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Animal Research Yields Clues to Sexual Spread of Zika August 25, 2016

Researchers think vaginal fluid may be ideal breeding ground for the virus, which can cause fetal brain damage

New Case of Local Zika Infection Reported in Florida August 25, 2016

Latest one in Palm Beach County brings state total to 43; scientists predict 400 cases by summer's end

Zika May Persist for Months in Newborns, Study Shows August 24, 2016

Brazilian infant appeared outwardly fine at birth, but neurological troubles arose later

Gene Test Might Quickly ID Baby's Infection August 23, 2016

Goal is to distinguish between bacterial, viral illness, researchers say

Fast Action Can Prevent Sepsis Death: CDC August 23, 2016

Know the signs of extreme response to infection, consider it a 'medical emergency'

Scans Show Range of Zika-Linked Infant Brain Defects August 23, 2016

Images of the brains of Brazilian newborns and fetuses suggest the virus affects multiple sites

'Bagpipe' Lung Infection Kills Piper August 23, 2016

Mold, fungi can collect in wind instruments, researchers explained

Improper Use of Contact Lenses Can Trigger Serious Eye Damage, CDC Says August 18, 2016

Too often, lens-linked infections lead to corneal scarring and other vision issues, study shows

Zika Kills Vital Nervous System Cells in Adult Mice, Study Finds August 18, 2016

Researchers are investigating why the virus is attracted to neural stem cells in the brain

Zika Not Changing Most Americans' Florida Travel Plans: Poll August 13, 2016

Meanwhile, U.S. health officials declare public health emergency in Puerto Rico

Zika Not Changing Most Americans' Florida Travel Plans: Poll August 12, 2016

Only 10 percent of would-be travelers said they'd postpone a trip or head elsewhere

Serious Infections Tied to Suicide Risk August 10, 2016

Danish study finds greater association in those hospitalized with HIV or hepatitis

Florida Reports First Locally Transmitted Zika Infections in U.S. July 29, 2016

4 recent cases very likely to have originated from area mosquitoes, CDC says

Is It Flu, or Is It Valley Fever? July 28, 2016

Potentially fatal infection is found in Southwest U.S. and is often misdiagnosed, specialists say

Florida Investigates 2 More Possible Cases of Zika Virus Local Transmission July 28, 2016

If all 4 are confirmed, they would be first instances of mosquito-borne infection in continental United States

Zika Now Tied to Miscarriage July 27, 2016

Dutch case finds woman's infection in South America may have spurred her pregnancy loss

Little Threat of Zika Spread From Rio Olympics: Study July 25, 2016

Because it's winter in Brazil, mosquito activity has subsided

CDC Updates Zika Guidelines for Pregnant Women July 25, 2016

Any sex partner, male or female, has potential to pass the virus on, agency says

1.6 Million Child-Bearing Women in Latin America Could Get Zika: Study July 25, 2016

Scientists used data on births, climate and other mosquito-borne infection to estimate outbreak

How to Keep Bug Bites at Bay July 23, 2016

CDC offers advice on thwarting disease-carrying insects

Florida Investigates 2nd Possible Local Transmission of Zika Virus July 22, 2016

If confirmed, cases would be first instances of mosquito-borne infection in continental United States

Meningitis B Vaccine Falls Short of Expectations July 20, 2016

1 in 3 students didn't get immunity against outbreak strain after 2 doses of Bexsero, study finds

Florida Investigates Possible Local Transmission of Zika Virus July 20, 2016

If confirmed, it would be first case of local spread of the birth-defect causing disease in continental U.S.

