April 15, 2014: Nonwhites Exposed to More Air Pollution: Study
More nitrogen dioxide from exhaust fumes, power plants could mean increased deaths from heart disease, researchers say

April 15, 2014: Less Salt Use Tied to Drop in U.K. Heart Deaths
Deaths from stroke also fell in the 8-year study from England

April 09, 2014: Heart Failure Drug Might Help Reduce Hospitalizations
But study found spironolactone didn't prevent deaths from common form of heart disease

April 09, 2014: Certain Prescription Painkillers Tied to Higher Risk of Irregular Heartbeat: Study
Dutch researchers looked at rates of atrial fibrillation and NSAID use in older adults

April 07, 2014: Stem Cells Show Promise for Stroke Recovery
Early study found they can be safely transplanted into the brain; 2 patients showed significant improvement

April 04, 2014: Depression May Be Linked to Heart Failure
Stress hormones likely play contributing role, but more research needed, study says

April 03, 2014: Stroke Risk Spikes Shortly After Shingles Episode: Study
But getting antiviral meds to treat painful rash lowers chances of brain attack, researchers add

April 03, 2014: Heart Disease Haunted Mummies, Too
Thought to be a modern malady, it was as prevalent in ancient times as it is today, study suggests

April 02, 2014: College Football Players Have Stiffer Arteries, Study Finds
But it's unclear what that means for later heart health, researchers say

April 02, 2014: CDC Salt Guidelines Too Low for Good Health, Study Suggests
But agency stands by its recommendations for preventing stroke, heart disease

March 31, 2014: Study Adds to Signs Linking HIV to Heart Trouble
Coronary artery disease seen in men who were taking meds for advanced HIV infection

March 31, 2014: More Research Links Poor Heart Health With Alzheimer's Risk
Brain plaque builds up as arteries stiffen, study suggests

March 31, 2014: Diabetes Treatment Falls Short as Heart Failure Drug in Study
Metformin does not have protective effect on left ventricle, researchers say

March 31, 2014: Stronger Muscles May Mean Better Health for Kids
Study of 6th-graders links greater strength to lower risk for heart disease

March 31, 2014: Raised Risk of Heart Trouble Seen in Celiac Disease Patients
Researchers suggest inflammation caused by the digestive disorder may explain the link

March 31, 2014: Study Ties Daylight Saving Time Change to Rise in Heart Attacks
Michigan hospitals had more related admissions the next Monday, researchers found

March 31, 2014: Can Diet Soft Drinks Contribute to Heart Trouble in Women?
Those who consumed the most had highest risk, but the study results are preliminary

March 28, 2014: Overweight Teens Don't Share in Life-Expectancy Gains: Study
Death before 50 more likely for those who were heavy during adolescence

March 28, 2014: Marriage Does Help the Heart, Study Finds
Researchers compared cardiovascular disease rates in more than 3 million Americans

March 27, 2014: Vitamin D Deficiency May Be Linked to Heart Disease
Low levels raise odds for clogged arteries, preliminary results suggest

March 27, 2014: Exercise Affects Men's, Women's Hearts Differently: Study
Finding might have implications for standard cardiac testing, experts say

March 27, 2014: Tragedies Do Cause Broken Hearts, Study Suggests
Cases of Takotsubo cardiomyopathy -- or 'broken heart syndrome' -- jumped in Vermont, Missouri following natural disasters

March 27, 2014: Marathon Training Might Boost Heart Health
Middle-aged male runners get a lot of health mileage out of race prep, study finds

March 25, 2014: Moms Who Keep 'Baby Weight' May Risk Heart Trouble
Study finds weight gain increases odds for heart disease, diabetes

March 24, 2014: Tiny Wireless Pacemaker Shows Early Promise
But complications can occur, study found, and more research is needed

March 19, 2014: Most Women Don't Know Warning Signs of Stroke: Study
Hispanic women are least likely to recognize when it is time to call 911, researchers report

March 18, 2014: Scientists Probe Dark Chocolate's Health Secrets
Heart benefits may stem from reaction in stomach bacteria, research suggests

March 17, 2014: Daily Fish Oil Supplement May Not Help Your Heart: Studies
Get your omega-3s from food, not pills, experts suggest

March 17, 2014: Coordinated Care Helps Elderly With Chronic Diseases
Odds of complications, hospital admissions lower when patients see fewer doctors, says study

March 17, 2014: Lower IQ, Worse Heart Fitness in Teens Linked to Risk of Early Dementia in Men
Swedish researchers followed a million men for more than 40 years

March 14, 2014: Wider Waistline May Mean Shorter Lifespan: Study
Evidence review suggests extra inches raise risk of dying younger, regardless of body weight

March 13, 2014: Mexican-Americans Fare Worse After Stroke, Study Finds
Compared with whites, they had poorer physical, mental outcomes 3 months after brain attack

March 13, 2014: Every Minute Matters With Clot-Busting Stroke Drug: Study
Every 60 seconds shaved off how quickly tPA was given meant patient had one less day of disability

March 13, 2014: High Blood Pressure Common, Often Untreated in U.S. Hispanics: Study
Lack of insurance, language barriers might be obstacles to care, expert says

March 12, 2014: Pregnancy-Related Diabetes Tied to Future Heart Risk
20-year study compared thickness of neck arteries

March 12, 2014: Even Slightly Higher Blood Pressure May Raise Stroke Risk: Study
Experts say the finding highlights importance of keeping blood pressure under control

March 11, 2014: New Knees, Hips May Also Help the Heart
Joint replacement might boost physical activity in arthritis patients, study author says

March 05, 2014: Obesity Rates Triple in Canada
More than one in five will be obese by 2019, study says

March 05, 2014: Secondhand Smoke in Childhood Thickens Arteries
Measurements suggest raised risk for later heart attack, stroke, researchers say

March 04, 2014: Health Tip: Choose Heart-Healthy Proteins
Gain the benefit without the fat

February 28, 2014: Treatment Costs Vary for U.S. Children Born With Heart Defects
Study tied higher-cost hospitals to more surgical complications, longer patient stays

February 27, 2014: Study Questions FDA Warning Against CT Scans for Those With Heart Devices
It found no harm to patients with devices such as pacemakers, defibrillators, but agency still concerned

February 27, 2014: Kids Born With HIV May Face Heart Risks Later, Study Suggests
Doctors should watch for signs of cardiovascular disease, researcher says

February 27, 2014: FDA's New Food Labels Would Focus on Calories, Sugar Content
Another goal: give consumers a better understanding of realistic serving sizes

February 27, 2014: Getting Teeth Pulled Before Heart Surgery May Pose Serious Risks
Study found 8 percent of those who did suffered a heart attack, stroke, kidney failure or death

February 26, 2014: Health Tip: Protect Your Child's Heart Health
Offer low-fat foods

February 25, 2014: Transfusions Risky During Certain Heart Procedures, Study Finds
Angioplasty patients run the risk of heart attacks, strokes and death, researchers say

February 25, 2014: Heavy Kids Exposed to Everyday Chemicals May Face More Heart Risks
Endocrine system might be disrupted by these water, stain repellants, study says

February 25, 2014: Health Tip: Shop for Heart-Healthy Fruits and Veggies
In a pinch, frozen will do

February 25, 2014: Diabetes Boosts Stroke Risk for Women, But Not Men: Study
Research finds big gender gap, which one doctor believes is tied to better treatment for men