April 23, 2014: Pot Smoking May Pose Heart Dangers, Study Suggests
But some believe the study is flawed

April 23, 2014: Research Shows Ways to Speed Stroke Care
Studies looked at improvements in ER, specially equipped ambulance that could deliver clot-busting drug

April 23, 2014: A Little Wine Might Help Kidneys Stay Healthy
Less than a glass a day may also help the heart in those who already have kidney disease, researchers found

April 22, 2014: Certain Type of Brain Malformation May Be Best Left Alone
Saying no to surgery, radiation tied to better outcomes in study of abnormal brain connections

April 21, 2014: Thinking, Memory Problems Tied to Blockages in Neck Artery
Researcher suggests more aggressive treatment might be warranted

April 16, 2014: Diabetes Complication Rates Drop Among U.S. Adults
But at the same time, rates of diabetes have more than tripled, researchers report

April 09, 2014: Certain Prescription Painkillers Tied to Higher Risk of Irregular Heartbeat: Study
Dutch researchers looked at rates of atrial fibrillation and NSAID use in older adults

April 07, 2014: Stroke Often Missed in ERs, Study Finds
Women, minorities and younger adults most likely to be misdiagnosed

April 07, 2014: Stem Cells Show Promise for Stroke Recovery
Early study found they can be safely transplanted into the brain; 2 patients showed significant improvement

April 07, 2014: Beans, Lentils, Peas: Your Recipe for Lower Cholesterol?
Review of 26 studies finds one serving per day tied to healthier arteries, especially in men

April 03, 2014: Insomnia May Raise Stroke Risk, Especially for Younger Adults
Researchers in Taiwan found strongest connection among people younger than 34

April 03, 2014: Stroke Risk Spikes Shortly After Shingles Episode: Study
But getting antiviral meds to treat painful rash lowers chances of brain attack, researchers add

April 03, 2014: Exercise, Diet May Help 'Pre-Diabetics' Dodge Heart Disease Death
Study followed Chinese people with high blood sugar for more than two decades

April 01, 2014: Fruits and Veggies May Reduce Death Risk, Study Suggests
Large 12-year review found the more daily portions you eat, the better off you are

March 31, 2014: More Research Links Poor Heart Health With Alzheimer's Risk
Brain plaque builds up as arteries stiffen, study suggests

March 31, 2014: Stronger Muscles May Mean Better Health for Kids
Study of 6th-graders links greater strength to lower risk for heart disease

March 31, 2014: Raised Risk of Heart Trouble Seen in Celiac Disease Patients
Researchers suggest inflammation caused by the digestive disorder may explain the link

March 31, 2014: Space Travel Alters Shape of Human Heart, Study Reports
Finding could help scientists protect astronauts, and also might benefit some patients on Earth

March 31, 2014: Blood Test Shows Promise for Gauging Heart Attack Risk After Chest Pain
More study is needed, but the screening method measures levels of a chemical signal tied to heart damage

March 31, 2014: New Drug Lowers Cholesterol Beyond What Statins Can Do, Study Finds
Whether it also prevents heart attacks and strokes isn't known yet, experts say

March 31, 2014: Can Diet Soft Drinks Contribute to Heart Trouble in Women?
Those who consumed the most had highest risk, but the study results are preliminary

March 28, 2014: Doctors' Groups Issue New Guidelines on Treating Common Irregular Heartbeat
Atrial fibrillation can pose stroke danger, especially to older patients

March 28, 2014: Weight-Loss Surgery Cuts Risk for Heart Attack, Death: Study
People who are obese and at risk for heart disease should consider surgery, researchers say

March 27, 2014: Stroke Survivors Deserve Team Care: Statement
Experts call for palliative care to improve patients' quality of life

March 27, 2014: Keeping Blood Pressure Low Halves Risk of Second Stroke: Study
But less than one-third of survivors maintain consistently safe levels

