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Melatonin Might Help Sleepless Kids With Eczema, Study Finds November 24, 2015

But treating skin condition is still best approach, expert says

Ban Crib Bumpers Because of Rising Deaths, Researchers Say November 24, 2015

Many of these fatalities were preventable, study reveals

Most First-Time Moms Plan to Follow Vaccine Schedule November 20, 2015

11 percent intend to spread out the recommended inoculations, survey finds

Child Care Centers Offering Too Little Outdoor Time November 20, 2015

Some kids don't even get the hour-a-day minimum, researchers report

Potential Treatment for a Serious Respiratory Infection in Kids November 19, 2015

Preliminary study of new drug for RSV yields promising results, experts say

Controversial Fertility Treatment Resulted in Live Births November 18, 2015

Italian scientists used 'chromosomally abnormal' embryos to produce 6 healthy babies

More Gluten Before Age 2 Linked to Celiac Disease in At-Risk Kids November 17, 2015

But it's not clear if limiting the protein in baby's diet would help, experts say

Breast-Feeding Linked to Reduced Risk of Preemie Eye Problem November 16, 2015

Exclusive use of human milk lowers odds of potentially blinding condition by 75 percent, study suggests

How to Keep Your Baby's Slumber Safe November 14, 2015

Babies should be placed on their back and in their own bed to sleep, pediatrician advises

Military Deployment Tied to Greater Odds of Child Abuse, Neglect November 12, 2015

Periods during and just after deployment are highest risk, study finds

Newborn Probiotic Use Tied to Lower Risk of Type 1 Diabetes November 11, 2015

But association was only found in those with the highest genetic risk of the disease

Bystander CPR Helps Some Kids Survive Cardiac Arrest November 10, 2015

Unfortunately, infants don't appear to be benefitting, study finds

3-D Computer Modeling Might Improve Children's Heart Transplants November 09, 2015

Technology could help doctors choose a better organ size match, study suggests

Breast-Feeding May Not Help Prevent Allergies in Kids, Study Claims November 05, 2015

But at least one pediatrician is skeptical of the finding, and urges mothers to breast-feed

Many Parents Unaware of Emergency Plans at Kids' Pre-schools October 30, 2015

Less than half knew crisis plans are online, poll finds

Singing Better Than Talking for Soothing Cranky Babies, Study Finds October 30, 2015

It seems to keep infants happy longer, researchers say

Breast Milk Makeup May Influence Child's Later Weight, Study Says October 28, 2015

Naturally occurring complex carbohydrates could play a role in obesity

Shaken Baby Syndrome Program Didn't Reduce Injuries: Study October 26, 2015

Over 3 years, more than 90 percent of North Carolina parents of newborns participated

Very Young Babies Sense Touch Differently October 19, 2015

Study says until 4 months of age, infants can't really place origin of tickle

Newborns Vulnerable to Common Staph Infections: Study October 19, 2015

As great a threat as antibiotic-resistant infections, doctors contend

Many New Moms Still Lack Breast-Feeding Support at Work October 14, 2015

Study finds less than half of workplaces have private space or enough break time to express milk

Weight, Growth Early in Life May Affect Adult Brain October 09, 2015

Poor nutrition during childhood tied to poorer sight, hearing, and even thinking later on, study finds

Infants Born to Drug-Abusing Mothers Often Readmitted to Hospital October 06, 2015

These babies are often born addicted and have higher risk of breathing, feeding problems, experts say

Hospitals Doing Better Job of Promoting Breast-feeding: CDC October 06, 2015

Still, nearly 4 million babies are born each year in U.S., but only 14 percent in 'baby-friendly' hospitals

Gut Bacteria Tied to Asthma Risk in Kids September 30, 2015

Study suggests that antibiotics in infancy might also play a role

Exposure to BPA in Pregnancy Tied to Low Birth Weight in Girls: Study September 25, 2015

But research doesn't prove the chemical caused the lighter weight

Though Rare, Some Disabilities Seen Long After Newborn Heart Surgery September 21, 2015

Study authors suggest a lack of oxygen before the procedure may play a role

More Cavities Seen in Kids of Chronically Stressed Mothers September 18, 2015

These moms are less likely to breast-feed, make dental appointments, study finds

Filtered Sunlight May Be Effective Jaundice Therapy September 16, 2015

Low-tech treatment might help newborns in developing countries, researchers say

Breast-Feeding Tied to Better Emotion Perception in Some Infants September 14, 2015

Those at risk for autism showed more social development in small study, but experts said more research is needed

Survival Rates Improve for Extreme 'Preemie' Babies September 08, 2015

Study also finds fewer complications in infants who survive, but more efforts are needed, experts say

Siblings Now Main Source of Infants' Whooping Cough: CDC September 08, 2015

A change from past years, when Mom posed the biggest risk of infection

Day Care Won't Cause Aggressive Behavior in Child, Study Finds September 01, 2015

Results from children in Norway could reassure working parents

Medical Groups Endorse Early Exposure to Peanut Products for High-Risk Infants August 26, 2015

Interim guidance issued in response to study that found exposure lowered chances of allergy by 80 percent

Parents' Clothing Can Infect Newborns in Intensive Care August 25, 2015

Researchers tested for respiratory syncytial virus

New Moms Can Avoid Back Injury When Caring for Their Babies August 25, 2015

Proper lifting techniques are essential for both parents

Brief Drop in Blood Sugar at Birth Tied to Poorer School Performance August 24, 2015

But researchers say it's too soon to recommend routine screening

Many Parents Aren't Shielding Babies From Sun's Harmful Rays: Study August 20, 2015

12 percent told researchers their children had tanned in their first six months of life

Antidepressants During Pregnancy Have Benefits, Risks: Study August 11, 2015

Birth complications may be reduced, but some health issues for babies might increase

Some Babies May Pick Up 2nd Language More Easily August 10, 2015

Research suggests a behavior called 'gaze shifting' may be key

U.S. Infant Deaths At Lowest Rate Ever: CDC August 06, 2015

But American babies still die at rates that are higher than other affluent countries

Certain Antibiotics Linked to Hearing Loss, Mouse Study Finds July 29, 2015

Inflammation caused by the infection that's being treated may make ear damage more likely

Are Hospitals Overusing Neonatal Intensive Care? July 27, 2015

Study found newborns admitted to these expensive units were bigger, less premature than in prior years

New Moms Often Get Poor Advice on Baby Care: Study July 27, 2015

Tips from family or media can run counter to expert guidelines on vaccines, breast-feeding

U.S. Hospitals May Often Miss Signs of Child Abuse July 13, 2015

Less than half follow up on suspicious fractures among at-risk kids, study finds

Cancer Survivors May Face More Challenges When Adopting July 13, 2015

Study finds agencies may request potentially discriminatory personal information

What's In a Name? For Newborns, Maybe Fewer Medical Errors July 13, 2015

Incorporating mothers' names into newborns' IDs led to a drop in patient mix-ups, study finds

Diabetes Drug Given to Obese Moms-to-Be Won't Keep Baby's Weight Down July 10, 2015

Metformin did help control women's blood sugar, study finds

More Parents See Benefits of Vaccines, Poll Finds July 07, 2015

Reports on outbreaks of measles, whooping cough in past year may have shifted opinions, pediatrician says

Anti-Vaccine Trend Has Parents Shunning Newborns' Vitamin Shot July 06, 2015

Doing so can lead to dangerous internal bleeding, experts say