June 12, 2014: Low Cholesterol Levels May Spell Trouble for Kidney Cancer Patients
Study found it was associated with spread of disease, raised death risk

May 22, 2014: Type of Kidney Disease May Dictate Cancer Risk
Study of transplant recipients finds prospects best with polycystic kidney disease

November 06, 2013: IVF Conception Doesn't Seem to Raise Kids' Cancer Risk: Study
British researchers followed more than 100,000 children for 17 years

October 09, 2013: Cancer Drug Nexavar Tied to Pancreas Damage in 2 Patients
Pancreas shrank by up to one-third in case studies following long-term use

August 22, 2013: Kidney Cancer Drugs Equal in Prolonging Survival: Study
But pazopanib gives patients a better quality of life than sunitinib, researchers report

August 01, 2013: Rare Eye Disease Leaves People Without an Iris
Aniridia, a genetic disorder, can cause blindness as well as metabolic illnesses, experts say

May 16, 2013: New Drug May Help Immune System Fight Cancer
Early study found tumor reduction in several forms of the disease

May 07, 2013: Cholesterol Drugs Might Boost Kidney Cancer Survival
Study finds statin medications tied to lower death risk after nearly 4 years of follow-up

February 07, 2013: Cancer Drug Doesn't Speed Up Tumor Growth, Researchers Say
Finding refutes earlier research in animals, could reassure patients taking Sutent

November 12, 2012: Black Patients With Kidney Cancer Fare Worse Than Whites: Study
Possible reasons for disparity include fewer blacks undergoing surgery

August 07, 2012: Grapefruit Juice May Give Boost to Cancer Treatment: Study
Combination could reduce drug doses for patients, study suggests

June 04, 2012: Long-Term Side Effects Key When Cancer Patients Choose Drugs
In 5-month study of people with kidney cancer, one medicine was strongly preferred

June 04, 2012: Novel Drugs Show Early Promise Against Several Cancers
Immune system therapies tested on advanced melanoma, kidney or lung tumors; side effects seen

April 27, 2012: Votrient Approved to Treat Cancer That Begins in Soft Tissue
Drug inhibits process that fuels tumor growth

April 17, 2012: Kidney Cancer Patients Fare Better With Tumor Removal Only
Survival rates were higher than for those whose kidney was taken out, researchers say

April 04, 2012: More Fake Avastin Found in U.S., FDA Says
Medical practices told to stop using the counterfeit cancer drug distributed under the name Altuzan

April 02, 2012: Immune-Based Drug Combo Might Extend Cancer Survival
Preliminary study found that IL-2 plus retinoic acid helped patients with advanced disease

March 07, 2012: Is Cancer Outwitting 'Personalized Medicine'?
Discovery of many genetic mutations within one cell may dash hopes for targeted treatments

February 06, 2012: Certain Cancer Drugs May Have Fatal Side Effects: Analysis
Risk is very small, but doctors, patients should be made aware, investigators say

January 27, 2012: Drug Approved for Advanced Kidney Cancer
Inlyta is for people who don't respond to another drug

January 04, 2012: Novel Hepatitis C Vaccine Shows Some Early Promise
But any clinically valuable treatment is years away, researchers say

November 01, 2011: Cancer Risk Doubles After Organ Transplant, Study Finds
But benefits still far outweigh the risk, say experts

September 12, 2011: NSAID Painkillers Linked to Risk of Kidney Cancer
However, risk of getting rare cancer is still small, experts say

July 21, 2011: Study Contends Taller People at Heightened Cancer Risk
Backs up prior research suggesting a link between stature and malignancies

June 29, 2011: FDA Panel Rejects Avastin for Breast Cancer
In a unanimous vote, advisors say drug not effective and has dangerous side effects

June 28, 2011: Certain Cancer Drugs Don't Interfere With Flu Vaccine: Study
The drugs, sunitinib and sorafenib, are used for several types of cancers, including kidney

June 28, 2011: FDA to Hear Appeal on Breast Cancer Drug
Agency recommended last year against Avastin for disease that has spread to other body parts

May 16, 2011: Agent Orange Linked to Kidney Cancer: Study
Vietnam veterans exposed to 'extremely toxic' herbicide may be at risk

May 16, 2011: Heavy Smoking Tied to Advanced Kidney Cancer
Another study finds bladder cancer rates haven't dropped even though fewer people smoke

May 05, 2011: Blood Pressure May Hint at Kidney Cancer Outcome
Study finds that high levels indicate drug treatment is working

April 22, 2011: Smoking Could Raise Odds for Advanced Kidney Cancer
Danger falls, though, as years as a former smoker add up, study finds

December 16, 2010: FDA Advises Against Avastin as Treatment for Breast Cancer
But patients won't be affected for now, FDA says

November 10, 2010: Long-Term Statin Use Won't Raise Cancer Risk: Study
In fact, U.S. team finds the cholesterol drugs might even lower odds for a few tumor types

June 18, 2010: Hopes Dashed That Vitamin D Reduces Cancer Risk
Researchers did find those with high levels more likely to develop pancreatic cancer

May 10, 2010: Kidney Removal May Be Ill-Advised for Some Elderly
With localized cancer, more conservative treatment may be warranted, study finds

May 06, 2010: Study Disputes Link Between Milk and Kidney Cancer
No need to change your drinking habits, researcher says

April 05, 2010: Childhood Cancer Survivors At Higher Odds of Early Death
Life expectancy is reduced by 10 years on average, study finds

March 08, 2010: Sunlight May Help Protect Men From Kidney Cancer
But no such link was seen for women, researchers say

January 26, 2010: New Drug Slows Advanced Kidney Cancer
Pazopanib may double time to disease progression, study finds

January 22, 2010: Obesity Tied to Common Kidney Cancer
Odds of having clear-cell renal cell cancer jump as body mass increases, study finds

December 04, 2009: Certain Childhood Cancers More Likely to Recur
Research and surveillance urged for at-risk patient groups

October 20, 2009: Votrient Approved for Advanced Kidney Cancer
Designed to thwart blood vessel growth in tumors

August 04, 2009: FDA Approves Avastin for Most Common Kidney Cancer
In combination with a second drug

July 16, 2009: Sunitinib Benefit Explored in Poor-Prognosis Kidney Cancer
Treatment safe in advanced disease but more study is needed, experts say

June 09, 2009: Cancer Diagnosis May Tax Physical, Mental Health
Treatment, too, affects quality of life, studies show

June 01, 2009: Two Drugs Safe for Rare Forms of Kidney Cancer
Early trial suggests efficacy against malignancies that don't respond to other drugs

March 30, 2009: Afinitor Approved for Advanced Kidney Cancer
When cancer progresses despite other treatments

March 13, 2009: Freezing Kidney Cancers Shows Promise
Study found noninvasive technique eradicated smaller tumors

November 25, 2008: U.S. Cancer Rate-Death Rate Combo Drops for 1st Time
But smoking-related cancers continue to rise in some regions of country, report finds

November 18, 2008: Cancer Drug Ups Risk of Clots in Veins
Those on Avastin faced 33% increased risk of dangerous side effect