April 14, 2014: As African Ebola Outbreak Spreads, Hopes for Vaccine Remain Years Away
There are promising avenues of research, but sporadic nature of outbreaks makes testing difficult

April 11, 2014: Binge Drinking May Slow Wound Healing
Heavy alcohol use lowers level of beneficial immune system cells, animal study shows

April 11, 2014: Swine Flu From 2009 Pandemic Also Struck Sea Otters: Study
Scientists say finding shows marine animals may be yet another host of flu viruses

April 10, 2014: Kitchen Cutting Boards Can Harbor Drug-Resistant Germs: Study
Poultry prep linked to E. coli found on food equipment in homes, hospitals

April 10, 2014: Report Questions Effectiveness of Flu Meds
'Hidden' trial data reveals that some Tamiflu claims were unfounded, researchers say

April 10, 2014: Measles Cases Linked to U.S. Adoptions of Chinese Children: CDC
The highly infectious illness is still endemic in China, so adopted kids should get their shots, experts say

April 09, 2014: Restaurants Pose Double the Risk of Food Poisoning Compared to Homes: Study
Many cases may be going unreported, consumer advocacy group adds

April 08, 2014: Health Care Workers Wash Hands More When Patients Watching
Canadian study enlisted patients to monitor hospital staff

April 04, 2014: U.S. Traveler Returning From Africa Has Lassa Fever, CDC Says
The infectious illness is not related to Ebola fever, officials stress

April 03, 2014: Walking May Be Good Medicine for Kidney Patients
People with kidney trouble assigned to daily half-hour stroll got a boost in immune function, study found

April 03, 2014: Health Tip: Caring for a Hangnail
Don't rip off the skin

March 31, 2014: Study Adds to Signs Linking HIV to Heart Trouble
Coronary artery disease seen in men who were taking meds for advanced HIV infection

March 31, 2014: HIV-Positive Inmates Benefit From Drug Treatment, Study Says
Suppressing virus during jail time might reduce its spread after release, researchers suggest

March 31, 2014: New Clues to Link Between MS Drug Tysabri and Rare Brain Disease
Researchers report drug mobilizes a kind of cell easily infected by a virus that can attack the brain

March 28, 2014: Mice Study Sees Link Between Gut Bacteria, Immune Cell Production
Role of antibiotics in reducing beneficial microbes also highlighted

March 26, 2014: Hospital-Related Infections Hit Nearly 650,000 Patients in 2011: CDC
Specific source of dangerous germs still unclear in about half of cases

March 23, 2014: College Women: Have a Healthy Spring Break
FDA has tips on sun safety, medication, staying hydrated and more

March 21, 2014: Gut Bacteria in Preemies Could Lead to Life-Threatening Infections
Study looked for alternate sources of sepsis, a bloodstream infection sometimes linked to hospital care

March 20, 2014: More Drug-Resistant Infections Seen in U.S. Children
Although still uncommon, certain bacteria may need stronger treatment than oral meds, study says

March 19, 2014: Hepatitis C Patients With HIV May Face Higher Risk of Liver Disease
Study's finding held true even for those doing well on treatment for AIDS-causing virus

March 18, 2014: Many Hospitals Ineffectively Treat Bloodstream Infections, Study Suggests
Researchers identify common risk factors doctors should watch for

March 18, 2014: Pregnant Women May Be More Vulnerable to Potentially Dangerous Infection: Study
Screening for H. influenzae not recommended for now, expert says

March 18, 2014: Same Meningitis Strain Behind Drexel, Princeton Outbreaks: CDC
Drexel student recently died from the bacterial infection

March 17, 2014: Offices With Open Floor Plans Tied to More Sick Days
Swedish researchers say risk of infection, privacy issues may contribute

March 17, 2014: Flu Can Infect Many Without Causing Symptoms: Study
British researchers call those who get physically sick 'tip of iceberg' in terms of total cases each year

