July 17, 2014: Health Tip: Take Care of Your Feet
Essentials for a foot-friendly summer

July 04, 2014: Health Tip: Have Cracked Heels?
Here are some potential causes

June 16, 2014: Health Tip: Keep Your Nails Healthier
Make sure they're always dry and clean

June 13, 2014: Health Tip: Having Poor Circulation in the Feet
Foot cramps may be a warning sign

May 23, 2014: Health Tip: Caring for Foot Arthritis
Here are non-surgical options

May 20, 2014: Health Tip: Preventing Heel Pain
Make sure shoes fit properly

May 05, 2014: Health Tip: Understanding Corns and Calluses
Suggestions to help prevent them

April 03, 2014: Health Tip: Choose a Sturdy Pair of Flip-Flops
Avoid those that are too limp

March 31, 2014: Health Tip: Massage Your Feet
And help combat foot pain

February 25, 2014: Health Tip: Moisturize Your Diabetic Feet
Helps prevent cracking and drying

January 17, 2014: Health Tip: Cold Feet?
If they're wet too, it could lead to 'trench foot'

December 12, 2013: Health Tip: Help Heal a Heel Spur
Rest, ice and medication often do the trick

November 04, 2013: Health Tip: When Tendinitis Affects Your Feet
Here are potential causes

October 22, 2013: Health Tip: Caring for Calluses
It's especially important for diabetics

September 24, 2013: Health Tip: Troubled by an Ingrown Toenail?
Watch for signs including swelling, redness

September 19, 2013: Health Tip: Treating Psoriasis on the Feet
Keep them moisturized

August 21, 2013: Your Feet Aren't So Evolved After All, Study Reveals
U.K. researchers find human foot still functions much like that of great apes

August 06, 2013: Health Tip: Recognizing Plantar Fasciitis
Heel pain is a prime symptom

May 31, 2013: Flip-Flops May Put You on Path to Foot Trouble
Wearing flimsy footwear for certain activities or too often can lead to problems, expert advises

May 22, 2013: Scientists Map the Fungi on Your Feet
Toes are a favorite spot for these microscopic organisms

May 20, 2013: Many Can Blame Family for Their Bunions
These and other foot disorders are 'highly inheritable,' study finds

April 22, 2013: Health Tip: Understanding Heel Pain
Plantar fasciitis is a common cause

April 11, 2013: Health Tip: Protect Your Feet in the Heat
Guard sensitive soles from sun, injury

March 20, 2013: Blacks More Likely to Get Amputations Due to Blocked Blood Flow: Study
Whites were more likely to have less-drastic procedure to restore lower-leg circulation

February 18, 2013: Health Tip: Help Prevent Foot Ulcers
Get regular checkups

February 11, 2013: Health Tip: Manage Bunion Pain
Wear a non-medicated pad

February 01, 2013: Health Tip: How Your Feet Age
Spreading is typical

November 15, 2012: Health Tip: Protect Your Feet From Fungus
Wash and dry your feet frequently

October 25, 2012: Foot Ulcers Tied to Increased Death Risk for People With Diabetes
Better care for both conditions needed, study authors say

October 16, 2012: Health Tip: What to do About Corns and Calluses
Leaving them alone may be the best answer

September 28, 2012: Health Tip: Wearing Flip Flops
Buy a new pair when they appear worn

September 19, 2012: Health Tip: Prevent Athlete's Foot
Dry your feet carefully after bathing

September 17, 2012: Health Tip: Do Your Feet Have Poor Circulation?
You may, if cramps are a frequent problem

September 03, 2012: Health Tip: Diabetes Often Triggers Foot Problems
Watch for loss of feeling

August 31, 2012: Health Tip: Do You Have Plantar Fasciitis?
Heel pain is a prime symptom

August 21, 2012: Health Tip: Symptoms of Foot Arthritis
Signs you should see a doctor

August 15, 2012: Health Tip: Are You at Risk for Plantar Fasciitis?
Factors include lifestyle and weight

August 09, 2012: Health Tip: Caring for an Ingrown Toenail
Soaking in warm water can help prevent infection

August 06, 2012: Health Tip: If You Have Sweaty Feet
Be sure to clean them daily

July 27, 2012: Health Tip: If You've Broken a Toe
Visit your doctor, pronto

July 16, 2012: Health Tip: Protect Your Feet
Avoid walking barefoot

July 10, 2012: Health Tip: Be Safe During a Pedicure
Make sure the salon uses sterile utensils

June 18, 2012: Health Tip: Help Prevent Warts on the Feet
Don't walk barefoot

June 15, 2012: Health Tip: Help Your Feet Beat Summer's Heat
Don't go barefoot

June 07, 2012: Health Tip: Easing Heel Pain
Make sure shoes fit properly

May 17, 2012: 'Fish Pedicure' a Recipe for Bacterial Infection, Researchers Warn
Health spa practice is highly unhealthy, study reports

April 25, 2012: Health Tip: Stress Fracture of the Foot
Possible symptoms of this overuse injury

April 18, 2012: Health Tip: Help Prevent Foot and Ankle Injuries
Use the proper footwear

April 17, 2012: Health Tip: Is That Bump a Bunion?
Look for swelling at the base of the big toe

April 06, 2012: Health Tip: What Triggers Ingrown Toenails?
Here are some common risk factors