New Clues to Zika's Threat to Fetus, and How to Stop It July 19, 2016

Scientists say the virus uses 2 routes to reach the fetus, but an antibiotic may halt that transmission

Mixed Progress in Worldwide Fight Against HIV/AIDS July 19, 2016

Deaths continue 10-year decline, but new infections on the rise in many countries, especially in Africa

Latest Zika Puzzle: How U.S. Patient Infected Caregiver July 18, 2016

Officials say transmission by mosquito, sex unlikely

Monthly Vaginal Ring May Help Protect Against HIV July 18, 2016

African study showed women who used it consistently could cut their risk of infection

1st Case of Female-to-Male Sexual Transmission of Zika Reported July 15, 2016

Woman in NYC contracted the virus on trip to endemic area, then passed it to boyfriend, health officials say

U.S. Cases of Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea Rise Fourfold in One Year July 14, 2016

CDC statistics for 2013-2014 show troubling spike in resistant strains

Latin America Zika Outbreak Should 'Burn Out' Within 3 Years, Scientists Say July 14, 2016

As more people become immune after infection, virus will have nowhere to go, UK team predicts

CDC Warns of Dangers of Plastic Surgery in Dominican Republic July 14, 2016

Report details cases of U.S. women who developed disfiguring infections after procedures there

Is Swimming Safe in Areas With the Freshwater 'Brain-Eating' Amoeba? July 14, 2016

No need to avoid lakes and rivers -- disease experts say infection is exceedingly rare

Cash Rewards Won't Change Outcomes for HIV-Infected Drug Addicts: Study July 13, 2016

Trial offered 'financial incentives' for healthy behavior change, with little effect, researchers say

How Safe Is Condomless Sex When Partner With HIV Takes Meds? July 12, 2016

Study suggests transmission risk is low if infected person adheres to treatment

Why Being Cold Might Foster a Cold July 11, 2016

Healthy body temperature boosts ability of immune system to fight the virus, researchers say

2nd U.S. Case of Bacteria Resistant to Last-Resort Antibiotic July 11, 2016

Scientists concerned it could lead to more drug-resistant germs

Many Adults Use Antibiotics Without Consulting Doctor, Survey Finds July 11, 2016

1 in 20 holds onto and uses old, leftover meds, contributing to danger of drug-resistant germs

Headed to the Pool? Protect Yourself From the Poop July 09, 2016

Bacteria and viruses can make you sick if you don't take precautions, doctor advises

Can an Antibiotic Help You? Quick Test Might Someday Tell July 06, 2016

The screen could provide results in an hour, reducing the unnecessary use of the drugs, developers say

Toys Remain Viral Playground for 24 Hours July 05, 2016

Kids can get exposed in common play areas, like doctors' offices, researchers warn

2009 Swine Flu Originated in Mexico July 01, 2016

Genetic analysis pinpoints source of the pandemic influenza that killed 17,000 people

New Test Help Detect Drug-Resistant Bacteria June 30, 2016

Uses specimens taken directly from patients

Malaria Vaccine Protection Short-Lived in Young Children June 30, 2016

Kids in study were given 3 doses, but manufacturer now says 4 doses needed

Zika Infection May Give Future Immunity, Monkey Study Suggests June 28, 2016

But researchers also found evidence that pregnancy may lengthen time virus stays in body

Contaminated Gloves a No-No in Hospitals June 24, 2016

Not changing them between patients raises risk of spreading infection via hospital surfaces, study shows

DNA Tests May Spot Brain Infections June 24, 2016

Genetic sequencing of inflamed brain tissue helped scientists determine what was causing damage

Dengue Virus May Bolster Zika's Attack June 23, 2016

Prior exposure to this other mosquito-borne virus might worsen infection, study says

U.K. Case of Throat Gonorrhea Resists Antibiotics June 23, 2016

U.S. officials concerned about potential danger of untreatable STD

CDC Panel Says FluMist Nasal Flu Vaccine Ineffective June 23, 2016

Agency advisors say the product has lost potency in kids and shouldn't be used in upcoming season

Zika's Delivery Via Mosquito Bite May Boost Its Effect June 21, 2016

Body's response to being bitten could help the virus, mouse study suggests