July 16, 2014: Antibiotics Often Prescribed Needlessly for Terminally Ill, Study Finds
Overuse of these drugs in hospice patients raises concerns about side effects, other issues

July 07, 2014: Choosing Hospice Care Isn't Always Easy
Best time to check out options is before you need them, suggests expert

June 04, 2014: Many With Heart Failure Aren't Told About End-of-Life Care: Study
Survey found nearly a third of health-care providers lacked confidence to discuss the topic with patients

December 16, 2013: Doctor's View of Hospice Influences Talks With Patients, Study Finds
If physicians are more likely to opt for this type of care for themselves, they're more likely to discuss it

December 10, 2013: Most Americans Don't Deal With End-of-Life Issues, Study Finds
Lack of awareness was most common reason cited for not having a living will

July 08, 2013: Disability Often Goes Hand-in-Hand With Old Age
Study findings should serve as wake-up call for U.S. and its aging population, experts say

May 20, 2013: Study Links Coffee to Lower Risk for Rare Liver Disease
Separate report calls for more hospice care for terminal cirrhosis patients

April 24, 2013: U.S. Heart Failure Costs Could Skyrocket: Report
Better awareness, prevention and treatment are crucial, experts say

April 10, 2013: Physician-Assisted Suicide Program Rarely Used, Study Finds
Terminally ill patients in Washington state not rushing to get lethal prescriptions or use them

April 01, 2013: Doctors Don't Ask About End-of-Life Plans, Study Finds
Many patients' charts don't reflect their final wishes, Canadian researchers say

March 27, 2013: Too Few Americans Pass Last Days in Hospice Care: CDC
Report highlights need for alternative care at end of life, expert says

February 05, 2013: Shift to Hospice Care Often Comes Too Late, Study Finds
Almost a third of patients didn't get palliative care until final three days of life, often after ICU stay

December 20, 2012: Palliative Care Eases Suffering for Seniors at End of Life: Study
Such patients in long-term care were less depressed, had fewer ER visits

November 13, 2012: Later End-of-Life Discussions May Mean More Aggressive Treatment
Study suggests earlier talks might contribute to care aimed at easing suffering

October 24, 2012: Many Terminal Cancer Patients Put False Hope in Chemo, Study Finds
Doctors must improve their message, researchers say

October 02, 2012: Use of Medicare Skilled Nursing Benefit Is High at End of Life: Study
Financial concerns may deter many from using hospice provision, researchers say

August 16, 2012: Older Americans Living Longer, But Becoming More Obese
Government report on seniors also found more working women, higher housing costs

June 29, 2012: Minorities Less Likely to Use Hospice Care: Study
Finding suggests there are differences that need to be addressed, researcher says

June 21, 2012: Rare Drug-Resistant Bacteria Spotted in U.S. Hospital
Swift treatment, stronger infection control prevented spread

June 14, 2012: Fatigue in COPD Patients Often Precedes Hospitalization: Study
Low energy is common in people with the respiratory condition

March 07, 2012: Hope and Optimism May Cloud Judgment in ICUs
Family members tend to put good spin on bad news, which may lead to poor decisions, researchers say

March 05, 2012: Heart Failure Patients Urged to Discuss Care With Docs
An open dialogue can inform decisions on treatment options

October 07, 2011: Blood Infection Costliest U.S. Hospital Condition: Report
Septicemia treatment totaled $15.4 billion in 2009, agency says

October 04, 2011: Advance Directives Might Curb Cost of End-of-Life Care
Study also found patients more likely to get hospice services

July 07, 2011: Special Talk Therapy Seems to Help Dying Patients
'Dignity therapy' can enhance their quality of life and their dignity, study finds

May 18, 2011: End-of-Life Care Differs Between U.S., Canada, Study Finds
Researchers say data comparison could help guide improvements in care

May 16, 2011: Hospice Care More Common in Wealthier Areas, Study Finds
Communities with high household incomes, larger populations have more access to end-of-life care

April 18, 2011: People With DNR Orders More Apt to Die After Any Surgery
Death and complication rate higher even in non-emergency procedures, study found

February 01, 2011: For-Profit Hospices May Prefer Certain Types of Patients: Study
They're more likely to admit people that require less intense care, but a longer stay

January 28, 2011: More People Choosing Hospice at Life's End
With focus on comfort, people often feel more in control, with less distress

January 28, 2011: Woman's Life Refutes a Hospice Myth
More than 6 years after starting care, 91-year-old remains at home

January 20, 2011: Fewer Cancer Patients May Be Depressed Than Thought
But it was common in cancer patients with other mood disorders, researchers found

January 19, 2011: Many U.S. Hospices Provide Alternative Therapies: Report
Over 40% offer complementary services, such as massage, to improve end-of-life care, data shows

January 06, 2011: Mentally Ill in Nursing Homes Often Lack Advance Care Plans
But they are among the groups that most need them, researchers say

November 02, 2010: Study Casts Doubt on Hospice Admission Criteria for Patients With Dementia
Desire for comfort care should guide the decision, say experts

October 12, 2010: Earlier Hospice Care Urged for Terminal Prostate Cancer
Waiting too late means less benefit for patients, families, experts suggest

September 29, 2010: Leaving Hospice Prematurely May Hike Health Expenses
ER visits, hospitalizations, home care increase the tally almost five-fold, study finds

September 13, 2010: Dying at Home Often Easier on Cancer Patients, Caregivers
Those left behind more likely to develop psychiatric problems if loved one dies in hospital, study finds

August 26, 2010: Doctors' Religious Beliefs Can Color Their Care of Terminally Ill
Survey found agnostics, atheists almost twice as likely to make choices that hasten end of life

August 18, 2010: Palliative Care May Boost Mood, Survival
Lung cancer patients had better quality of life, longer survival, study finds

May 14, 2010: As End of Life Nears, What to Do With Implanted Defibrillators?
New guidelines help patients, doctors decide on removal to avoid unnecessary shocks

April 02, 2010: Start Talking About Life's End Well in Advance
Though uncomfortable for some, conversations should be ongoing, too

March 16, 2010: Pain Relief Often Delayed for Cancer Patients
Referrals to palliative care programs come too late, survey finds

March 08, 2010: Blacks, Hispanics With Heart Failure Less Likely to Use Hospice
Despite increase in services, racial disparities persist, study finds

March 04, 2010: Hearts of Hospice Patients Being Needlessly Shocked
Researchers say defibrillators can be turned off on admission

January 12, 2010: Doctors Put Off End-of-Life Talks With Terminally Ill
Frank conversations about hospice and preferred place of death are often needed, experts say

December 31, 2009: Her Music Eases the End for Dying Patients
Therapist brings songs and comfort to hospice patients and their families

December 18, 2009: Spiritual Needs Rank High as Death From Cancer Nears
Being 'at peace with God' affects medical choices, study finds

October 14, 2009: Families Need to Know When Dementia Becomes Terminal
Too often, onerous, futile medical interventions are ordered for these end-stage patients, researchers say

March 09, 2009: Dying Feel Abandoned by Docs in the End
Continuity of care, closure important for dying, families and docs, study finds