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Health Tip: Osteoporosis Shouldn't Be Ignored June 17, 2016

Here are potential warning signs

Men Miss Out on Bone Loss Screening May 12, 2016

Yet, millions are at risk of osteoporosis, researchers say

Could ADHD Drugs Lower Kids' Bone Density? April 01, 2016

Study raises questions about bone health of young people taking meds like Ritalin and Adderall

High-Impact Exercise Strengthens Men's Bones, Researchers Say February 22, 2016

Long-term jogging or tennis may help males avoid osteoporosis

Researchers: Retract Study That Claimed Nitroglycerin Might Boost Bone Density December 29, 2015

Investigation found that lead author fabricated data used to support the finding

Serious Illness Affects Bone Health December 11, 2015

Study finds older intensive care patients lose some density in key joints

Added Calcium May Not Help Older Bones: Studies September 30, 2015

Researchers find no evidence that boosting intake will prevent fractures

Growth Hormone May Lower Odds of Fractures in Older Women August 27, 2015

But researcher says high cost, need to get shots in clinics make it an unlikely osteoporosis treatment

Vitamin D Supplements Won't Strengthen Older Women's Bones: Study August 03, 2015

No increases seen in bone density, muscle mass or mobility, no matter the dose

Targeted Workouts May Strengthen Men's Bones in Middle Age July 30, 2015

Weight-lifting regimen tied to increased bone mass in the whole body, lumbar spine and hip, study finds

For Women, No Link Between Kidney Stones, Osteoporosis July 28, 2015

But one stone increases odds for more, study found

Men Should Be Screened for Osteoporosis, Too May 15, 2015

Study found males less likely to have their bone density checked, but suffered worse outcomes

Could Weak Bones, Sudden Hearing Loss Be Linked? April 22, 2015

In study, people with osteoporosis were at higher risk for deafness occurring over a few days

Health Tip: Live Healthier to Help Prevent Osteoporosis April 20, 2015

Get weight-bearing exercise and increase dietary calcium

Stronger Muscles = Healthier Bones in Kids April 17, 2015

Added bone mass may help delay osteoporosis, study suggests

Bone-Building Drug Strengthened Hips, Spines of Frail Women in Study April 13, 2015

But stronger bones did not translate into fewer fractures in this elderly, high-risk population

Health Tip: Understanding Osteoporosis in Men February 19, 2015

Here are common risk factors

Life Satisfaction Linked to Bone Health in Older Women January 16, 2015

Good spirits may be as important as lifestyle habits, researchers say

Health Tip: Get Weight-Bearing Exercise January 09, 2015

For healthier bones

Severe Hot Flashes During Menopause May Raise Hip Fracture Risk Later: Study December 18, 2014

Researchers suspect that more marked hormonal changes may explain possible connection

Health Tip: Think You're Getting Enough Calcium? November 14, 2014

Factors that influence how much your body keeps

Men Less Likely Than Women to Get Bone Test After Fracture November 05, 2014

Experts warn that older men are at risk for osteoporosis, too

Osteoporosis Screening Guidelines May Miss Younger Women at Risk October 24, 2014

Current assessment methods were poor at predicting risk for those 50-54 in study

Health Tip: Know the Risk Factors for Osteoporosis October 14, 2014

Post-menopausal women at greater risk

Osteoporosis Drugs Work, But Review Finds No Clear Winner September 08, 2014

Risk of 'atypical' fractures is rare, researchers say

More Evidence Ties Some Bone-Building Drugs to Rare Fractures September 04, 2014

But experts say benefits of bisphosphonates outweigh risks for those with osteoporosis

Bone Drugs Don't Lower Breast Cancer Risk After All, Study Finds August 12, 2014

Instead, low estrogen might be the beneficial factor, researcher suggests

Osteoporosis Drugs' Long-Term Use Needs More Research: FDA May 13, 2014

Review of bisphosphonates finds they work but optimum time for use remains unclear

Asthma Linked to Bone Loss in Study May 07, 2014

Reason for connection isn't clear, experts say

Health Tip: Reducing Your Risk of Stress Fractures April 29, 2014

Get lots of vitamin D and calcium

Sleep Apnea May Be Linked to Poor Bone Health April 15, 2014

Osteoporosis rates rose among people with breathing disorder, study found

Exercise in Youth Boosts Bone Strength Later: Study March 28, 2014

And continued activity is even better for your skeletal health

New Repair Option for Compression Fractures in Spine March 28, 2014

Implant might provide similar benefits as other treatments with fewer risks, study suggests

Ovary Removal Might Raise Odds for Bone Loss, Heart Disease February 14, 2014

Doctors should assess overall risks in premenopausal women, study suggests

Novel Osteoporosis Drug Could Change Treatment: Study January 02, 2014

Early results indicate romosozumab can rebuild bone

Health Tip: Get Enough Calcium December 13, 2013

Green, leafy vegetables are great sources

Exercise May Help Breast Cancer Survivors Battle Bone Loss November 08, 2013

Aerobics and strength training known to counter bone loss in older women, researchers say

Health Tip: Exercise to Help Prevent Osteoporosis November 07, 2013

Strengthen your bones

Ladies, Take 5 Steps to Avoid Osteoporosis October 18, 2013

Many women unaware the risk of bone-thinning disease rises after menopause, experts say

No Sign That Vitamin D Supplements Help Aging Bones: Study October 11, 2013

Large data review found no effect against osteoporosis at most sites tested in healthy adults

Vitamin D Alone Doesn't Boost Bone Health, Study Says September 24, 2013

But calcium supplements appear to reduce risk of osteoporosis

Bone Marrow Fat May Raise Osteoporosis Risk, Study Says July 16, 2013

Obesity does not prevent the bone-thinning disease, researchers state

Health Tip: Protect Against Osteoporosis July 05, 2013

Eat a well-balanced diet

Women on Hormone Therapy May Benefit From Extra Calcium, Vitamin D June 26, 2013

Study found hip fracture rate was 57 percent lower in those also taking supplements

Combo Drug Therapy May Work Best to Strengthen Bones: Study May 15, 2013

But osteoporosis experts say fracture resistance must also be assessed

Gene Discoveries Give Hope Against 'Brittle Bone' Disease May 08, 2013

Scientists pinpoint mutation that appears to cause severe forms of bone loss

Healthy Older Women Advised Against Taking Calcium February 25, 2013

U.S government experts found no evidence that calcium, vitamin D supplements help prevent fractures

Calcium Supplements May Raise Odds of Heart Death in Women February 13, 2013

Study also found combined risk from dietary calcium, pills

Vitamin D Supplements: Is What You See What You Get? February 11, 2013

Potency of many brands is inconsistent with labels, study finds

Health Tip: You May Need a Bone Density Test January 04, 2013

Factors your doctor should consider