March 13, 2014: HIV Transmission Between Women Rare, But Possible: CDC
Case report shows uninfected woman was infected with the virus by her female partner

March 13, 2014: 'Five-Second' Food Rule May Be Real, Study Finds
Microbiology professor and students test the theory, find it isn't just a myth

March 12, 2014: Vaginal Gel Might Prevent HIV Hours After Exposure
Lab tests with monkeys look promising, study says

March 07, 2014: Antibiotics May Be Linked to Serious Infections in Children
Nearly three-quarters of C. difficile cases associated with prescriptions written at doctor visits

March 06, 2014: Doctors Cautiously Optimistic About 'Cure' for HIV-Infected Babies
Report on second child raises hope that early, aggressive treatment may be game changer for these infants

March 05, 2014: Gene Therapy for Controlling HIV Shows Early Promise
Small study hints treatment could someday help patients fight AIDS virus without drugs

March 04, 2014: U.S. Hospitals Overuse, Misuse Antibiotics, CDC Says
To fight drug resistance, agency seeks $30 million more, recommends hospitals improve prescription practices

March 03, 2014: Nearly 3 Million Americans Living With Hepatitis C
Many aren't aware they carry the liver-destroying virus, experts say

March 02, 2014: Eye-Catching Labels Urged for Fast-Tracked Antibiotics
Letter to Congress from medical groups focuses on 'superbug' threat

February 28, 2014: Hand Hygiene Lacking in Many U.S. Health Care Facilities: Study
Missing hand sanitizer, gaps in staff training may jeopardize efforts to stem spread of infection, researchers say

February 27, 2014: Doctors' Germ-Laden Stethoscope May Spread Nasty Bacteria
Cleansing after each use should be part of good patient care, study says

February 27, 2014: Vinegar May Be Cheap, Safe Way to Kill TB Germ
Accidental discovery might help labs, clinics disinfect, especially in cash-poor countries

February 27, 2014: Getting Teeth Pulled Before Heart Surgery May Pose Serious Risks
Study found 8 percent of those who did suffered a heart attack, stroke, kidney failure or death

February 26, 2014: Common Strep Bacteria May Be Morphing Into 'Superbug'
Doctors report on antibiotic resistance in two unrelated cases

February 25, 2014: On-time Use of Routine Vaccine Keeps Kids Out of Hospital
Illnesses rose when measles-mumps-rubella shot was given out of order, Danish study found

February 25, 2014: MERS Virus That Threatens Humans Also Found in Camels
The respiratory virus has been infecting dromedaries for at least 20 years, researchers say

February 24, 2014: Mysterious Polio-Like Illness Strikes Kids in California
Only a small number of cases identified, experts say, with no clear common cause

February 21, 2014: Are Slimmer, More Attractive Men More Germ-Free?
Polish study found more 'bad' bacteria in the noses, throats of heftier guys

February 20, 2014: More Evidence That HPV Vaccine Might Lower Cervical Cancer Risk
Danish study finds reduction in precancerous lesions for women who got vaccinated in girlhood

February 19, 2014: Many U.S. Hospitals Fall Short in Preventing Infections
Study authors consider findings 'a call to action'

February 18, 2014: Infections Rare in Outpatient Surgery Procedures, Study Finds
Researchers tracked infections occurring around the area of incision

February 14, 2014: Flu Hits Unvaccinated Hardest, Study Finds
Those who have had vaccine are far less likely to need intensive-care unit

February 13, 2014: Higher HIV Infection Rates Seen in Mental Health Patients: Study
People seeking psych help had 16 times the rate of AIDS virus infection than general U.S. population

February 13, 2014: Could Infections Harm Memory in Older Adults?
Early study found connection between exposure to microbes, poorer scores on mental-ability tests

February 12, 2014: Infection-Triggered Strokes Deadlier for Blacks, Study Finds
Further investigation needed to understand this racial disparity, researchers say