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Weight Loss May Spare Knee Cartilage, Study Finds November 30, 2015

Losing more than 10 percent of body weight was linked to slower degeneration of cushioning in joints

Obesity in Youth May Harm the Heart Long-Term, Even After Weight Loss November 25, 2015

Risk of sudden cardiac death was still higher, decades after women had lost the pounds, study found

Could Obesity Be Wired Into Some Children's Brains? November 24, 2015

Food smells elicit stronger reactions in heavier kids, small study finds

Too Many Pregnant Women Gain Too Much Weight: Doctors' Group November 23, 2015

Obesity can lead to complications for both mom and baby, experts say

Teasing Girls About Weight May Cause Lasting Harm November 20, 2015

Study finds link between being made fun of and problematic eating behaviors

Foods May Affect Each Person's Blood Sugar Differently, Study Suggests November 19, 2015

Researchers say 'one-size-fits-all' diet doesn't exist

Could Viagra Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes in Those at Risk? November 18, 2015

Small trial suggests the drug might help, but much more study is needed

Adult Obesity Still Growing in U.S., Youth Rates Hold Steady: CDC November 12, 2015

Expert says stabilization isn't good enough because still high rates of preventable chronic disease

Obese Kids as Young as 8 Show Signs of Heart Disease November 10, 2015

MRI scans reveal structural abnormalities associated with cardiac strain

Belly Fat Is Bad, Even at a Normal Weight November 10, 2015

When pounds collect around the middle, risk of premature death rises, study finds

Parents the Target of Deceptive Food Ads, Study Says November 09, 2015

Commercials that misstate benefits of sugary products concern researchers

Fewer Americans Than Ever Sticking to Heart-Healthy Lifestyle, Study Finds November 09, 2015

Less than 6 percent of adults tracked in long-running research are keeping critical risk factors at bay

Weight Loss May Help Control Common Irregular Heartbeat November 09, 2015

Losing weight, keeping it off improves atrial fibrillation, studies suggest

Weight-Loss Surgery May Bring Long-Term Benefits to Very Obese Teens November 06, 2015

3 years later, most had rid themselves of diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, study found

Could Brain Stimulation Be a Way to Weight Loss? November 06, 2015

Small study suggests promise, but one expert finds the idea 'alarming'

Don't Even Talk About It: 'Food Words' Can Make You Overeat November 05, 2015

Stress and genetics also make some crave high-calorie foods, but obese people are more apt to indulge, research finds

'Balloon-in-a-Pill' May Be New Weight-Loss Weapon November 05, 2015

Early results from overseas trial suggest an approach that's easy to swallow

Your DNA May Explain High-Calorie Food Cravings November 05, 2015

Genetic discovery could lead to new treatments for obesity, researchers say

Junk Food Not to Blame for America's Obesity Epidemic: Study November 05, 2015

People just eat too much, researchers suggest

Children of Stressed Parents May Be Prone to Obesity November 04, 2015

Study, one of first to identify parental pressure as risk factor for weight gain, focused on Hispanic households

Weight-Loss Surgery May Trim Health Care Costs November 04, 2015

Study found people, especially diabetes patients, spent far less on doctors, drugs after procedure

Count Bites, Subtract the Pounds November 04, 2015

Consuming less food leads to weight loss in one month, study finds

Weight Gain a Challenge for Children With Autism: Study November 03, 2015

Preschoolers, teens on the spectrum are more likely than peers to be overweight, obese

Sweetened Drinks Might Raise Men's Risk for Heart Failure November 03, 2015

Two servings daily linked to higher odds for the disabling condition, study says

Fast-Food Menus With Calorie Counts Not Changing New Yorkers' Habits November 02, 2015

Affordable Care Act requires nationwide menu labeling in 2016

Severe Obesity Costs Medicaid $8 Billion Annually, Study Finds November 02, 2015

And health care expenses for heaviest adults is nearly $2,000 more a year per patient

Better Diets May Be Extending Americans' Lives November 02, 2015

Study suggests people are eating better, living longer, though there's still room for lots of improvement

Breast Milk Makeup May Influence Child's Later Weight, Study Says October 28, 2015

Naturally occurring complex carbohydrates could play a role in obesity

Cutting Sugar From Diet Boosts Kids' Health Immediately: Study October 27, 2015

Though calories remained same, obese children saw better blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar levels

U.S. Task Force Urges Broader Screening for Type 2 Diabetes October 26, 2015

Group advises testing overweight, obese people aged 40 to 70 for abnormal blood sugar

Study Refutes Notion That Obese Fare Better Against Chronic Ills October 23, 2015

Prior research suggesting that excess weight may offer protection called flawed

Antibiotics Might Cause Weight Gain in Kids October 22, 2015

Study finds link between repeated use in children and slightly higher weights in teen years

Being Mindful May Guard Against Belly Fat October 21, 2015

Study found awareness of thoughts and feelings was linked to lower risk for obesity

Healthy Eaters Don't Trust Overweight Bloggers, Study Finds October 16, 2015

People seem to assume heavier people will recommend richer, less nutritious foods

Sun Exposure in Teen Years May Delay Onset of MS: Study October 07, 2015

But researchers only found a connection, not cause-and-effect link

Excess Weight Helps Women With Heart Failure, Hurts Men: Study October 07, 2015

This isn't an excuse for females to gain extra pounds, researcher says

Suicide Risk May Rise for Some After Weight-Loss Surgery October 07, 2015

Expert says that the life changes that follow can make it hard for these patients to cope

Health Tip: Talking to Your Doctor About Weight October 06, 2015

Prepare what you'd like to discuss

Obesity Won't Affect Joint Surgery Safety, Study Finds October 02, 2015

Heavy patients needed fewer blood transfusions, did not have more complications

Health Tip: Child Obesity Affects Bones, Muscles and Joints October 01, 2015

Being overweight can cause these problems

Sweetened Drinks May Damage Heart, Review Finds September 28, 2015

Added sugars raise risk of heart troubles, stroke, experts say

With Liposuction, Weight Should Guide Fat Removal Limits: Study September 25, 2015

People with higher body mass can have more removed safely, researchers claim

Health Tip: Preventing Childhood Obesity September 25, 2015

Don't forget to address sleep and screen time

Potatoes, Tomatoes Make Up Bulk of Americans' Veggie Intake September 24, 2015

Too little variety may mean too few nutrients for millions, USDA report warns

Forget Three Square Meals -- Americans Eat All Day Long September 24, 2015

Tracking real-world eating patterns, researchers find that people consume food anytime they're awake

Why People in 'Tall' Nations Are More Likely to Be Slim September 23, 2015

Study of 14 European countries examines relationship between genes, height and weight

Fruits, Veggies May Be Key to Keeping Unwanted Weight Off September 22, 2015

Only caveat: avoid starchy vegetables such as potatoes, corn, study finds

Could a Texting App Help Your Heart? September 22, 2015

Patients who got reminders on healthy living saw improvements in cholesterol, blood pressure, weight

Adult Obesity Rate Tops 30 Percent in Half of States September 21, 2015

Highest rates found in the South and Midwest: report

Diabetes Should Be a Factor in Weight-Loss Surgery Decision: Study September 18, 2015

Health costs decline if obese patients with type 2 get procedure soon after diagnosis, experts say