February 28, 2014: Hand Hygiene Lacking in Many U.S. Health Care Facilities: Study
Missing hand sanitizer, gaps in staff training may jeopardize efforts to stem spread of infection, researchers say

January 24, 2014: My Father's Keeper: Caring for a Parent With Dementia
With no training and no pay, an army of informal caregivers provides a billion dollar service

January 23, 2014: For Seniors With Dementia, the Choice to Live Alone Can Be a Risky One
Study identifies safety issues, lack of social activities and health care

December 20, 2013: Simple Steps Could Keep People With Dementia at Home Longer: Study
Addressing safety, medical issues key to independent living, researcher says

November 22, 2013: Newer Foam Mattresses May Help Prevent Bedsores in Nursing Homes
Study suggests using high-density mattresses means residents don't need to be turned as often

November 04, 2013: J&J to Pay $2 Billion for Improperly Marketing Antipsychotic Drug
Settlement will cover criminal, civil charges with U.S. government, 45 states

October 22, 2013: Smartphones May Help Nursing Home Docs Spot Drug Mishaps
90 percent of physicians who used mobile devices avoided at least one error in the previous month, study says

October 11, 2013: Home-Delivered Meals Could Help Some Avoid Nursing Home: Study
Many states could save money by feeding seniors at home rather than paying for residential care

October 08, 2013: Laparoscopic Surgery for Colon Cancer May Benefit Seniors
Patients who had the less-invasive procedure were less likely to need nursing home care, study finds

October 07, 2013: Head Injuries Common in Nursing Home Falls: Study
Using arms to break falls didn't work, video analysis showed

October 04, 2013: 'Cruise Ship Virus' Vaccine a First-Class Idea?
In early trial, symptoms of norovirus infection were halved, researchers say

September 30, 2013: Many Americans Worry About Cost of Long-Term Care: Poll
Harris Interactive/HealthDay survey also finds most are mistaken about how costs are covered now

September 25, 2013: Bacterial Infection's Spread Occurs Beyond Health Care Settings: Study
Review of C. difficile suggests most transmission takes place outside of hospitals, nursing homes

September 13, 2013: Study: Predominantly Black Nursing Homes Deliver Poorer Care
Lower revenue, tighter profit margins may compromise quality, research suggests

August 27, 2013: U.S. Nursing Homes Reducing Use of Antipsychotic Drugs
Program tackling over-prescription to dementia patients is working, government data suggest

July 16, 2013: Signs of Potential Trouble for Nursing Home Residents
Multiple hospitalizations for dehydration, certain infections raise risk of death, study finds

April 15, 2013: Exercise May Help People With Alzheimer's Avoid Nursing Homes
Study finds regular activity delays physical decline, reduces falls

April 03, 2013: U.S. Spends More on Dementia Care Than Heart Disease or Cancer: Study
Annual bill now tops $200 billion, largely for long-term care, researchers say

March 22, 2013: Pneumonia May Lead to Serious Aftereffects for Seniors
Study of patients hospitalized for condition found higher risk of mental decline, disability

March 22, 2013: Steady Rise in Heart Valve Infections Noted in U.S.
Many develop in health care facilities, researcher says

March 14, 2013: Efforts to Prevent Hospital-Based Infection Falling Short, Survey Finds
Gastric illness from C. difficile continues to rise despite improved cleaning, decontamination

February 15, 2013: MRSA 'Super Bug' Prevalent in Nursing Homes, Study Finds
Positive samples suggest need for greater infection control, researcher says

December 20, 2012: Palliative Care Eases Suffering for Seniors at End of Life: Study
Such patients in long-term care were less depressed, had fewer ER visits

December 07, 2012: Funding Meals on Wheels Keeps Seniors Independent: Study
State's support may help older Americans avoid nursing home

November 27, 2012: Abused Elderly Likely to Have Brain, Head and Neck Injuries
Only 2 percent of abuse cases are reported, study says

November 13, 2012: Family's Questions About Alzheimer's Patients Can Put Nurses in a Bind
They often struggle to be honest but upbeat when answering inquiries, study says

October 22, 2012: More Antibiotic Use Tied to Rise in Diarrheal Infections in Hospitals: Study
Kids, elderly especially vulnerable to serious consequences from C. difficile bacteria

October 17, 2012: Videos of Real-Life Stumbles May Help Fall-Prevention Efforts
Seniors most at risk when they shift their weight and lose their center of gravity, analysis shows

October 02, 2012: Use of Medicare Skilled Nursing Benefit Is High at End of Life: Study
Financial concerns may deter many from using hospice provision, researchers say

October 02, 2012: Seniors Who Fell Recently May Fare Worse After Surgery
Study found more disability, complications and longer hospital stays for these patients

September 14, 2012: Medicare Gaps Leave Many With Big Bill at End of Life, Study Finds
Health care spending in the final 5 years exceeds total household assets for one in four seniors

September 06, 2012: 'Magic' Carpet Could Help Shield Elderly From Falls
Optical fibers map walking patterns, warn of potential dangers

July 27, 2012: Poor Sleep Ups Odds for Nursing Home Care, Study Finds
Women who slept more soundly were less likely to be in an assisted-living facility within 5 years

July 18, 2012: Home-Based Care Teams Offer Help for Those With Dementia
Coordinated effort boosts quality of life, delays need for nursing home, study finds

July 13, 2012: Gut Microbes Might Reflect Health, Diet of Older Adults
Study found intestinal species varied depending on seniors' health, residence

July 12, 2012: Home Elder Care: Buyer, Beware
Scant background checks of aides often leave frail elderly vulnerable, researchers say

June 25, 2012: One-Fifth of Nursing Home Residents Fall in First Month
Large study also linked certified nursing assistant staffing to lower risk

June 19, 2012: Hospitalization May Be 'Tipping Point' for Alzheimer's Decline
Study also found delirium added to risk of mental deterioration, even death

May 23, 2012: Study Offers Ways to Decrease Use of Restraints at Nursing Homes
Instilling a 'culture of care' can help, researchers say

May 14, 2012: For Dementia Patients, Feeding Tubes May Increase Bed Sores
Findings challenge long-standing beliefs, researchers say

May 11, 2012: Older People With Dementia Cared for Mostly at Home
Study challenges assumption that most patients die in nursing homes

April 18, 2012: Women With Older Partners More Often Admitted to Nursing Homes
Study from Northern Ireland suggests aging men may be too frail to take care of their wives

April 11, 2012: White Women Make Up Bulk of Assisted-Living Residents
More than half of those in residential care facilities are 85 or older, analysis shows

April 05, 2012: Infection Might Raise Blood Clot Risk for Older Adults: Study
These clots often start in the legs but can also affect the heart, lung or brain, researchers say

March 06, 2012: Dangerous Bacteria Also Spreads Outside Hospitals: CDC
C. difficile infections and death rates at 'historic highs,' experts say

March 06, 2012: Lack of Vitamin D May Harm Older Women's Health
Better prevention, treatment of deficiency needed for nursing home patients, researchers say

January 30, 2012: Pets Help Women Cope With HIV/AIDS
Small study also found being a mother, worker, advocate made a difference, as did faith

January 19, 2012: Stroke Patients With Delirium Have Worse Prognosis
Study found longer hospitalizations, greater risk of death

January 19, 2012: Antidepressants Might Raise Fall Risk in Nursing Homes
Residents with dementia taking so-called SSRIs seem to be at higher risk of injury, study suggests

December 18, 2011: Extra Help Enhances Holidays for Older Relatives
Some thoughtful preparation can let everyone participate and celebrate