July 25, 2014: The 'Hobby Lobby Ruling' and What It Means for U.S. Health Care
Some predict challenges to medical practices that conflict with religious beliefs; others dismiss such scenarios as alarmist

July 17, 2014: Delayed Retirements May Forestall Predicted Nursing Shortage
Economy, rewarding work have motivated baby boomer nurses to stay on the job, research suggests

June 10, 2014: Insulin Use, Out-of-Pocket Costs Way Up for Type 2 Diabetes
Study questions value of insulin analogs, but U.S. diabetes expert says they're cost-effective

June 09, 2014: Autism's Costs Can Run Into Millions for One Person
Lost wages, residential care and special education are just some of the driving factors, study finds

May 27, 2014: Cancer Center Ads Focus on Emotions More Than Facts, Study Finds
Researchers say it's not clear whether this sways patients when making treatment decisions

February 11, 2014: New 'Obamacare' Delay Draws Mixed Reactions
Provision gives mid-sized employers more time to offer coverage to their workers

January 29, 2014: Businesses Urge Change to Obamacare's Insurance Mandate
House panel members spar over claim that provision of health-reform law is a 'job killer'

December 17, 2013: Glaxo to End Payments to Prescribing Doctors
Pharmaceutical giant first drug maker to adopt such a policy, report says

October 29, 2013: Health Agency Chief Apologizes for Federal Website Woes
Head of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services insists HealthCare.gov will be much improved within a month

October 24, 2013: Do Some Docs Have Vested Interest in Prescribing Radiation for Prostate Cancer?
Study found greater increases in use of expensive treatment in practices that owned the equipment

October 14, 2013: Nonprofit Hospital CEOs Earn $600K on Average: Report
Patient satisfaction, more than quality of care, appears to determine income, study suggests

October 09, 2013: Doctors Want to Provide Best Care Possible to Patients: Survey
But time spent dealing with electronic health records one of the biggest obstacles they see to doing that

September 23, 2013: FDA Sets Rules for Smartphone Medical Apps
Agency will only regulate those that turn phones into medical devices

September 17, 2013: Doctors Quick to Order Knee MRIs When They Own a Scanner, Study Finds
Test results were more likely to be normal when doctors 'self-referred' knee pain patients

September 03, 2013: Pay Gap Between Male, Female Doctors Persists, Study Finds
Although there was a significant increase in number of women physicians, salary differences stayed constant

July 23, 2013: Most Docs Don't Think They're Big Part of Rising Health Care Costs
Instead, those surveyed pointed to lawyers, insurance companies, hospitals and even patients

July 16, 2013: Electronic Health Records May Slow Rise of Health-Care Costs
Study found small but measurable savings in 3 Mass. communities that have embraced the technology

July 03, 2013: Obama Administration Delays Key Piece of Health-Reform Law
Employers with more than 50 workers now have until 2015 to provide health insurance coverage

June 18, 2013: Lots of Americans Want Health Care Via Their Smartphone
But all too often, the demand outpaces the technology to deliver it, Harris Interactive/HealthDay poll finds

June 03, 2013: More Men Taking Testosterone, But Risks Unclear
Study finds upsurge in use among men worried about 'low T,' but research suggests the drug has hazards

May 20, 2013: Nighttime Docs at ICUs Don't Boost Patient Outcomes: Study
Patients do just as well with medical residents and nurses, researchers say

May 15, 2013: Doctors Reluctant to Expand Nurse Practitioners' Role: Survey
But shortage of primary care physicians will change the look of U.S. health care, experts say

May 08, 2013: Hospital Bills Can Vary Widely, Even in Same Cities
New U.S. initiative designed to bring more transparency to cost of health care

March 06, 2013: Med School Students Still Get Gifts From Drug Companies: Survey
Continued efforts needed to restrict trainees' exposure to drug industry promotion, researchers say