March 27, 2014: Smoke-Free Policies May Protect the Heart
Study found hospitalizations for heart disease, stroke dipped after Michigan passed workplace smoking ban

March 20, 2014: Hobbies Important for Stroke-Victim Caregivers
Happier caregivers help loved ones do better, researcher says

March 19, 2014: Most Women Don't Know Warning Signs of Stroke: Study
Hispanic women are least likely to recognize when it is time to call 911, researchers report

March 17, 2014: Daily Fish Oil Supplement May Not Help Your Heart: Studies
Get your omega-3s from food, not pills, experts suggest

March 17, 2014: Women Face Delays in Heart Attack Care Compared to Men: Study
Researchers found female patients under 55 waiting longer than males for ECGs, clot-busting drugs

March 16, 2014: Keep Your Heart Healthy
Daily exercise, fruits and veggies, not smoking all help, cardiologist says

March 13, 2014: Mexican-Americans Fare Worse After Stroke, Study Finds
Compared with whites, they had poorer physical, mental outcomes 3 months after brain attack

March 13, 2014: Every Minute Matters With Clot-Busting Stroke Drug: Study
Every 60 seconds shaved off how quickly tPA was given meant patient had one less day of disability

March 13, 2014: Most Alcohol-Linked Deaths Occur Among Working-Age Adults: CDC
States lose thousands of people in their prime years, report finds

March 12, 2014: Even Slightly Higher Blood Pressure May Raise Stroke Risk: Study
Experts say the finding highlights importance of keeping blood pressure under control

March 04, 2014: Warfarin Safe for Kidney Patients With Irregular Heartbeat: Study
Use of the blood thinner may safely ease stroke risk linked to atrial fibrillation, Swedish research finds

March 04, 2014: Heart Attack Risk Rises in Hours After Angry Outburst: Study
Absolute risk from any one episode remains very small, but the danger is there, experts say

February 27, 2014: One-Third of Young Stroke Victims Remain Disabled Years After: Study
Keys to improved function include preventing a 2nd stroke and continuing with rehab, experts say

February 27, 2014: Kids Born With HIV May Face Heart Risks Later, Study Suggests
Doctors should watch for signs of cardiovascular disease, researcher says

February 27, 2014: Getting Teeth Pulled Before Heart Surgery May Pose Serious Risks
Study found 8 percent of those who did suffered a heart attack, stroke, kidney failure or death

February 25, 2014: Transfusions Risky During Certain Heart Procedures, Study Finds
Angioplasty patients run the risk of heart attacks, strokes and death, researchers say

February 25, 2014: Flu Shot May Lower Stroke Risk, Too
Getting immunized early in season delivers most cardiovascular benefit, study suggests

February 25, 2014: Vigorous Exertion at Work May Trigger Heart Attacks, Strokes
Study looked at circumstances of firefighters who died on the job

February 25, 2014: Healthy Adults Shouldn't Take Vitamin E, Beta Carotene: Expert Panel
Jury still out on whether multivitamins prevent cancer or heart disease, task force says

February 25, 2014: Diabetes Boosts Stroke Risk for Women, But Not Men: Study
Research finds big gender gap, which one doctor believes is tied to better treatment for men

February 24, 2014: Blood Thinners Now Recommended for People With Irregular Heartbeat
Updated guideline from American Academy of Neurology aims to reduce stroke risk

February 24, 2014: Vegetarian Diet May Help Lower Blood Pressure, Research Suggests
Japanese review of 39 studies shows a meatless menu might boost cardiovascular health, but the findings are preliminary

February 24, 2014: Death of Partner Boosts Risk for Heart Attack, Stroke, Study Says
The first month is crucial, but then the threat diminishes, researchers say

February 20, 2014: Iron Deficiency May Raise Stroke Risk
Study found lack of key mineral can make blood 'stickier' and more likely to clot

February 18, 2014: Training Videos Seem to Boost Brain Activity: Study
Stroke patients, others who must relearn motor skills might benefit from findings, researchers say