers say

Vegetarian Diets Called Good for People and the Planet December 01, 2016

These food plans are safe at all stages of life, nutrition group says