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Health Tip: Spot the Signs of Hypothyroidism September 04, 2015

Common symptoms include weight gain and changes in skin and hair

Even Slightly Overactive Thyroid Linked to Higher Fracture Risk May 26, 2015

Study found greater chances of breaks in hip bones, spinal areas

Standard Treatment for Underactive Thyroid Gland Still Best: Experts October 03, 2014

The drug levothyroxine remains first choice, guidelines say

Iodine Deficiency Common in Pregnancy, Pediatricians Warn May 27, 2014

Processed foods deprive women of iodized salt; supplementation recommended

Certain Thyroid-Related Diseases May Vary by Race April 15, 2014

Study looked at Graves', Hashimoto's thyroiditis among U.S. military personnel

Thyroid Levels of Older Hospital Patients May Be Linked to Survival October 30, 2013

Low levels reflect weakness, increased vulnerability, study finds

Childhood Abuse Linked to Later Thyroid Problems for Women August 02, 2013

Stress hormone in 'fight-or-flight' reaction may be involved, researcher suggests

Underactive Thyroid and Heart Failure a Bad Combination: Study May 22, 2013

Hypothyroidism impact varies by race, with blacks at increased risk of death, findings suggest

Mild Hyperthyroidism Tied to Higher Death Risk May 03, 2013

Danish study did not prove a cause-and-effect link, however

People With Type 1 Diabetes at Risk of Thyroid Disease March 15, 2013

Link between 'sister diseases' is rooted in immune system problem, expert says

N.Y. Woman Balances Thyroid Disease and Diabetes March 15, 2013

With two chronic conditions, she's learned 'not to sweat the small stuff'

Mild Hyperthyroidism Won't Raise Heart Risk: Study September 20, 2012

People with only one hormone at abnormal levels were not at higher risk

Health Tip: If Your Thyroid Is Overactive August 27, 2012

Possible signs of hyperthyroidism

Thyroid Condition Linked to Heart Problems: Study April 23, 2012

Risk was especially elevated for atrial fibrillation