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Heart Disease Doesn't Take a Holiday November 25, 2015

Don't forget to take your meds with you when you travel, expert says

Adults With Heart Defects May Face Higher Risk of Stroke: Study November 24, 2015

Researchers urge these patients to visit a cardiologist regularly

Danger Persists for Young Women After Heart Attack, Stroke November 23, 2015

Odds of another life-threatening event are much higher than normal, study says

High 'Resting' Heart Rate Tied to Higher Odds of Early Death November 23, 2015

But more research is needed before this can used as a marker, expert says

Sleep Cycle Changes May Affect Your Health November 18, 2015

Routine schedule, whether workday or not, might cut odds of diabetes, heart disease, study suggests

Why Heart Failure Patients Often Get Too Little Exercise November 17, 2015

Lack of social support, finances can get in the way of recommended activity, study says

Lowering Body Temperature May Help Cardiac Arrest Patients November 16, 2015

Treatment improved survival in 'nonshockable' heart cases, researchers say

Coffee Drinkers May Live Longer November 16, 2015

Regular java and decaf were linked to survival benefits in study

Angioplasty May Not Boost Survival for Some Heart Disease Patients November 11, 2015

Most people should try medication plus lifestyle changes first, experts say

New Medicare Rules Triple Heart Failure Patients' Access to Cardiac Rehab November 11, 2015

But researchers suggest even more patients could benefit

Bystander CPR Helps Some Kids Survive Cardiac Arrest November 10, 2015

Unfortunately, infants don't appear to be benefitting, study finds

Some Kids With Heart Defects Struggle in School November 10, 2015

Deficits in academic performance tend to rise along with severity of the defect, study finds

Side Effects Cause Some to Stop Taking Blood Thinner Brilinta November 10, 2015

Bleeding, shortness of breath were among problems patients cited in study

Obese Kids as Young as 8 Show Signs of Heart Disease November 10, 2015

MRI scans reveal structural abnormalities associated with cardiac strain

Heavy Drinking May Strain the Heart November 10, 2015

Study found abusers had 70 percent higher risk of heart failure

Even Easy Exercise May Lower Blood Pressure in Those With Diabetes November 09, 2015

Study found just a few minutes of resistance training or walking helped

Widely Used Antibiotics May Raise Heart Risks, Review Finds November 09, 2015

Macrolides were linked to small, but significant, chances of sudden cardiac death

'Cash for Lower Cholesterol' Program Works With Doc-Patient Teams November 09, 2015

Cooperation is key to program's success, but benefits were modest, study finds

Cardiac Concerns Not High on Women's Lists: Survey November 09, 2015

Results suggest heart disease is invisible to most American women, even though it's their No. 1 killer

'Walkable' Neighborhoods Boost Heart Health, Studies Find November 09, 2015

Commuting via public transportation also linked to lower blood pressure

Weight Loss May Help Control Common Irregular Heartbeat November 09, 2015

Losing weight, keeping it off improves atrial fibrillation, studies suggest

Many Who Survive Cardiac Arrest Don't Suffer Brain Damage November 09, 2015

Research finds that 84 percent of survivors retain their mental function

Heart Disease Deaths Drop for Those With Rheumatoid Arthritis: Study November 09, 2015

These patients are twice as likely as the average person to develop heart disease

The Physically Active Less Prone to Post-Heart Attack Depression November 06, 2015

Research underscores link between physical activity and mental health

In Rare Cases, Hepatitis C Drug Tied to Slowed Heart Rate: Study November 04, 2015

But experts say these types of medications have good safety profile

New Guidelines Focus on Pulmonary Hypertension in Kids November 03, 2015

The sometimes fatal heart and lung disease requires different strategies for children and adults

Extracting Clot Beats Clot-Busting Drug Alone in Study of Stroke Patients November 03, 2015

People who had removal procedure were more likely to have functional independence after 90 days

Sweetened Drinks Might Raise Men's Risk for Heart Failure November 03, 2015

Two servings daily linked to higher odds for the disabling condition, study says

New Advisory Says Some Athletes With Heart Conditions OK to Play November 02, 2015

Statement from cardiology groups applies only to those participating in organized sports

Marriage May Aid Recovery From Heart Surgery, Study Finds October 28, 2015

Greater risk of dying or disability seen among divorced, separated, widowed

Few Americans Know Warning Signs of Stroke October 27, 2015

New song can help people recall symptoms and act quickly if one occurs, experts say

No Need to Stop Taking Statins Before Surgery, Study Finds October 27, 2015

Not using cholesterol-lowering drugs may boost risk of death during recovery from non-cardiac operations

Death Rates From Major Illnesses Fall in U.S. October 27, 2015

Prevention key to continued progress in fighting cancer, heart disease and diabetes, researchers say

Loading Up on Fruit, Veggies in Early Adulthood Pays Off Later October 26, 2015

CT scans after 20 years show healthier arteries, study says

Nitrous Oxide OK During Surgery for People With Heart Disease October 26, 2015

Study eases concerns about the use of the anesthetic in non-cardiac procedures

Study Refutes Notion That Obese Fare Better Against Chronic Ills October 23, 2015

Prior research suggesting that excess weight may offer protection called flawed

Magnetic Brain Stimulation Offers Promise for Stroke Victims: Study October 21, 2015

Noninvasive transcranial therapy had effect on arm movements, researchers say

Heart Patients Worldwide Missing Out on Key Drugs October 21, 2015

Study cites problems with availability, affordability

Botox Might Prevent Irregular Heartbeat After Bypass Surgery October 20, 2015

Injectable toxin helped thwart atrial fibrillation, researchers report

'Older' Blood Poses No Harm to Heart Surgery Patients: Study October 20, 2015

Storage duration didn't influence complications, death rate

Men's, Women's Hearts Age Differently October 20, 2015

Treatments may need to be gender-specific, study suggests

Poor Patients May Be More Likely to Die After Heart Surgery: Study October 19, 2015

Higher death rates apparent even with equivalent medical care

During Menopause, 'Good' Cholesterol May Lose Protective Effect on Heart October 16, 2015

HDL cholesterol seems to change, and might encourage plaque build-up, research suggests

Job Stress Tied to Stroke Risk, Study Suggests October 14, 2015

Those with demanding jobs and little control seem most vulnerable, researchers found

Daily Glass of Wine May Boost Type 2 Diabetics' Heart Health October 12, 2015

People who process alcohol slowly also saw improvements in blood sugar levels, study says

Doctors, Nurse Practitioners Offer Comparable Outpatient Heart Care: Study October 12, 2015

While few differences were found, compliance with guidelines is poor overall

Many Doctors Admit Difficulty in Treating Unexplained Stroke: Poll October 09, 2015

Lack of knowledge can affect outcomes, chances of second strokes, survey authors say

Worse Psoriasis, Less Healthy Arteries, Study Finds October 08, 2015

Chronic skin disorder linked to increase risk for heart attack and stroke

Sensitive Blood Test May Help Rule Out Heart Attack October 08, 2015

Researchers say goal is to reduce hospital admissions, medical costs

Move More to Prevent Heart Failure October 05, 2015

Study suggests at least 45 minutes of daily activity necessary to lower risk by 20 percent