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Hepatitis C Therapy May Reduce Need for Liver TransplantsApril 14, 2016

If findings are confirmed, treatment could cut number of patients on waiting lists, researchers say

More People Surviving Sudden Liver FailureApril 04, 2016

Better diagnosis and care may be behind the trend, experts say

U.S. Cancer Death Rate Continues to FallMarch 09, 2016

But there's been a concerning increase in liver cancer, experts say

Many Donor Livers for Sickest Patients Rejected, Study FindsFebruary 05, 2016

Just over one-third of the organs are accepted for those most in need

Hepatitis C May Be Tied to Greater Risk for Parkinson's DiseaseDecember 23, 2015

People with the virus also nearly 30 percent more likely to develop the nervous system disorder, researchers say

Tough Alcohol Policies Linked to Lower Death Rates From Liver DamageOctober 15, 2015

Findings dovetail with prior research that has shown tighter rules associated with less binge drinking

FDA Orders Studies on Contaminated Endoscopes Tied to Illness OutbreaksOctober 05, 2015

Duodenoscopes used at 2 Los Angeles hospitals carried drug-resistant 'superbug'

Liver Damage From Hepatitis C More Widespread Than ThoughtAugust 27, 2015

If left undetected, it can lead to liver failure and even death, study authors note

Wild Mushrooms Might Be Your Last MealJuly 13, 2015

Wrong choices can lead to liver failure, death, experts warn

Potential Liver Recipients May Have New OptionJune 05, 2015

Organs harvested after cardiac death appear safe, effective, study says

Helpful Bacteria May Help Detect Cancers That Have Spread to LiverMay 27, 2015

Researchers used harmless strain of E. coli to find metastatic disease in mice

3 Drinks Per Day May Raise Liver Cancer Risk, But Coffee Lowers ItMarch 26, 2015

Expert panel looked at data on over 8 million people to come up with risk factors for the disease

Live Liver Transplants Seem Safe, Effective for Sudden Liver FailureMarch 19, 2015

And live donors do well after the procedure, study reports

Hispanics May Develop Alcoholic Liver Disease EarlierFebruary 20, 2015

Problems start four to 10 years sooner than in whites or blacks, experts found

Brain Damage Rare When Newborn Jaundice Is Treated, Study FindsJanuary 05, 2015

Serious complications often avoided with American Academy of Pediatrics-guided therapy

Childhood Obesity Brings Host of Health Problems, Researchers ReportNovember 24, 2014

High blood pressure, liver problems and heart disease risk upped in heavy kids

Drug Regimen Cures Hepatitis C in Most Liver Transplant Patients in StudyNovember 14, 2014

Researchers say treatment has fewer side effects and less risk of rejection, too

Report: Fewer U.S. Hospitalizations for Hepatitis ANovember 08, 2014

Viral infection comes from contaminated food, water or contact with infected person

Obesity May Speed Aging of the Liver, Study SuggestsOctober 13, 2014

Heavier people might be more prone to liver cancer, insulin problems, researchers say

Even Decaf Coffee May Help the LiverOctober 10, 2014

New study echoes prior findings and suggests caffeine isn't the key ingredient in the effect

Hepatitis C Could Become Rare Disease in 20 Years: StudyAugust 04, 2014

Newer medications, better screening would fuel the trend, researcher says

Liver Cancer Drug Fails to Live Up to Early PromiseJuly 01, 2014

Everolimus didn't improve survival for people with advanced liver disease, study finds

Task Force Recommends Hep B Screening for High-Risk PeopleMay 27, 2014

Vaccine, antiviral treatments make it worthwhile to spot chronic condition early, researcher says

Alcohol Fuels Liver Disease in Those With HIV and Hepatitis CMay 07, 2014

Large VA study shows heightened risk of advanced liver fibrosis for those co-infected

