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Ebola Blood Level May Predict Odds of Death, Study Says December 01, 2015

Scientists hope findings will point toward more effective treatments

HIV Prevention Pill May Not Need to Be Taken Daily December 01, 2015

Research suggests Truvada still works when taken before and after sex

Celery-Onion Blend Is Cause of E.Coli Outbreak Tied to Costco Chicken Salad: CDC November 28, 2015

Agency says samples of the salad ingredient tested positive for the bacteria and product has been recalled

Probiotics May Not Shield 'Preemies' From Serious Illness, Study Finds November 25, 2015

More research on individual strains of these good bacteria may be needed

Mosquito-Borne Virus May Cause Fatal Brain Infection November 25, 2015

Chikungunya outbreak on Reunion Island finds encephalitis more common than previously believed

Advanced Ebola Is Riskiest Stage for Caregivers, Study Shows November 25, 2015

Transmission requires close contact with a known case, researchers find

Post-Op Bacterial Infection Raises Odds for Complications, Death November 25, 2015

Clostridium difficile can be devastating to patients recovering from surgery, experts say

E. Coli Linked to Costco Chicken Salad Sickens 19 in Seven States November 25, 2015

CDC still tracking down specific ingredient that may harbor the germ

Weekend Childbirth Riskier, British Study Suggests November 25, 2015

Infant deaths, maternal infections lower on weekdays, study finds

Private Rooms May Save Money By Cutting Hospital Infection Rates November 24, 2015

Increased cost of building them is offset by decreases in additional medical care, research shows

Arsenic Exposure in Womb Linked to Respiratory Risks in Babies November 23, 2015

High levels in well water may trigger infections in the very young, study suggests

Columbus Did Not Bring Syphilis Back to Europe, Research Shows November 23, 2015

Traces of the STD's effects are found on 14th-century Austrian skeletons, scientists say

Ah-Choo! Sneeze 'Cloud' Quickly Covers a Room, Study Finds November 23, 2015

Videos of sneezers show droplets are of varying sizes, move at high velocity

Potential Treatment for a Serious Respiratory Infection in Kids November 19, 2015

Preliminary study of new drug for RSV yields promising results, experts say

Scientists Spot Gene That Could Make Bacteria Resistant to All Antibiotics November 19, 2015

The DNA has emerged in germs infecting people and pigs in China, researchers warn

When Antibiotics Are Needed November 18, 2015

'Get Smart' tips from an expert to prevent their overuse

Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia Rates Rising for First Time in Years: CDC November 17, 2015

Increases are largely driven by STD epidemic among men, U.S. researchers say

Preventive HIV Treatment Shown Effective at Health Clinics November 16, 2015

New research finds just two people out of more than 400 became infected in a year

Pediatricians' Group Urges Cuts in Antibiotic Use in Livestock November 16, 2015

Widespread practice is boosting bacterial resistance to drugs, putting kids in danger, AAP says

Doctors Save Life of U.S. Child With Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis November 16, 2015

Case highlights growing threat of strain of the lung disease that doesn't respond to multiple antibiotics

Too Much Traffic in OR May Put Patients at Risk, Study Finds November 13, 2015

Doorways are designed to keep air sterile, but repeated openings may let germs in during surgery

SARS-like Virus in Bats Could Jump to Humans November 12, 2015

But, researchers don't know if virus could then spread from person-to-person

Swiss Report Highlights Danger of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis November 11, 2015

Cases where the infection isn't thwarted by existing antibiotics are surfacing, researcher says

Emergency Surgery Patients Often Wind Up Back in Hospital: Study November 11, 2015

Surgical site infections were the most common reason why

What You Need to Know When Your Child Gets a Rash November 06, 2015

Most clear up on their own or are easily treated, but some are contagious -- even dangerous

Each 1-Day Delay in Hospitalization Ups Risk of Ebola Death November 06, 2015

Researchers analyzed nearly 1,000 cases reported over four decades

Kidney Transplant 'Tourism' Comes With Risks: Study November 06, 2015

Infections, complications, organ rejection more likely than in patients who get organ in own country

Tapeworm May Have Spread Cancer Cells to Colombian Man November 04, 2015

CDC experts say this is first known case of the parasite causing tumors in a human

Childhood Whooping Cough Tied to Small Rise in Epilepsy Risk November 03, 2015

But chances of any one child getting the seizure illness remain low, one expert says

Antibiotics May Not Help After 'Complicated' Appendectomy November 02, 2015

Use of the drugs did not lower infection risk after these higher-risk operations, study found

Prepare Yourself for Cold, Flu Season October 29, 2015

Doctor offers tips on avoiding infection, battling illness if it strikes

Illnesses, Deaths Spur FDA Warning on Hepatitis C Drugs October 23, 2015

Cautionary label will be added to Viekira Pak and Technivie, agency says

Plague May Have Infected Humans Earlier Than Thought October 22, 2015

DNA evidence suggests deadly germ was around 4,800 years ago

Newborns Vulnerable to Common Staph Infections: Study October 19, 2015

As great a threat as antibiotic-resistant infections, doctors contend

It's Time for Your Flu Shot October 19, 2015

Everyone 6 months and older should be vaccinated, CDC advises

Antibiotic Resistance Could Threaten Surgery, Chemo Patients October 16, 2015

Study warns of thousands more deaths if bacteria grow stronger

Enterovirus D68 No Deadlier for Kids Than the Common Cold: Study October 15, 2015

CDC still doesn't know if unusual paralysis cases are caused by this virus

Ebola Persists for Extended Period in Survivors' Semen: Study October 14, 2015

Research suggests virus can hide for up to 9 months, and men can pass the virus to female partners

Small Hospitals Seeing More Drug-Resistant E. Coli Infections October 14, 2015

Study suggests these tougher germs aren't limited to large medical centers

Caramel Apples Can Harbor Listeria, Study Finds October 14, 2015

When not refrigerated, bacteria can grow quickly around dipping stick, researcher explains

Plight of NFL Player Stricken by MRSA Germ 'Extremely Unusual' October 14, 2015

Infections by the 'superbug' down significantly in recent years, CDC says

Response in Sierra Leone to Ebola Outbreak Saved 40,000 Lives: Study October 12, 2015

But faster action could have spared thousands more, experts say

Medical Gowns, Gloves Often Source of Contamination: Study October 12, 2015

But researchers say that education and practice can dramatically improve health care worker hygiene

Health Tip: Coping With Sinusitis October 12, 2015

Suggestions to help soothe pain and congestion

Many Americans Traveling Abroad Lack Key Vaccinations: Study October 09, 2015

Outbreaks of measles, hepatitis A could be prevented if people were fully immunized, researchers say

Infections, Not Clumsiness, Cause Many Falls October 09, 2015

Illness can lower blood pressure, lead to dizziness, researchers say

Health Tip: When You Get a Cut October 09, 2015

Signs you should see a doctor

Low-Income HIV Patients May Be Doing Better on Obamacare October 08, 2015

Virginia data show rates of viral suppression rose on federally funded insurance

FDA Orders Studies on Contaminated Endoscopes Tied to Illness Outbreaks October 05, 2015

Duodenoscopes used at 2 Los Angeles hospitals carried drug-resistant 'superbug'

New Antibiotic-Resistant 'Superbug' an Emerging Threat, CDC Says October 05, 2015

Evidence of CRE found in seven U.S. cities monitored by researchers