July 22, 2014: Obesity During Pregnancy Linked to Raised Asthma Risk in Kids
Threat of respiratory disease may be up to 30 percent higher, study suggests

July 21, 2014: Waistlines of U.S. Kids Seem to Be Holding Steady, Study Finds
But too many children and teens remain obese, experts say

July 16, 2014: Is Obesity an Advantage After Heart Procedures?
Experts urge caution in interpreting study results

July 14, 2014: Stress May Leave You Heading to the Cookie Jar
Worried women could be prone to weight gain, study suggests

July 12, 2014: Make Exercise Fun, Eat Less Afterwards
Researchers found that people ate more if told their walk was exercise, rather than scenic stroll

July 10, 2014: 60 Percent of Diners Use Calorie Labeling When Posted: CDC
More women rely on menu's health info than men

July 10, 2014: Health Tip: Measuring Your Waist
It can help you determine if you're at a healthy weight

July 09, 2014: Obesity Epidemic Hitting Hispanics Hard, Study Finds
Severe obesity most common among young adults, setting them up for health problems later in life

July 08, 2014: Will You Be Obese? Look at Your Sisters, Brothers
Study found older sibling's obesity was strongest predictor for risk

July 08, 2014: Severe Obesity Cuts Up to 14 Years Off Life: Study
As weight climbs, so do related deaths from heart disease, diabetes and cancer, researchers say

July 08, 2014: Inactivity May Be Main Culprit in Obesity Epidemic: Study
Sharp rise seen in number of Americans who didn't exercise, while calorie intake stayed steady

July 08, 2014: Health Tip: Debunking Myths About Weight Loss
Fad diets aren't safe or effective

July 07, 2014: Obesity May Raise Risk of COPD
Study found those with largest waist sizes more likely to develop lung disease

July 07, 2014: Many Obese Women Face Stigma Every Day, Study Finds
Daily diaries documented snubs, insults and put-downs

July 02, 2014: Health Tip: Maintaining a Healthy Body Weight
Weigh yourself often

June 30, 2014: Nursing Home Care May Be Out of Reach for Many Aging 'Boomers': Study
Price tag for 1 year of institutionalized care is now about $84,000, federal report says

June 27, 2014: Grief in Pregnancy May Trigger Obesity in Adulthood
Extreme stress even before conception can affect unborn child's weight, study suggests

June 24, 2014: Healthy Weight Loss May Bring Better Sleep, Brighter Mood
But only the emotional boost seemed to last over the long-term, researchers say

June 23, 2014: People With Heart Disease, Diabetes May Be More Likely to Stay on Statins
Study also finds former smokers, overweight better at taking cholesterol-lowering drugs as prescribed

June 23, 2014: Gut Microbes Differ in Obese or Diabetic People, Study Finds
There's been research to suggest that changes in 'good' intestinal bacteria could affect health

June 19, 2014: Rising Stroke Rate for Blacks in South Carolina, Study Finds
Increase in stroke risk factors such as diabetes and high blood pressure may be to blame, researchers say

June 19, 2014: U.S. Health Snapshots: Insurance Coverage Expands, but Gaps Remain
Federal reports capture nation's pre-Obamacare health status and health-care coverage

June 18, 2014: FDA Panel Backs Appetite-Curbing Implant for Severely Obese
Agency committee says nerve-stimulating device may offer more benefits than risks

June 17, 2014: 'Walkable' Neighborhoods May Help Cut Diabetes Rates
Residents of areas that encourage walking also have lower obesity rates, Canadian research shows

June 13, 2014: Can Weight-Loss Surgery Lower Cancer Risk for the Obese?
Study found it might cut chances to levels of normal-weight people, but experts view finding with caution

June 12, 2014: When School's Out, Weight Can Pile On
For certain kids, summer vacation adds unwanted pounds, review finds

June 11, 2014: Treating Sleep Apnea May Lower Heart Risks, Study Finds
For obese patients, weight loss is recommended, too, expert says

June 11, 2014: Parents' Sleep May Affect Child's Risk of Obesity: Study
All family members need adequate rest to protect against preschoolers' weight gain, experts say

June 10, 2014: Weight-Loss Surgery May Ease Type 2 Diabetes Long-Term
New 15-year study says these procedures outperform regular care for obese patients

June 10, 2014: U.S. Diabetes Cases Jump to 29 Million: CDC
Nearly 1 in 10 people now face higher risks for various ills linked to the blood sugar disease, report finds

June 05, 2014: Study Disputes Notion That Breakfast Is Key to Weight Control
Recommendation to eat breakfast every day for weight loss wasn't confirmed in testing

June 05, 2014: Could the 'Ulcer Bug' Guard Against Obesity?
International review of countries found higher H. pylori rates corresponded with lower obesity rates

June 05, 2014: Kids' Obesity Risk Rises With Parents' Divorce: Study
Stress, unhealthy coping strategies may be to blame, experts say

June 04, 2014: For Obese Diabetics, Weight-Loss Surgery May Work Best
Those who had gastric bypass dropped the most weight, some saw their type 2 diabetes disappear, studies found

June 02, 2014: There's No 'Obesity Paradox' for Stroke, Study Finds
Earlier findings suggesting that extra weight might be protective don't stand up, researchers say

May 30, 2014: Could White Bread Be Making You Fat?
Risk of obesity higher with 2 or more portions daily, researchers say

May 30, 2014: Diabetes Drug May Spur Weight Loss in Obese Nondiabetics
One-third who took Victoza lost 10 percent of body weight, researchers say

May 29, 2014: Obesity, Overweight Rates Jump Worldwide, Report Finds
And United States is home to highest proportion of world's obese people, researchers add

May 28, 2014: Obesity Crisis Has Scaled Even the Himalayas
Rates in remote mountain villages are five times higher than two decades ago

May 28, 2014: U.S. Teens' Cardiorespiratory Fitness Has Dropped in Last Decade: Report
Overweight kids have worse fitness levels than those of normal weight

May 28, 2014: Mediterranean Diet May Keep Kids Slimmer
Children who followed eating plan were 15 percent less likely to be overweight, study finds

May 27, 2014: Obesity Gene May Explain Why Some Gain Weight as They Age
But experts say a healthy lifestyle can combat tendency to overeat

May 22, 2014: Cheaper Food May Be Fueling U.S. Obesity Epidemic
Americans spend just one-tenth of disposable income on food, an historic low, study finds

May 21, 2014: Losing Weight at Any Age May Help the Heart
Dropping excess pounds -- even in middle-age or later -- linked to better heart health, study finds

May 21, 2014: In Elections, Thin May Help Bring the Win
Study finds voters often shun more rotund candidates

May 19, 2014: More Evidence Ties Poor Sleep to Obesity in Kids
Study highlights need for consistent bedtime, experts say

May 15, 2014: Another Downside to Obesity for Teens: Fewer Friends
Study found rejection by normal-weight peers was common

May 15, 2014: Obesity May Raise Breast Cancer Death Risk for Some Women
Study found younger, obese patients with estrogen receptor-positive disease were more likely to die

May 14, 2014: Adults With Autism at Risk for Many Health Problems: Study
Research shows rates of mental, physical problems higher in these patients than among other adults

May 13, 2014: College Students' Unhealthy Habits Can Mark Their Future
Smoking, drinking, not eating right and not exercising will add up to future health woes, researchers say