Screening May Help Boost Liver Cancer Survival RatesMay 07, 2014

Simple tests for people with scarring of the liver spot tumors early, researchers report

Study Finds Steroids May Not Be Helpful After Infant Liver SurgeryMay 05, 2014

Evidence points to more complications with the drugs

Study Links Coffee to Lower Liver Cancer RiskApril 09, 2014

Daily drinkers had reduced risk of the most common form of liver malignancy, but researchers can't say why

Distance From VA Liver Transplant Center May Affect Vets' SurvivalMarch 25, 2014

Living more than 100 miles away cuts odds of success, study finds

Targeted Radiation Might Help Fight Advanced Breast Cancer: StudyMarch 24, 2014

Therapy kills small vessels that feed liver tumors linked to breast cancer's spread

Nearly 3 Million Americans Living With Hepatitis CMarch 03, 2014

Many aren't aware they carry the liver-destroying virus, experts say

Most With Hepatitis C May Soon Find Hope in New TreatmentsJanuary 15, 2014

Two studies suggest pill cocktails may one day replace injections altogether

Kids' Liver Transplant Success Varies by Race, Research ShowsDecember 09, 2013

Whites much more likely to survive than blacks, study finds

New Hepatitis C Drug Approved by FDADecember 09, 2013

Taken as a pill once a day, it could make treatment for millions easier, more effective

Study: Coffee Might Lower Risk of Liver CancerOctober 24, 2013

Review suggests it was associated with a 40 percent drop in risk of most common form of disease

Cancer Drug Nexavar Tied to Pancreas Damage in 2 PatientsOctober 09, 2013

Pancreas shrank by up to one-third in case studies following long-term use

New Drug Combo Helps Hard-to-Treat Hepatitis CAugust 27, 2013

NIH study focused largely on black patients, who haven't fared as well with current treatments

Tylenol-Induced Liver Failure Presents Own Set of Problems: StudyJuly 17, 2013

Poorer mental, physical health reported by overdose survivors compared to other liver failure patients

First Organ Grown From Stem Cells Alone: ReportJuly 03, 2013

Researchers say their advance, with livers for mice, may one day increase availability of human transplants

High Cadmium Levels May Raise Risk for Dying From Liver Disease: StudyMay 24, 2013

Tobacco smoke most common source of exposure to heavy metal, researchers add

HIV No Barrier to Getting Liver Transplant, Study FindsMay 17, 2013

Procedure recommended to treat aggressive liver cancer

Scarring May Raise Death Risk From Fatty Liver DiseaseApril 16, 2013

Study looked at liver condition not tied to alcoholism

Vaccine With Drug Payload Shows Promise Against TumorsFebruary 11, 2013

Liver cancer patients on higher dose of medication lived twice as long as those on lower dose

Patient Survival Rises When Drugs Suppress Hepatitis C in Blood: StudyDecember 25, 2012

Risk of death was 4 times lower if the virus stayed at undetectable levels for 6 months, researchers found

Quality of Life After Cancer May Depend on Tumor TypeOctober 30, 2012

Certain types leave survivors with worse mental and physical well-being, study finds

Antiviral Therapy for Hepatitis C May Thwart Liver CancerOctober 23, 2012

Incidence halved by treatment, study finds

Low-Cost, Speedy Liver Test in DevelopmentSeptember 19, 2012

Third World nations would benefit from the paper-based system, researchers say

'Excellent' Survival Seen for Liver Transplant From Live DonorSeptember 11, 2012

Nearly three-quarters in Japanese study were alive after 10 years

Swallowed Toothpicks Can Lead to Big Trouble, Experts WarnSeptember 11, 2012

One woman suffered blood poisoning but recovered after surgery

Test All Baby Boomers for Hepatitis C: CDCAugust 16, 2012

Most people who are infected don't know it, agency noted

Two Antibiotics Linked to Liver Injury in ElderlyAugust 13, 2012

But while serious, these cases are relatively rare, study says