February 01, 2013: Medical School Ethics Policies May Affect How Doctors Prescribe
When drug company gift restrictions are taught, physicians shy away from newly marketed meds, study says

January 15, 2013: U.S. Gives States More Time to Set Up Health Insurance Exchanges
The online marketplaces to purchase coverage are key element of the 2010 health reform law

January 01, 2013: Survival of 'Obamacare' Tops List of Biggest Health News in 2012
Other headlines included steroid/meningitis outbreak, demise of the routine PSA test

December 18, 2012: Many States Say 'No' to Health Insurance Exchanges
Obama administration must now take lead in running online marketplaces for affordable coverage

November 27, 2012: Doctors' Pay Increases Lag Other Health Professionals
Since 1987, their growth in income has been much less than that of pharmacists, others, study finds

October 30, 2012: Using Canada's Health System as Model Might Cut U.S. Costs: Study
But Canadian cost-control measures won't translate to U.S., expert says

October 25, 2012: Partisanship Guides Americans' Attitudes on Health-Care Reform Law: Poll
As presidential election nears, Republicans tend to see the effects as negative, while reverse is true for Democrats

October 23, 2012: Many Studies' 'Wow' Results Usually Fade in Follow-Up
Most treatments offer only modest benefits, reports large review

September 11, 2012: When Prescription Drugs Go OTC, Ads Talk Less of Harms: Study
Two different federal agencies monitor each, researcher explains

July 17, 2012: U.S. Doctors Embracing Electronic Health Records: Survey
Over half have such a system, and another quarter plan to use one in the coming year

June 25, 2012: E-Records Linked to Fewer Malpractice Claims
Harvard study shows dramatic dip after paper files are replaced, but exact connection isn't clear

June 01, 2012: Bridging the Doctor-Patient Gap
Narrative medicine aims to improve communication -- and care

April 04, 2012: Doctors Detail High Costs of Fighting Malpractice Claims
Expenses reach tens of thousands even when patient receives no payout, researchers say

April 03, 2012: Reported Decline in U.S. Pneumonia Deaths May Be False: Study
Dips in hospitalizations, deaths may reflect diagnosis coding changes

March 28, 2012: Pay-for-Performance Hospitals Don't Offer Better Care: Study
Mortality rates the same in hospitals that don't offer bonuses for improved care

March 12, 2012: Health Insurance Premiums Will Surpass Median Household Income in 2033: Study
Experts say what kind of care should be covered, not who pays for it, is the real issue

March 12, 2012: Giving Docs iPads Might Boost Patient Care
Tablet computers improved efficiency, cut delays in clinical duties among medical residents in study

February 29, 2012: Efforts to Improve Research on Kids' Drugs Paying Off: Report
But information still limited on long-term safety, efficacy, especially for infants

February 13, 2012: Screening by Primary-Care Doctors May Spot Dementia
Findings run counter to current recommendations, which advise against routine mental checks

January 24, 2012: Baltimore Deemed U.S. City With Most Top-Ranked Hospitals
Other cities with top-performing hospitals include Phoenix, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Richmond

January 09, 2012: Growth in U.S. Health Spending Stayed Slow in 2010
3.9 percent rise similar to 2009 figure, study finds

December 30, 2011: Health Care Reform Battle Tops Health News for 2011
Debates over cellphone safety, cigarette-pack images also grabbed headlines

December 05, 2011: Good News for Those Worried About U.S. Nursing Shortage
Study finds more young people are joining the profession

November 23, 2011: Merck to Pay $950M to Settle Probe of Vioxx Marketing
Controversial painkiller was pulled from the market in 2004 due to heightened heart attack, stroke risk

November 14, 2011: Supreme Court to Rule on Obama's Health Care Reform
At issue is whether the federal government can require people to buy health insurance

October 24, 2011: Illegal Silicone Buttock Injections Can Be Deadly: Experts
At least one woman died and others came close after illicit procedures from non-physicians