April 16, 2014: Yoga Big on West Coast, Chiropractors Popular in Midwest
U.S. study shows geographic trends in use of complementary and alternative medicine

March 14, 2014: Meditation May Help Teens Cope With Cancer
Practicing mindfulness lowers odds of depression, small study suggests

January 06, 2014: Meditation May Reduce Mild Depression, Anxiety
But effect appears small to moderate, researchers add

August 08, 2013: Meditation Could Help Smokers Cut Down, Study Hints
A month later, those trained in technique smoked less

April 22, 2013: Exercise, Alternative Therapies May Help Lower Blood Pressure
Report suggests some approaches might work alongside -- not instead of -- traditional therapy

November 13, 2012: Meditation Might Cut Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke in Blacks
Small study looked at Transcendental Meditation

August 24, 2012: Meditation May Help Fight Loneliness, Study Says
Researchers also looked at its effect on stress and inflammation in older adults

July 12, 2012: Exercise, Meditation Can Beat Back Cold, Flu, Study Finds
Researchers report that both also appear to cut down on sick time and sick days at work

July 06, 2012: Meditation Method a Matter of Taste
Study finds choosing a technique you're comfortable with makes you less likely to quit

June 12, 2012: 'Mindful' Meditation Tied to Healthy Brain Changes: Study
Differences seen in white matter with 'integrated body-mind training'

December 20, 2011: Mindfulness Training May Help Arthritis Patients Cope
Small study found those who used it were less tired, stressed

November 22, 2011: Meditation Can 'Turn Off' Regions of the Brain
Brain imaging shows experienced meditators can prevent their minds from wandering

July 19, 2011: Does Meditation Boost Brain Health?
Less brain shrinkage, stronger connections seen in long-term practitioners, study finds

June 03, 2011: Meditation May Help Women Cope With Hot Flashes
Mindfulness training reduces bother, not intensity, of menopause symptoms

May 12, 2011: Doctors Prescribing Meditation, Yoga More Often
Study authors say earlier use of such treatments might benefit health-care system

May 09, 2011: Mindful Meditation Might Ease Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Study found symptoms reduced far more with meditation than with therapy

January 25, 2011: Meditation Appears to Cause Changes in Brain's Gray Matter
MRI scans show increased volume in parts of brain linked to empathy, awareness

January 19, 2011: Many U.S. Hospices Provide Alternative Therapies: Report
Over 40% offer complementary services, such as massage, to improve end-of-life care, data shows

December 10, 2010: Zen Meditation Can Help Bring Pain Under Control
Doesn't eliminate feeling, but reduces thoughts about pain

October 14, 2010: Meditation Soothes MS Patients
Study finds mindfulness training is helpful in easing depression, anxiety

August 17, 2010: Positive Brain Changes Seen After Body-Mind Meditation
Improved connections in areas regulating emotions become clear after 11 hours of training, scans show

July 21, 2010: Meditation Appears to Boost Attention Span
Ability to make fine visual distinctions, sustain focus improved in study participants

June 08, 2010: Brain Scans Show How Meditation Calms Pain
Years of practice help users avoid anticipating discomfort, research shows

February 26, 2010: Zen May Thicken Brain, Thwart Pain
Meditation appears to build up cortex, MRI scans find

October 28, 2009: Meditation May Reduce Stress in Breast Cancer Patients
Women report improved emotional and mental health in study

August 23, 2009: Soothe Back-to-School Anxiety, Teach Kids to Relax
Simple steps can lessen stress when children get overwhelmed, experts say

May 21, 2009: Meditation May Boost Short-Term Visual Memory
Study involving DY meditation could have wide-ranging implications

March 31, 2009: Health Tip: Meditation Is a Peaceful State of Mind
Here are a few basic elements

February 24, 2009: Meditation May Boost College Students' Learning
Study finds better concentration, lowered stress after TM sessions

January 29, 2009: The Zen Way to Pain Relief
Meditation technique may help keep discomfort at bay, study finds

July 02, 2008: Meditation, Yoga Might Switch Off Stress Genes
Study suggests explanation for these practices' health benefits

May 15, 2008: Health Tip: Keeping the Caregiver Healthy
Here are ways to prevent feeling burned out and stressed