July 17, 2014: Childhood Sex Abuse May Be Linked to Heart Disease Risk in Women
Researchers found more signs of thickening in neck arteries of these women during mid-life

July 04, 2014: Cholesterol Levels May Be Linked to Breast Cancer Risk
But research is still preliminary, experts say

July 03, 2014: Change Bad Habits Early, Save Your Heart Later
Young adults who adopt healthier lifestyle can cut their heart disease risk, researchers say

June 04, 2014: Heart Patients Without Artery Plaque Buildup Still Face Risks: Study
They still have an increased likelihood of heart attack, death, researchers found

May 05, 2014: Despite Childhood Obesity Epidemic, Few Kids Tested for Cholesterol
Study found that less that 4 percent had their blood levels tested, countering recent guidelines

April 30, 2014: Is Healthy Obesity a Myth?
Study found even with normal blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels, the obese had more artery plaque

April 25, 2014: Statin Users Eating More Bad Food Than a Decade Ago, Study Shows
Doctors need to re-emphasize importance of healthy diet to patients, researcher says

April 15, 2014: Less Salt Use Tied to Drop in U.K. Heart Deaths
Deaths from stroke also fell in the 8-year study from England

April 07, 2014: Beans, Lentils, Peas: Your Recipe for Lower Cholesterol?
Review of 26 studies finds one serving per day tied to healthier arteries, especially in men

April 03, 2014: Heart Disease Haunted Mummies, Too
Thought to be a modern malady, it was as prevalent in ancient times as it is today, study suggests

March 31, 2014: Stronger Muscles May Mean Better Health for Kids
Study of 6th-graders links greater strength to lower risk for heart disease

March 31, 2014: New Drug Lowers Cholesterol Beyond What Statins Can Do, Study Finds
Whether it also prevents heart attacks and strokes isn't known yet, experts say

March 27, 2014: Intensive Early Childhood Education May Boost Adult Health
Study found kids in special program had lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, weighed less in their 30s

March 27, 2014: Cholesterol Levels Spike During Winter Months, Study Finds
Tendency to eat more, exercise less when it's cold and snowy outside may explain trend

March 27, 2014: Smoke-Free Policies May Protect the Heart
Study found hospitalizations for heart disease, stroke dipped after Michigan passed workplace smoking ban

March 19, 2014: Almost 13 Million More Americans Could Take Statins Under New Guidelines
Biggest jump in cholesterol-lowering drugs would be among men over 60, study estimates

March 16, 2014: Keep Your Heart Healthy
Daily exercise, fruits and veggies, not smoking all help, cardiologist says

March 06, 2014: Lack of Sleep Compounds Health Problems for Obese Teens: Study
Researchers report it was independently associated with higher risk of heart disease, diabetes

February 25, 2014: Vigorous Exertion at Work May Trigger Heart Attacks, Strokes
Study looked at circumstances of firefighters who died on the job

February 24, 2014: Kids' Checkups Should Include Cholesterol, Depression Tests, Doctors Say
HIV screening also recommended under revised American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines

February 15, 2014: Taking Care of Your Heart
Cardiologist offers advice to lower your risk of heart disease

February 12, 2014: More Americans Getting High Blood Pressure Under Control: CDC
Almost two-thirds of those enrolled in health plans have been properly treated, but more must be done

February 11, 2014: Survey Finds Most Americans Misinformed About Heart Disease
Many are not taking steps to change their lifestyle and protect their heart

February 10, 2014: Low-Dose Statins Good Option for Some Heart Patients: Study
When combined with other cholesterol-lowering treatments, they could be as good as high-dose statins alone

February 06, 2014: New Guidelines Aim to Lower Stroke Risk in Women
Pregnancy, childbirth, female hormones can all influence lifelong risk, experts say

February 04, 2014: Another Win for the Mediterranean-Style Diet
Firefighters who followed it most closely saw less weight gain, lower risk of heart trouble

February 04, 2014: Controlling Blood Pressure, Cholesterol May Not Boost Brain Health for Diabetics
Study found no effect, but longer-term trials may be needed to see a benefit, experts add

January 24, 2014: First Trimester Appears Crucial for Baby's Heart Health
Study finds slow fetal development linked to later cardiovascular problems

January 02, 2014: Troubled Launch of 'Obamacare' Tops Health News for 2013
Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy, new heart care guidelines also made headlines

December 02, 2013: 'Healthy Obesity' Is a Myth, Report Says
Researchers weigh results of 8 studies, find excess pounds raise death risk over time

December 02, 2013: Gene Mutation May Explain Heart Disease Risk Among African-Americans
Study found variation tied to increased fats in the blood

November 20, 2013: 'Healthy' Obesity May Still Carry Higher Health Risks
Researchers found greater odds of developing heart conditions, diabetes despite lack of symptoms

November 18, 2013: Could Vaccines Someday Improve Heart Health?
In early studies, injections lowered cholesterol and blood pressure in animals

November 13, 2013: Many Would Give Private Info to Health Insurers to Save Money
But experts question whether people responding to Harris/HealthDay poll understand broader impact

November 13, 2013: New Guidelines May Widen Use of Statins
Recommendations focus on patient risk factors rather than cholesterol numbers, experts say

November 07, 2013: Metformin Won't Help Heart Patients Without Diabetes: Study
But it might have a future as a weight-loss drug, results suggest

October 31, 2013: Epilepsy Often Hand-in-Hand With Other Health Problems: CDC
Doctors, patients share responsibility for preventing and treating co-occurring conditions, experts say

October 29, 2013: Gardening, Housework May Help Boost Your Heart Health
Study of Swedish seniors found a reduced death risk of up to 30 percent

October 24, 2013: Some Improvement Seen in U.S. Cholesterol Levels: CDC
However, total cholesterol remains too high and screening rates too low, experts say

October 04, 2013: Cold, Abusive Parenting May Set Child Up for Health Woes as Adult
'Toxic' stress takes physical toll, study says

October 03, 2013: New Cholesterol-Lowering Drug Shows Early Promise
If proven safe, effective in larger studies, ALN-PCS might someday be used with or instead of statins, researchers say

October 02, 2013: Cholesterol Drugs May Boost Your Gums' Health, Too
Study finds statins reduce gum inflammation

October 01, 2013: Statins May Not Harm Memory, Thinking After All
But even with new study, jury's still out on safety of cholesterol-lowering drugs

September 19, 2013: Statins Linked to Raised Risk of Cataracts in Study
But heart benefits of these drugs are significant, expert says

September 19, 2013: Health Tip: Do You Need Frequent Cholesterol Screenings?
Your age, weight are factors

September 03, 2013: New Drug Shows Promise for Type 2 Diabetes
It appears to improve blood fat levels and may aid weight loss, researchers report

August 27, 2013: High Cholesterol May Be Particularly Bad for Middle-Aged Men
They're far more prone to heart attacks than women, study found

August 20, 2013: Blood Protein Disparity May Help Explain Blacks' Increased Heart Risk
Higher albumin levels in urine tests point to kidney and heart trouble in blacks more than whites, study finds

July 24, 2013: Statin Use May Reduce Parkinson's Risk, Study Says
Stopping cholesterol-lowering drug could raise odds of the disease, researchers suggest

July 23, 2013: Kidney Stones Tied to Raised Heart Disease Risk in Women
Same link not seen in men, researchers report, although they're not sure why