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'Superbug' Gene Spotted on U.S. Pig Farm December 05, 2016

Study suggests potential resistance to a last line of antibiotics for humans

Scientists Spot 'Teetotaler' Gene November 30, 2016

Discovery might one day lead to drugs to control excessive alcohol consumption, researchers say

New Parkinson's Gene Identified November 29, 2016

Scientists say it's linked to higher risk of early onset disease in white people

Hearts of Healthy People With Gene Mutations May Be 'Primed to Fail' November 23, 2016

About 35 million people worldwide face heart failure risk from genetic flaws, researchers say

Stressed Childhood Might Raise Risk for High Blood Pressure Later November 15, 2016

And second study found link to family history

Craving Salt? Your Genes May Be the Reason, Study Suggests November 14, 2016

Inherited distaste for bitterness could make people reach for the shaker, putting heart at risk

DNA Isn't Destiny: Healthy Living Can Overcome Genes Linked to Heart Disease November 14, 2016

Study found exercise, healthy diet could lower odds for heart attack even in those at high genetic risk

Discovery Speeds Creation of Healthy Heart Cells From Scar Tissue November 10, 2016

Mouse study findings might lead to better treatments for heart failure in humans

'Tailoring' Skin Exams May Boost Melanoma Detection November 10, 2016

Certain groups should start screening earlier, study suggests

Gene May Have Helped Humans Evolve Beyond Other Animals: Study November 09, 2016

Osteocrin is active in brains of humans and primates, Harvard researchers report

Smoking Wreaks Genetic Havoc on Lungs, Study Warns November 04, 2016

For every year of smoking a pack daily, there were 150 more mutations found in each lung cell

Genes May Dictate Your Love -- or Hate -- of Exercise November 04, 2016

Researcher says some people don't get the pleasurable effects from activity that others do

MS Symptoms May Develop Earlier in Darker, Cooler Climes November 04, 2016

Study results suggest latitude affects timing of disease onset

Gene Therapy May Hold Promise for Blistering Skin Disease November 01, 2016

Grafts of patients' genetically modified skin improved healing of wounds in early study

Gene Test May ID Chemo Patients at Risk of Clots: Study November 01, 2016

Venous thromboembolism is a serious complication of cancer treatment

Coffee's Impact a Matter of Genes? October 21, 2016

Study seeks to explain why some can enjoy a cup before bed and then sleep, while others can't

Researchers Identify Genes Linked to Hot Flashes October 19, 2016

Mutations found in women of all races, ethnicities

Study Identifies Genetic Subtypes of Crohn's Disease October 14, 2016

Findings may help explain why the inflammatory bowel condition is so tough to treat, researchers say

Researchers Pinpoint More Genes Linked to Vitiligo October 12, 2016

Genetic clues to this autoimmune disease could lead to breakthroughs for related disorders, researchers say

Animal Study Hints at Gene Therapy's Possible Promise for Alzheimer's October 10, 2016

But the research is very preliminary and much work remains to be done, U.K. researchers say

Study Suggests Genetic Link to Middle Ear Infections October 07, 2016

They're the No. 1 reason kids get antibiotics, and finding could point to better treatments, researchers say

Knowing Their Breast Cancer Risk May Empower Teens September 29, 2016

Greater self-esteem noted in girls with family history of disease

Scientists Zero In on Cause of Rare, Disfiguring Skin Disorder September 22, 2016

Ichthyosis is a genetic condition that leaves people with red, scaly skin

Siblings of Schizophrenia Patients at Greater Risk for Same Diagnosis: Study September 21, 2016

Brothers, sisters of those with bipolar disorder also face higher odds of similar diagnosis, Israeli research suggests

'Obesity Gene' Doesn't Affect Ability to Lose Weight: Report September 21, 2016

Lifestyle, environment likely play bigger roles when dropping pounds, researchers say

Smoking Leaves Lasting Marks on DNA: Study September 20, 2016

Changes related to disease found in more than 7,000 genes, though many 'recover' five years after quitting

Health Tip: Know Your Family Health History September 16, 2016

Why it's important

Know Your Risk for Ovarian Cancer -- and the Symptoms September 09, 2016

Because early signs are often easy to ignore, 140,000 women worldwide die of the disease every year

Tasmanian Devils' Genes May Be Outwitting Deadly Cancer September 02, 2016

Researchers note genetic changes in survivors of facial tumor disease

6th-Century Skeletons Shed Light on Deadly Plague Outbreaks September 02, 2016

As plague threat re-emerges, gene studies say same germ also caused Black Death of the 1300s

In Mice, a Way for Stem Cells to Build Bone August 31, 2016

Study results could lead to engineering human cells and tissues, researchers say

14 Genes That May Affect Cancer Treatment August 31, 2016

Researchers say finding might help identify patients most likely to be helped by chemotherapy, radiation

Early Virus Raises Asthma Risk in Certain Kids: Study August 26, 2016

Infants with a particular gene variant appear more vulnerable after infection

Autism-Linked Genes Often Differ Between Siblings August 25, 2016

Findings suggest developmental disorder's causes may be even more complex

Coffee Cravings May Spring From Your DNA August 25, 2016

Genes appear to influence how much caffeine you need, researchers find

Gene Test Might Quickly ID Baby's Infection August 23, 2016

Goal is to distinguish between bacterial, viral illness, researchers say

Genes Might Explain Hispanics' Added Longevity August 19, 2016

Differences in 'genetic clock' may help them age more slowly than other ethnic groups, study finds

Two Genes Might Help Predict Breast Cancer Survival August 18, 2016

Research suggests that tracking DNA activity patterns may someday help women with certain tumor types

Depression Can Stalk Families Through Generations August 10, 2016

People whose parents, grandparents had the illness were 3 times as likely to get it themselves, study found

Underweight Seniors May Have Added Alzheimer's Risk August 05, 2016

Study links lower body weight to increased amounts of disease-causing plaque in the brain

Tell-Tail Clues to Dog 'Wagging' Disorder August 02, 2016

Limber tail, a painful disorder that mostly affects larger breeds, may have genetic roots

Scientists Spot 15 Regions of Human DNA Linked to Depression August 01, 2016

Many are located near genes involved in brain development

The English Bulldog's Health Has Gone to the Dogs July 29, 2016

Aggressive breeding to change appearance dampened the pooches' immune systems, study says

Family Lifestyles May Be as Important to Health as Genes July 28, 2016

Shared habits and environment contribute to heart disease, high blood pressure and depression, study reports

'Ice Bucket Challenge' Funds a Boon to ALS Research July 27, 2016

Money raised during the online campaign helped scientists spot gene linked to deadly nerve disease

Study of Teen Brains Offers Clues to Timing of Mental Illness July 27, 2016

Regions that undergo greatest change also where schizophrenia, depression genes are most strongly expressed

Women May Be More Resilient to Effects of Alzheimer's Genes July 25, 2016

Physical, mental fitness and socializing also seemed to help higher-risk group, research shows

Did Your Gut Bacteria Evolve Over Millions of Years? July 21, 2016

Genetic analysis sheds light on the history of the human microbiome

New Drug May Treat Rare Obesity Disorder Causing Constant Hunger July 20, 2016

It's also being studied as possible treatment for other genetic causes of obesity

Alzheimer's Gene May Show Effects in Childhood July 13, 2016

Brain scans reveal slower development in certain areas