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Employers Contributing Less to Workers' Health Savings Accounts March 25, 2015

Enrollment in high-deductible plans is up, but employees are getting less help saving for expenses

In Nursing, Men Still Paid More Than Women: Study March 24, 2015

Female RNs shortchanged more than $5,000 a year, researchers say

Malpractice Fears Spurring Most ER Docs to Order Unnecessary Tests March 24, 2015

Study found 97 percent said they had patients undergo procedures that weren't medically needed

Hepatitis C Drugs Will 'Strain Budgets' at Current Prices: Study March 16, 2015

The new therapies have remarkably high cure rates

Be Wary of Websites Selling Genetic Cancer Tests: Study March 05, 2015

Marketers often overstate benefits, downplay limitations, oncologists say

Hospital Design May Not Boost Patient Satisfaction, Research Suggests February 27, 2015

Aesthetics aren't as important as care from doctors, nurses and staff, study notes

Have Insurers Found Way Around Obamacare 'Pre-Existing Conditions' Rule? January 28, 2015

Analysis suggests hiking drug co-pays may help eliminate people with certain illnesses

Smoking, Obesity: Weighing the Financial Toll January 16, 2015

Costly not only to the patient but society as a whole, experts say

More Young Adults Getting Preventive Care After Obamacare, Study Finds December 11, 2014

More people in early 20s getting blood pressure and routine health checks

Press Releases Blamed for Exaggerated Health News December 10, 2014

Researchers point to 'increasing culture of university competition and self-promotion'

Boost in Docs' Incomes Comes From More Procedures, Not More Patients December 09, 2014

Researchers suggest salary bump should come from more patients, improved care

Too Few Seniors Check Their Medical Records Online November 28, 2014

Study shows older Americans get left behind when it comes to tracking their own health

Voters' Views on Obamacare Split Along Party Lines October 29, 2014

Health care is third most important issue to Americans in fall elections, according to polls

Less Competition Among Docs = Higher Medical Costs, Study Says October 28, 2014

Average prices may be 5 percent more in some areas

Americans Show Distrust of Medical Profession in Survey October 22, 2014

But many were happy with their own doctors, researchers report

Report Identifies Game Changers for U.S. Health Care September 23, 2014

Recent innovations, developments may transform direction of patient care in next decade, researchers say

Health Insurance May Not Be Affordable for All September 08, 2014

Study highlights gaps and unintended consequences of 'Obamacare'

More Employers Moving to High-Deductible Health Plans August 15, 2014

Companies looking to offset rising insurance costs in 2015 and beyond, survey finds

Insulin Use, Out-of-Pocket Costs Way Up for Type 2 Diabetes June 10, 2014

Study questions value of insulin analogs, but U.S. diabetes expert says they're cost-effective

Autism's Costs Can Run Into Millions for One Person June 09, 2014

Lost wages, residential care and special education are just some of the driving factors, study finds

Cancer Center Ads Focus on Emotions More Than Facts, Study Finds May 27, 2014

Researchers say it's not clear whether this sways patients when making treatment decisions

New 'Obamacare' Delay Draws Mixed Reactions February 11, 2014

Provision gives mid-sized employers more time to offer coverage to their workers

Businesses Urge Change to Obamacare's Insurance Mandate January 29, 2014

House panel members spar over claim that provision of health-reform law is a 'job killer'

Glaxo to End Payments to Prescribing Doctors December 17, 2013

Pharmaceutical giant first drug maker to adopt such a policy, report says

Health Agency Chief Apologizes for Federal Website Woes October 29, 2013

Head of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services insists will be much improved within a month

Do Some Docs Have Vested Interest in Prescribing Radiation for Prostate Cancer? October 24, 2013

Study found greater increases in use of expensive treatment in practices that owned the equipment

Nonprofit Hospital CEOs Earn $600K on Average: Report October 14, 2013

Patient satisfaction, more than quality of care, appears to determine income, study suggests

Doctors Want to Provide Best Care Possible to Patients: Survey October 09, 2013

But time spent dealing with electronic health records one of the biggest obstacles they see to doing that

FDA Sets Rules for Smartphone Medical Apps September 23, 2013

Agency will only regulate those that turn phones into medical devices

Doctors Quick to Order Knee MRIs When They Own a Scanner, Study Finds September 17, 2013

Test results were more likely to be normal when doctors 'self-referred' knee pain patients

Pay Gap Between Male, Female Doctors Persists, Study Finds September 03, 2013

Although there was a significant increase in number of women physicians, salary differences stayed constant

Most Docs Don't Think They're Big Part of Rising Health Care Costs July 23, 2013

Instead, those surveyed pointed to lawyers, insurance companies, hospitals and even patients

Electronic Health Records May Slow Rise of Health-Care Costs July 16, 2013

Study found small but measurable savings in 3 Mass. communities that have embraced the technology

Obama Administration Delays Key Piece of Health-Reform Law July 03, 2013

Employers with more than 50 workers now have until 2015 to provide health insurance coverage

Lots of Americans Want Health Care Via Their Smartphone June 18, 2013

But all too often, the demand outpaces the technology to deliver it, Harris Interactive/HealthDay poll finds

More Men Taking Testosterone, But Risks Unclear June 03, 2013

Study finds upsurge in use among men worried about 'low T,' but research suggests the drug has hazards

Nighttime Docs at ICUs Don't Boost Patient Outcomes: Study May 20, 2013

Patients do just as well with medical residents and nurses, researchers say

Doctors Reluctant to Expand Nurse Practitioners' Role: Survey May 15, 2013

But shortage of primary care physicians will change the look of U.S. health care, experts say

Hospital Bills Can Vary Widely, Even in Same Cities May 08, 2013

New U.S. initiative designed to bring more transparency to cost of health care

Med School Students Still Get Gifts From Drug Companies: Survey March 06, 2013

Continued efforts needed to restrict trainees' exposure to drug industry promotion, researchers say

Medical School Ethics Policies May Affect How Doctors Prescribe February 01, 2013

When drug company gift restrictions are taught, physicians shy away from newly marketed meds, study says

U.S. Gives States More Time to Set Up Health Insurance Exchanges January 15, 2013

The online marketplaces to purchase coverage are key element of the 2010 health reform law

Survival of 'Obamacare' Tops List of Biggest Health News in 2012 January 01, 2013

Other headlines included steroid/meningitis outbreak, demise of the routine PSA test

Many States Say 'No' to Health Insurance Exchanges December 18, 2012

Obama administration must now take lead in running online marketplaces for affordable coverage

Doctors' Pay Increases Lag Other Health Professionals November 27, 2012

Since 1987, their growth in income has been much less than that of pharmacists, others, study finds

Using Canada's Health System as Model Might Cut U.S. Costs: Study October 30, 2012

But Canadian cost-control measures won't translate to U.S., expert says

Partisanship Guides Americans' Attitudes on Health-Care Reform Law: Poll October 25, 2012

As presidential election nears, Republicans tend to see the effects as negative, while reverse is true for Democrats

Many Studies' 'Wow' Results Usually Fade in Follow-Up October 23, 2012

Most treatments offer only modest benefits, reports large review

When Prescription Drugs Go OTC, Ads Talk Less of Harms: Study September 11, 2012

Two different federal agencies monitor each, researcher explains

U.S. Doctors Embracing Electronic Health Records: Survey July 17, 2012

Over half have such a system, and another quarter plan to use one in the coming year