July 21, 2014: Could Probiotics Help Tame High Blood Pressure?
Study suggests effect from helpful microbes in yogurt, supplements, but more research is needed

July 21, 2014: Waistlines of U.S. Kids Seem to Be Holding Steady, Study Finds
But too many children and teens remain obese, experts say

July 18, 2014: Food Safety Tips for the Summer
Clean hands, proper food temperatures are key to preventing foodborne illnesses, expert says

July 18, 2014: Health Tip: Keep a Food Diary
It may help you lose weight

July 17, 2014: Energy Drink 'Cocktails' May Boost Desire to Drink More
Alcohol plus Red Bull-type beverages might lead to binge-drinking, researcher suggests

July 16, 2014: Most Kids Eat Fruit, Veggies Daily: CDC
Survey finds 3 out of 4 are getting these healthy foods each day

July 16, 2014: Health Tip: Pack Healthy Beach Snacks
Skip offerings from concession stands

July 15, 2014: A Healthy Lifestyle May Deflect Dementia
Older folks who began eating right, exercising did better on memory and problem-solving tests in study

July 15, 2014: Omega-3s in Diet May Help Ward Off Lou Gehrig's Disease
Study found strong association between higher intake and lower odds for ALS

July 15, 2014: Organic Foods May Be Healthier, Review Finds
But critics say the analysis misses some important points

July 12, 2014: Make Exercise Fun, Eat Less Afterwards
Researchers found that people ate more if told their walk was exercise, rather than scenic stroll

July 10, 2014: 60 Percent of Diners Use Calorie Labeling When Posted: CDC
More women rely on menu's health info than men

July 08, 2014: Study: Recalled Yogurt Tied to Fungus Infections
One strain can cause infections in healthy people, researcher says; company disputes finding

July 08, 2014: Health Tip: Debunking Myths About Weight Loss
Fad diets aren't safe or effective

July 03, 2014: Grill Safely This Holiday Weekend
Expert offers tips on avoiding food poisoning and reducing cancer risk from barbecued meat

July 03, 2014: Health Tip: Eating for Energy
Eat just enough to satisfy hunger

July 02, 2014: Could Dark Chocolate Help Ease Poor Leg Circulation?
Perhaps, but experts say there are better ways to obtain beneficial polyphenols

July 01, 2014: Feeding Fido Raw Pet Food a Risky Choice: FDA
Doing so raises risk of food poisoning for both you and your pet, agency warns

June 27, 2014: Gluten-Free Diet May Lift the 'Fog' of Celiac Patients, Study Says
Scores on attention, memory tests improved after one year

June 26, 2014: Milk, Egg Allergies Seem to Make Parents Most Anxious
Two-thirds of parents accurately assess severity of their child's food allergy, study reports

June 25, 2014: Neanderthal Poop Yields Clues to Early Man's Diet
Analysis of ancient fecal matter suggests more plants were eaten than previously thought

June 25, 2014: Fruits, Veggies Not a Magic Bullet for Weight Loss, Study Finds
If you don't reduce your calorie intake, you won't slim down, researcher warns

June 25, 2014: Health Tip: Drink Lots of Fluids This Summer
Suggestions for what to drink, and when

June 24, 2014: Diets High in Dairy Might Boost Colon Cancer Survival, a Bit
But, at least one expert strongly disagrees, and instead recommends that cancer patients avoid dairy

June 24, 2014: Health Tip: Eat Omega-3s During Pregnancy
Many fish make great sources

June 18, 2014: Soy Foods Don't Seem to Protect Against Uterine Cancer: Researchers
Japanese scientists find no association in large, five-year study

June 16, 2014: Caffeine Affects Teen Boys, Girls Differently, Study Says
Slightly greater changes in heart rate, blood pressure seen in males

June 16, 2014: Health Tip: Dining on Dairy Foods
What to opt for, and what to avoid

June 12, 2014: Hot Dogs, Salami May Raise Men's Heart Failure Risk, Study Suggests
But unprocessed red meat was not implicated in this research

June 12, 2014: When School's Out, Weight Can Pile On
For certain kids, summer vacation adds unwanted pounds, review finds

June 11, 2014: Diets Rich in Protein May Help Protect Against Stroke
Study found lean animal proteins like fish showed most benefit

June 11, 2014: Health Tip: Thawing Meat in Cold Water
Make sure it's completely covered

June 11, 2014: Red Meat May Raise Breast Cancer Risk, Study Suggests
Eating more fish, nuts, poultry may help, but findings don't prove cause-and-effect

June 10, 2014: Pregnant or Breast-feeding Women Urged to Eat More Fish
Choose types lower in mercury, such as cod, salmon and tilapia, FDA and EPA say

June 10, 2014: Health Tip: Safely Marinate Food
Suggestions to prevent cross-contamination

June 09, 2014: FDA Sets Safety Standards for Infant Formula
Rules call for periodic testing for nutritional content, good manufacturing practices

June 05, 2014: Are You Eating Enough 'Powerhouse' Vegetables?
Chard, beet greens are among the most nutrient-packed, report finds

June 05, 2014: Study Disputes Notion That Breakfast Is Key to Weight Control
Recommendation to eat breakfast every day for weight loss wasn't confirmed in testing

June 04, 2014: Health Tip: If You Aren't Hungry, Don't Eat
Avoid eating out of boredom

June 03, 2014: Food Handlers Cause Most Food-Poisoning Cases
Norovirus spread in restaurants accounts for two-thirds of all outbreaks, CDC says

June 03, 2014: Take Heart: Mediterranean Diet Combats Type 2 Diabetes, Study Says
It's especially beneficial to those at risk of heart disease, researcher contends

June 03, 2014: Fish, Exercise May Help Thwart Colon Cancer's Return: Study
Healthy habits important even when you're sick, researcher says

June 03, 2014: Health Tip: Cook Healthier
Trim fat from your diet

June 02, 2014: More Evidence Links Poor Diet to Preterm Birth
Researchers focused on eating habits in the year before conception

June 02, 2014: Health Tip: Eat Well, But Start Simple
Don't forget breakfast

June 02, 2014: Health Tip: Get Protein From Veggies
Here are good plant sources

May 30, 2014: Could White Bread Be Making You Fat?
Risk of obesity higher with 2 or more portions daily, researchers say

May 29, 2014: Fast Weight Loss May Mean Muscle Loss
Study volunteers eating 500 calories a day lost more muscle than those eating more than twice as much

May 29, 2014: Obesity, Overweight Rates Jump Worldwide, Report Finds
And United States is home to highest proportion of world's obese people, researchers add

May 28, 2014: Mediterranean Diet May Keep Kids Slimmer
Children who followed eating plan were 15 percent less likely to be overweight, study finds