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Scientists Spot Gene for Rare Disorder Causing Deafness, Blindness March 23, 2017

Child must inherit genetic mutation from two deaf parents, researchers said

New Technology Makes Gene Mapping Cheaper, Faster: Study March 23, 2017

Researchers decoded DNA of mosquito that carries Zika to prove the point

Most Cancers Caused by Random DNA Copying Errors March 23, 2017

While habits, environment can be key to the disease, chance plays huge role as well, scientists report

Gene Variant From Africa Linked to Black Obesity March 14, 2017

Study sees first biological pathway to weight gain not tied to Europeans

Your DNA May Determine How You Handle the Time Change March 11, 2017

Researcher says genetics play a part in whether you're a night owl, which can make daylight saving a tough transition

Short, Bald Men May Have Their Genes to Blame March 10, 2017

Study finds DNA-based links between early hair loss, stature and other characteristics

Genes Plus Erratic Sleep May Raise Odds for Obesity March 10, 2017

How much shuteye you get could tip the scale if you're predisposed to gain weight, researchers say

Sickle Cell Trait Tied to Higher Kidney Failure Risk for Blacks March 09, 2017

Doctors should screen earlier for signs of trouble in people with this gene variant, researcher suggests

Researchers Create Artificial Mouse 'Embryo' March 02, 2017

Experiment used two types of gene-modified stem cells to help scientists understand early development

Gene Therapy: A Breakthrough for Sickle Cell Anemia? March 01, 2017

But treatment has only been given to one patient so far

How the Neanderthal in Your Genes Affects Your Health February 23, 2017

The DNA appears to influence certain human traits and diseases, scientists say

Genes Tied to Belly Size Also Linked to Heart Disease February 14, 2017

Large study found association, but did not prove cause and effect

Too Few High-Risk Women Tested for Breast Cancer Gene: Survey February 07, 2017

Only half got BRCA screen, and more than half of those who didn't said doctors never recommended it

Newborn Screening Tests Approved February 06, 2017

The screens are used to detect four rare metabolic disorders

Astronaut Twins Give Clues to Health Hazards of Spaceflight February 02, 2017

NASA researchers compare biological differences between Scott and Mark Kelly

Gene Discoveries Offer New Height Insights February 01, 2017

Long and short of the findings: Scientists may better understand growth disorders

If You Can't Stay Off Social Media, Maybe It's in Your Genes January 27, 2017

Findings put 'the consumer in the driver's seat,' researcher says

Gene May Help Guide Black Patients' Opioid Addiction Treatment January 24, 2017

Finding suggests they may need higher doses of methadone

Ebola Blood Test May Help Predict Survival Chances January 20, 2017

Findings might lead to more effective patient care, researchers suggest

Most Cow's Milk Baby Formulas Don't Up Risk of Type 1 Diabetes January 19, 2017

But one type of formula may be linked to greater chances if given in week 1, study suggests

Link Seen Between Concussions and Alzheimer's January 13, 2017

But study didn't prove head injuries cause the degenerative brain disease

Scientists Create Mosquitoes Resistant to Dengue Virus January 12, 2017

Hope is to eventually make the bugs fend off multiple infections, including Zika

Do Genes Steer You to a Partner With Similar Schooling? January 09, 2017

British study finds connections more likely when 'educational' DNA is shared

Genes May Play Role in More Severe Form of PMS January 03, 2017

Study adds to evidence of a biological cause of condition, researchers say

Why Acne Can Strike Women After the Teen Years December 28, 2016

Study suggests diet, stress and family history may play a role

'Uncombable' Hair? Maybe Genes Are to Blame December 23, 2016

Condition is rare, tends to ease with age and causes no harm, researchers say

Some Kids' Genes Might Make Food Ads More Tempting December 19, 2016

Brain scans showed they had more reaction in 'reward center' when viewing fast-food commercials

Study Finds Genetic Link Between Sleep Problems and Obesity December 19, 2016

Restless legs syndrome, schizophrenia also have biological ties to sleep disorders, research suggests

Many Early Colon Cancers Linked to Inherited Genes December 15, 2016

One in 6 diagnosed under 50 has at least one gene mutation that ups risk, study says

Angelina Jolie's Mastectomies Tied to Rise in Genetic Testing December 15, 2016

But, researchers did not find a corresponding increase in breast removal surgeries

Sniffing Out the Asparagus-Odor-in-Pee Mystery December 14, 2016

Genetics may explain the digestive puzzle, researchers say

'Epilepsy Gene Network' Identified in Brain December 14, 2016

Preliminary discovery suggests new avenues for treatment, researcher says

'Superbug' Gene Spotted on U.S. Pig Farm December 05, 2016

Study suggests potential resistance to a last line of antibiotics for humans

Scientists Spot 'Teetotaler' Gene November 30, 2016

Discovery might one day lead to drugs to control excessive alcohol consumption, researchers say

New Parkinson's Gene Identified November 29, 2016

Scientists say it's linked to higher risk of early onset disease in white people

Hearts of Healthy People With Gene Mutations May Be 'Primed to Fail' November 23, 2016

About 35 million people worldwide face heart failure risk from genetic flaws, researchers say

Stressed Childhood Might Raise Risk for High Blood Pressure Later November 15, 2016

And second study found link to family history

Craving Salt? Your Genes May Be the Reason, Study Suggests November 14, 2016

Inherited distaste for bitterness could make people reach for the shaker, putting heart at risk

DNA Isn't Destiny: Healthy Living Can Overcome Genes Linked to Heart Disease November 14, 2016

Study found exercise, healthy diet could lower odds for heart attack even in those at high genetic risk

Discovery Speeds Creation of Healthy Heart Cells From Scar Tissue November 10, 2016

Mouse study findings might lead to better treatments for heart failure in humans

'Tailoring' Skin Exams May Boost Melanoma Detection November 10, 2016

Certain groups should start screening earlier, study suggests

Gene May Have Helped Humans Evolve Beyond Other Animals: Study November 09, 2016

Osteocrin is active in brains of humans and primates, Harvard researchers report

Smoking Wreaks Genetic Havoc on Lungs, Study Warns November 04, 2016

For every year of smoking a pack daily, there were 150 more mutations found in each lung cell

MS Symptoms May Develop Earlier in Darker, Cooler Climes November 04, 2016

Study results suggest latitude affects timing of disease onset

Genes May Dictate Your Love -- or Hate -- of Exercise November 04, 2016

Researcher says some people don't get the pleasurable effects from activity that others do

Gene Therapy May Hold Promise for Blistering Skin Disease November 01, 2016

Grafts of patients' genetically modified skin improved healing of wounds in early study

Gene Test May ID Chemo Patients at Risk of Clots: Study November 01, 2016

Venous thromboembolism is a serious complication of cancer treatment

Coffee's Impact a Matter of Genes? October 21, 2016

Study seeks to explain why some can enjoy a cup before bed and then sleep, while others can't

Researchers Identify Genes Linked to Hot Flashes October 19, 2016

Mutations found in women of all races, ethnicities

Study Identifies Genetic Subtypes of Crohn's Disease October 14, 2016

Findings may help explain why the inflammatory bowel condition is so tough to treat, researchers say